Leeds Fans Knew the Script as Barnsley Outclass Millwall at Wembley – by Rob Atkinson


Millwall thugs break security to attack jubilant Barnsley supporters

Today’s League One Playoff Final was a script already written; certainly many a Leeds United fan, knowing what we know of the protagonists, could accurately have predicted how events would unfold. 

Predictably, Barnsley would beat Millwall comfortably at Wembley, to secure promotion to the Championship. Predictably, Millwall’s vicious minority would have a mass tantrum afterwards, charging at celebrating Yorkshire fans to spoil yet another occasion involving football’s sickest club, the shame of London. And, predictably, self-righteous Millwall fans would argue that it’s OK for them to do that and that we have no right to criticise, “because Leeds fans have been violent and have sung nasty songs“. It was all massively predictable, well in advance.

And so it came to pass, certainly in the first two particulars. Barnsley swept into a second-minute lead and never really looked back. Even being pegged back to 2-1, after Hamill‘s classy second, presented the Tykes with no real alarms or jitters. Millwall huffed and puffed, but were hopelessly outclassed. Barnsley’s promotion-clinching third after the interval flattered them not one iota. It could so easily have been more.

Then the Millwall fans showed their true colours after the game was done, trying to get at the red-shirted, jubilant Barnsley fans and generally making fools of themselves, as is their wont. One Tweet told of a disabled Barnsley supporter being tipped out of a wheelchair and kicked down some steps. Reportedly also, two Barnsley fans received stab wounds. Who knows if all of that is gospel true? But the point is, you can easily believe it of the degraded bunch of savages that forms part of Millwall’s less than massive support. Now, all that remains is for the Millwall fans who read this, and other accounts, to bleat their standard excuse: don’t point the finger at us! You do it too! And so we have, in the past, as have other sets of idiot fans. Not these days, though, never as often and not as brutally. Let’s face it, we’re not perfect, but we’re not Millwall. Thank heavens.

And surely, the Football League must now address the problem of Millwall and its classless, cowardly, disgraceful followers. This is a club with form for its fans fighting among themselves at Wembley in the past. The same thugs showed themselves up in the semi-final second leg of this play-off competition, with late pitch invasions to end Bradford‘s hopes of mounting a last-gasp comeback. It happens time and time again in a disgusting Millwall history that goes back in a similar vein for decades. It will keep on happening unless this nuisance club are cracked down on – and cracked down on hard. Whatever the problems that may, from time to time, have assailed other clubs – my beloved Leeds prominent among them – Millwall FC stands alone for the frequency and severity of their transgressions. It’s time for swift and decisive action to be taken. 

It probably won’t happen, though. Millwall are a Football League blind spot, just as Galatasaray are for UEFA. Truly is it said that there’s none so blind as those who won’t see, and the football authorities seem determined to look at Millwall’s transgressions through the darkest of blackout spectacles. The media are no better; they seem to have adopted the Beasts of Bermondsey as their token small club ripe for patronising. Meanwhile, opposition fans continue to live in fear of cowardly, mob-handed attacks. Except at Elland Road, of course, where the Millwall tough lads, no angels they, fear to tread. They usually bring about a dozen, who sit in a terrified silence, meekly accept defeat, and slink off home like the craven curs they are.

Congratulations to Barnsley, who – having been bottom of League One before Christmas, will now adorn the Championship with their classy brand of football. They have also obligingly ensured that happy division will stay relatively clean and civilised by condemning the scabby and feral Lions to prowl around at a suitably lower level. The second tier picture is complete now, and it looks an enticing prospect. On today’s evidence, Barnsley FC will not look out of place.


Barnsley celebrate a well-deserved promotion

22 responses to “Leeds Fans Knew the Script as Barnsley Outclass Millwall at Wembley – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Kevin crowe

    Hi i totally agree Millwall fans are animals oh sorry to the animals Millwall fans are disgusting leeches that want stamping on hard by the gutless fa but as you say the fa wont do anything if it was Leeds we would be getting a long ban congratulations to Barnsley looking forward to playing you next season


  2. If Barnsley beat Millwall today, I was really looking forward to your instant comments afterwards Rob and as usual you are bang on time and absolutely spot on.
    Today, for one day only, I was supporting Barnsley and praying that Millwall would not win, so that Leeds would not have to visit their “toilet of a stadium” next season and thankfully Barnsley did us all proud.
    On Sky Sports News, at seven o’clock, it said that Millwall deplored the actions of a small minority of their fans, but as we all know, in the real world, where people don’t turn a blind eye and look the other way, Millwall have always had a small majority of badly behaved supporters.
    O.K. Leeds fans have been no angels in the past, but that was in the 1970’s and 1980’s and most football fans have all moved on, over the past 30 years, but Millwall fans certainly have not.
    I’m also happy that “one of their own Morison”, will be playing at his proper level again next season, for the only club, where he doesn’t “bottle it” and take wages for not scoring goals.


