Bridcutt Signing Confidently Expected in Time for Leeds 2019 Centenary Season – by Rob Atkinson


Bridcutt – it could just be a matter of years now

Leeds United and Sunderland are now so close in their negotiations over midfielder Liam Bridcutt, that discussions over personal terms could begin as soon as the Christmas after next. If all goes well, that should pave the way for the combative former United loanee to join his new team-mates for at least part of the Elland Road club’s Centenary season, 2018/19.

More on this fast-developing story sometime in 2017, or after the finalisation of Brexit, whichever is the sooner.

8 responses to “Bridcutt Signing Confidently Expected in Time for Leeds 2019 Centenary Season – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Subtle Rob,but oh so,so true.


  2. It’s as if Massimo is intentionally trying to derail yet another season before it has really got started.
    Sells best players, re-invests a small part of the fees on non-replacements.
    My Mum is 78 and even she can recognise (along with probably ever other Leeds fan) that we are useless in central defence, and need a big commanding keeper.
    So why can’t a bloke with almost a quarter of a century’s ownership experience, who professes to be a master at running football clubs, recognise our deficiencies and do something about them?
    We’ve been pants at the back since Paddy and Nayls got injured, so why do we keep getting shedloads of wingers and small midfielders?


  3. So true Rob I’m tired and bored with this current regime !!


  4. …And don’t we need him!


  5. Can’t we just go sign Leon Osman instead for fucks sake, we need somebody of his experience


  6. Haha yeah dragging on a bit aint it.


  7. Unless a genuine buyer comes forward I’m afraid this sad,sad saga will run forever. My big fear is relegation. All the pathetic attempts to get back into the big time in the last decade have been an utter disaster, bordering on the criminal. The lifeblood has been sucked out of this club by despots who care absolutely nothing for those who work for LUFC, the procession of coaches who to me have been humiliated and the fans who blindly hand over their hard earned cash to watch our would be heroes. What must it be like having to try and explain to a youngster who is constantly denied any right to feel that exhilarating feeling of joy having watched his favourite team do well.
    Cellino, despite what his supporters keep hanging on to is not fit to run a football club at this level. He does not have the funds to take this club forward and he certainly does not have the professional attitude to run a business.
    Something just is not right. Something stinks. There are genuine, honest people out there with the passion and the desire but more importantly the money and the expertise to take this club all the way to the top. The rewards are unimaginable, the accolade would be unsurpassed. That person would be carried shoulder high through the street of Leeds like a God. It’s like being in a coma, hearing and seeing everything that is happening but just cannot cry out.
    Do your best lads tomorrow night. We all need a bit of tonic. MOT


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