Leeds Eyed by THREE Billionaires Amid Transfer Frenzy? – by Rob Atkinson


They really could do worse than rename the close season as the silly season. Trawling through the Leeds United stories at this time of year above all is an exercise in sorting out the absolutely unbelievable rumours from the merely outlandish. Today has been a case in point. Top of the poll in terms of credibility is a likely move for Swedish attacking hotshot Marcus Antonsson for a mooted £1.25 million. There even appears to be a possibility that this deal could be done as early as tomorrow (Monday), with some sources stating that a medical is booked. This, despite what we’ve been told about a board meeting on Tuesday holding the key to any imminent transfer business.

The Antonsson story may well have some legs, but from here on in it gets progressively less likely. Another story doing the rounds is that young striker Ashley Fletcher has had his £7,000 a week wage demands met by Leeds, as he considers a move away from his current billet at Manchester’s second-ranked club (no, apparently that’s not Stockport County). Fletcher spent a portion of last season on loan at Barnsley, who stormed back from bottom of League One just before Christmas to gain promotion to the Championship via the play-offs, easily out-classing Millwall at Wembley. Could Leeds United really tempt a player away from rival clubs in darkest Manchester and the People’s Republic of South Yorkshire? Decide for yourselves – but money talks, and some sources are hinting that Leeds currently appear not to be short of a bob or two.


Sorry about the background colour, Massimo…

Which brings us neatly to the least likely rumour of all, which has led to a revival of the frequently popular #TOMA hashtag; as not one, not two, but three billionaires are said to be interested in purchasing the Elland Road club, possibly as a consortium of simply obscene wealth. Because, if you believe the whispers, these guys – unlike current owner Massimo Cellino – are actually rich billionaires. Australian, too – which may explain a certain lack of intellectual and financial rigour. Still – if they’re that rich (and if they actually exist) – who cares?

So, this probably really is the silliest of silly seasons, but at least the rumours are positive, for once – and they’re certainly entertaining, to this jaded and careworn blogger, anyway. And, let’s face it, a preoccupation with transfer rumours of greater or lesser likelihood, together with that old Leeds United favourite #TOMA – it’s got to be better than babbling on about Leave versus Remain. Hasn’t it?

The next couple of weeks could be pretty interesting and – just possibly, for once in a long, long while, actually in a good way.

13 responses to “Leeds Eyed by THREE Billionaires Amid Transfer Frenzy? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. statetheobvious

    Yeah something feels different Rob but not sure what.


  2. lts true, its true a good friend of the man ln the moon told me on the way home from the pub last night, utter bollocks


  3. These transfer rumours are great so far, best pre-season in years on the cards.

    But I am now more excited about the Aussie TOMA, that is how bad things have become with our current and previous owners,

    Hope they don’t change our kit to those AFL shirts without sleeves though.


  4. It would be lovely if Rusty and Jimbob parked their surfboards in the Boardroom.
    We can dream!


  5. patrick hogan

    I too agree that the transfer rumours are of a higher quality than previous close seasons. Not quite on a par with Bill Fotherby claiming we were signing Maradona only to get Paul Beasley instead (Lift home for Wilco?); and at least we’re not looking for a new manager when it’s too late – yet. Incidentally Rob. How’s the book going? Don’t tell me it’s out and I’ve missed it. It just seems to have gone all quiet on the literary front.


  6. No Referendum propaganda on here, guys, unless its mine 👍


  7. Steve from Perth WA

    Well I can tell you lot back in the UK that it must be true about the three Australians ready to snatch the sleeping giants up for a song as my bog told me last night after I had just finished my with pint . His first words to me were you are never going to believe what I have been told from down the park ….. so I have been down to the tab and put a few dollars on I got 2000 to 1 the guy did smile when I handed over my hard earned which I thought odd … he obviously does not know my bog



  8. Karl Major

    Our Daniel just named his first child and my first Grandchild MATILDA it’s an omen Rob.


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