Could Becchio Recapture Some Elland Road Magic With a Leeds Return?   –   by Rob Atkinson

Becchio: will the prodigal return?

The story of Luciano Becchio and Leeds United is the classic example of that old proverb about the grass not necessarily being greener on the other side of the fence. Becchio had become a hero at Elland Road with his hard-working approach, his productive scoring record and, not least, his fantastic rapport with the United fans. It was a mutual adoration society: Whites on the terraces compared Becchio favourably to the likes of Berbatov at the Pride of Devon. He cost less and scored more, they exulted, noisily – and Becchio proved them right on a regular basis, making the most of a richly fruitful period of his career.

Sadly, it all went sour when Becchio, lured by the prospect of more money and higher grade football, trod a well-worn path from Leeds to Norwich City. Rob Snodgrass and Jonny Howson made the same move, and it worked out for them. But for Becchio, the shift to Carrow Road was an unmitigated disaster. He couldn’t score when he played and, soon enough, he wasn’t getting any game time. Spells at Rotherham followed his Norwich nightmare, together with a period back home in Argentina. Nowhere did he look remotely as comfortable and happy as he had done at Leeds United. That vital spark was missing, and Becchio’s career has waned, on the point of fizzling out. 

Now, we have a situation whereby Leeds, having failed abysmally to sign an additional striker within the transfer window, are rather light up front. It’s an odd situation for the club to find itself in; having let a reasonable performer in Antenucci leave in summer, they have been negligent in omitting to replace him. 

Becchio, for his part, is a free agent after his recent career calamities. So he now forms part of a small pool of potential recruits still available to interested employers after the window has slammed shut. 

Could Becchio recapture his mojo with a return to Leeds? Would it be an option that United might feel obliged to consider, having been so careless as to end up short of attacking options? Stranger things have happened. This blog subscribes to the view that good players remain good players and some just need the right environment to bring the best out of them. We’ve seen that over and over again down the years; it could be that, in Becchio, we have a square peg just waiting to be inserted into a square hole down Elland Road way.

At the very least, it would excite some interest and maybe a bit of optimism around LS11. Becchio would be the prodigal returned – maybe we should just kill the fatted calf and get on with it. 

9 responses to “Could Becchio Recapture Some Elland Road Magic With a Leeds Return?   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. mrbigwheels

    He would add a few thou’ to match day.
    Warnock hassled him out for his beloved Morrison.
    Becchio never wanted to leave and that is a fact.
    Can’t be any worse than what is happening now.e
    0-8-2 will nail it. No tracking back for Becchio with this set up.
    Get the ‘beautiful one’ in…


  2. Free agent, passion and a love for the club and the fans. Can’t lose. Would take time to get match fit but what’s the worse that could happen? Better still he could find his feet again and I do not believe he could be any worse than Wood. Go on Leeds, you just never know.


  3. Get him back pronto.No brainer


  4. Definitely,without a doubt, certainly,yes please. We love him,he loves us. He’d raise his game too and like the man says,he’ll put a few thousand on the gate. Blimey do we need his goals now,we’re carrying dead Wood up front at the minute. This may well bring my 10 year old back to supporting Leeds again too.


  5. Like thousands of United fans l was annoyed and frustrated when the management at the time decided a few grand and a player who unfortunately couldn’t hit a barn door was a better option.The one thing you always got from Becchio was 100 per cent effort. He put his head where others wouldn’t put their feet. My only concern is that his lack of game time its years since he last played a meaningful match at that level and with his injury it may be too much for him to overcome. However, if there is a chance he could get even near the level he was at before he left, it could be worth the risk of a 6 month contract with option to extend if he managed it.


  6. Ann henley

    It’s not rocket science ….. Sometimes wonder why supposed experts can’t see what the ordinary fan can see is the perfect answer …..


  7. Dead wood now, got what deserved to be honest, he is history, mind you , wood is a poor mans Becchio though lol


  8. Jez reynolds

    Becchio is a must a little bit lazy but who cares when he scores goals. Must be worth a try we haven’t any other ideas.


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