  3. Duane Gill


    Delighted Millwall won’t be gracing The Championship next season. This article will surely have the bitter Mi’wawww fans out in their droves commenting on here with their bitter vitriols.

    Keep up the good work.



  4. Leeds4alongtime

    Unfortunately, this means we will have millwall supporters in Milton Keynes (where I live) next season.

    I will try and make a point of openly wearing my (LEEDS) colours when that happens, just to confuse them….

    Not that I’ve ever seen a Millwall supporter in Milton Keynes, but maybe one day it will happen


  5. Great result glad Millwall remain in a lower league and the Wendies don’t go to the Premier League.

    Just a bit sad we have nothing positive going on at Leeds to cheer about.


    • Can’t have everything.


    • Play down millwall can't play football

      fucking disgrace they should not be allowed to call themselves millwall as millwall is a eastend manor not a dirty Sarf London shit hole. They are two Bob last time they played us at the Boleyn in the leauge cup they shit em selves big time not in our leauge or Leeds. Need exterminating.


  6. I wish you hadn’t posted this, the corrupt football league will now blame Leeds fans and no doubt deduct points fine and make us play behind closed doors next seaso


  7. Good article rob it’s about time something was done they are a disgrace to modern day football keep it up MOT


  8. Philip of Spain.

    What an achievement from Barnsley,down and out in December,promotion in May,brilliant.Now…Leeds,well,no manager no plans,no system,no friendlies,no idea,no chance!!!


  9. I happen to be a Leeds supporter and would suggest that you read the stats about our beloved supporters before slagging off other clubs (even Millwall). According to official statistics WE (Leeds) had the most football related arrests in all the English leagues. I’m afraid articles like this really don’t help our reputation and with Mr Cellino already in charge of the mad house we don’t need to give any revival fans (especially Milwall) ammunition. Check out the stats for yourself. table-for-fans-arrested-leeds-a6750091


    • What a load of sanctimonious bollocks. This is the kind of disingenuous excuse-making I referred to in the article. Can you point to two recent examples of mass crowd unrest with Leeds? Hundreds charging across the stands towards families, women and children? Pitch invasions designed to prevent a late comeback from the opposition? Fighting among themselves at a Wembley semi? The regular bricking of opposition coaches and the smashing of windows? No, you can’t – because mass crowd disorder is largely a thing of the past and is now a specialty of the Millwall minority. The figures you refer to are individual arrests for individual offences, and they relate proportionally to the size of crowd. As even you will know, Leeds get much higher crowds than Millwall. Perhaps the next time, you’ll do more than semi-digest misleading statistics before you set out to make a fool of yourself, missing the point entirely.


      • Rob I think your unhealthy obsession with Milwall is clouding your judgement. Individual incidents or mass brawls, it’s all trouble at football matches and needs to be eradicated. The fact that we’ve more arrests than premiership clubs with much higher attendances is shocking. Also preseason against Frankfurt and FA cup against Sunderland are recent examples (2015). Also do you think Leeds fans wouldn’t invade the pitch manage to make it to the playoffs? We can all agree that we don’t like Milwall and are thrilled Barnsley stuffed them on Sunday, but a little more balance in your article wouldn’t go amiss.


      • It ill becomes you to prate on about balance when you’re leaning over so far backwards to appease a bunch of thugs.


    • Jason Waddington

      Rob is right on this one,yes we do have the highest amount of banning order’s and arrest’s but they are more inflated figures due to drunken behaviour as opposed to a mass hooligan element. Trouble is few and far between at Elland Road these day’s apart from Millwall,Scum,Spurs and yes even Brighton in recent years. The difference between us and them is the simple fact that our risk find their risk when away and not randomly attack any fan with the wrong shirt or accent. Millwall are well known for their unwelcome reception but just to balance thing’s out Brum,Burnley and Wolves this last season have also been less than accommodating but never attacking the normal football supporter!


  10. Well done Barnsley keep the scummy pikeys down for another year at least


  11. Great article Rob and summed up perfectly. I’m a Barnsley fan who still holds Leeds close from being young and being taken to both as a child. Was there yesterday and it was as expected with the Millwall Thugs in the top tier attacking the few mainly family Barnsley fans. Like you say the FA won’t do anything. Let them stay in there sewers.
    From a personal point what a season it’s been and can’t wait for next and especially the two Leeds games☺


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