Cellino Losing Patience With Leeds Coach Garry Monk   –   by Rob Atkinson

Change could be afoot at Elland Road with unmistakable signs that owner Madssimmo Cellino is getting bored – ahem – that is, losing patience with Head Coach Garry Monk. Monk, who was appointed earlier today, admits that his fate is out of his hands, but feels that he has lived up to expectations so far, with an unbeaten record to his credit.

Cellino himself would make no comment, other than to confirm that Monk’s successor should be in post by Monday lunchtime, and on his bike by Monday teatime. 

11 responses to “Cellino Losing Patience With Leeds Coach Garry Monk   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. Ropey Wyla

    Monk did well to last so long and retain his record. In all serious though, in terms of water melons, this time around Cellino has finally selected a heavy brown one with a buttery yellow spot on the bottom.


  2. David Dean

    I have a theory. McDermott was sacked because he never wanted him from the start. Mr Cword had his way of doing things so to be fair he was entitled to try it. It picked the Hock and changed him immediately. Darko as a hurried replacement and Redders as a stand in. For whatever reason he wanted rid of Redders – not really his proper choice. So his first real choice was Uve and he changed him because he could see us going down. In came Evans to make sure we stayed up and so he was another stop gap. So really Uve was his only proper choice – the Hock was insane but Mr Cword thought that he could run the team with the Hock carrying out his orders. We will see what the press conference brings. If it sounds good and young uns staying, war chest for 4 or 5 players etc – the Mink bringing in who he wants re staff and players – not looney’s choice – then might just reconsider the season tickets. MOT


  3. Well Rob – what a day!
    For once the man has tried to appoint a manager that could take us in the right direction for the forthcoming season!
    Though I didn’t want Steve to lose his job, and thought he over-achieved with what he had, I am quite excited for us for the first time in a long time!
    Gary Monk is an EXCELLENT appointment and he will bring his team with him from Swansea which is excellent. He has been there and done it, knows a lot of contacts upwards as well as in the championship – so if Cellino holds his nerve we might have a chance this coming season! I’m excited (and you must be too!)


  4. I’m surprised he’s lasted until the press conference. Doesn’t Cellino realise 20 years ago garry monk was 17? For a whole year. 3 times longer than he will be working here.MOT


  5. First day in the job and Il Duce is already feeding him porkies about team selection – “He made that very clear from the very start, that he’s never done that in the past and that he doesn’t have any intention of doing that in the future.”


  6. Just want to say RIP Pete Wakefield.. ‘wakey’ was a Leeds fan from dewsbury Rob and will be missed by many..


    • Sad to hear, Mr. O. Makes us think of all those devoted Leeds fans who will have passed in the last few years, never having had the chance to see the club recover.

      RIP, Mr. Wakefield. Thoughts with his friends and family at this time.


      • Mr orange

        Thanks Rob , Pete longed for the glory days to return , but he was around when Leeds were the champions of Europe so he knew he was lucky to have “been there”


  7. I hear Monk’s replacement is already lined up.an unknown manager from China called Win One Soon!


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