Cellino Would Certainly Have Sacked Leeds Legend Revie   –   by Rob Atkinson

It’s sad yet instructive, on the 27th anniversary of Don Revie’s tragically early death, to reflect that, had Massimo Cellino been in charge at Elland Road in the early sixties, the Super Leeds glory days would never have come about. 

We all know the story of how Don inherited a shambles of a football club, with no tradition, a diffident body of support and a history that amounted to one second division title and one truly world-class player in forty-odd years of relentless mediocrity. Revie only got the job because a far-sighted club director, while writing him a reference for another managerial post, realised that this was the manager United needed. And, despite a difficult start, Don Revie accomplished the greatest transformation at any club, ever. The perennial ugly ducklings became the fabulous Mighty Whites. Unfashionable Leeds United, long-term no-hopers, became the finest club side on the planet.

Those were the days, of course, when football directors knew their place, by and large. For the most part, they looked to recruit a professional genius, support him in working his magic, and sit back to bask in any resulting reflected glory. That was the way it was done, and quite right too. Thus, Revie survived that difficult start, created a clannish family atmosphere out of an outstandingly gifted group of junior footballers, and went on to dominate domestic and European football for a decade. These days, of course, he’d have been down the road before you even had the chance to dream.

4 responses to “Cellino Would Certainly Have Sacked Leeds Legend Revie   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. Philip of Spain.

    Manny Couzens and before him Harry Reynolds knew a good thing when they saw one.They knew what Don was all about,gave him his head and as they say,the rest is history.


  2. Badges badges we don't want your stinking badges

    Different times when loyal meant something I given up comparing utilmately different era now Byram , Cook and Taylor would never been allowed to leave under Revie either ….. Come on Rob new season new beginning lets unite , fed up of the divide get behind all at the club lock stock and two smoking barrels will take more than 100 mil for the nutty one to relinquish the reins …. This time other than the loss of young men’s ambition he and Harry have been trying hard to get it together I for one have high hopes


  3. I don’t think he would have got on with Wilko either!!
    Brian Clough may have lasted for 10 days!!
    Sad but true!!


  4. Reality Cheque

    No doubt about it Rob our deluded owner who is allegedly an authority on all things football would have ditched Don asap.

    And Brian Clough would never have lasted anything close to as long as he did at Leeds LOL


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