Cellino Supporters: Big Improvement On Last Season’s Leeds 1, Huddersfield 4 – by Rob Atkinson

Cellino sunshine

Cellino – 0-1 better than 1-4, yes?

Supporters of embattled Leeds United supremo Massimo Cellino were jubilant this evening as they celebrated a “massive improvement” over last season’s performance at Elland Road against Huddersfield Town. A mere one goal defeat has left United mired in the relegation zone, but fans of Cellino point out that, in the equivalent fixture last year, Leeds were zonked out of sight by a score of 4-1. Furthermore, as one grinning Cellinophile exulted, this defeat was against the table-topping team unbeaten all season. “Really, when you fink about it, it’s an ace result and we should all be proud. We wouldn’t of got a result like this without Massimo”, our man burbled happily.

Evidence for the unique nature of Cellino’s tenure at Leeds continues to mount. Having let a manager go in Steve Evans, who exceeded his brief last season, released one of the more prolific of last term’s strikers in Mirco Antenucci, released the club captain Sol Bamba the day after the transfer window shut without signing a replacement central defender, Cellino also failed to sign another striker and has left Leeds with three senior central defenders, two of whom are loanees. It’s probably fair to say that it’s a performance unparalleled elsewhere in professional football.

Whether Cellino will be in control much longer, so as to make us all marvel anew at his incredible grasp of how to run a football club, has to be open to question. Rumour is rife that a deal is all but done to sell a majority stake in the club to a group of Far East investors. For Cellino fans, drunk on the achievement of holding Huddersfield to a mere one goal victory, this will probably come as a tragedy. But, to those Leeds United fans not suffering from cataclysmic delusions and a stubborn determination to ignore reality, a change of ownership could hardly be more welcome.

Meanwhile, the Cellinophiles will tenaciously be frolicking away as the club takes another step towards plummeting through the League One trapdoor. At the end of the day, it’s the simple things in life that appeal most to the simpler people in life. They say that ignorance is bliss. So at least, unlike most Leeds United fans, the supporters of Massimo Cellino will remain blissfully happy – until and unless their hero is replaced by someone who has a clue what he’s about.

Cellino OUT. Let it be.


11 responses to “Cellino Supporters: Big Improvement On Last Season’s Leeds 1, Huddersfield 4 – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Please let Cellino leave, and I pray that new owner has money and a brain to engage. We might have to appoint a new manager before Cellino leaves a mess that he alone created


  2. I’m at the point of giving up , 40 odd years supporting this club through think and thin and I fear this season could be the straw that breaks the camels back… If cellion is picking the team and making all the decisions of who to buy and sell then your right rob ,, he has to go


  3. I prefer to use the term Cellino-ites, that makes any fan of his sound like unattractive fat arses. Why on earth did he wait until the window closed to buy out gfh too? Looks like I was wrong about garry monk being the manager to take us up. Wood and Green weren’t the only offenders today but they’ve both been consistently bad. Where do we go from here then? Anyone?


  4. Rob I have always loved your write ups, always level and fair I’m afraid I can’t say that anymore, you have gone in the opposite direction to the Cellinophiles, you are now getting me angry reading your comments, stop being so biased and get everybody back on side, you have a duty to us Leeds fans as much as every DICK HEAD that will ever own us please !!!!!


    • I have a position on Leeds United and Cellino, and I’ll continue to stand by that position.


      • I know mate, but it is taking over your thoughts and views pal x


      • It’s bound to, I think. To summarise my views: we need new ownership to give the club fresh impetus. But just as importantly – perhaps more so – the only way the fanbase can be united again is for Cellino to go. When he goes, we will all get behind the new owners, at least at first, to see how they do. But while Cellino is there, and with us knowing what we know about him, there will be deep division between those who want change, and the minority who blindly stick by Cellino.


      • I have faith that it will be right in the end. Cellino out and we will rise again. We are all united against owners that fleece this great club.


  5. Scally Lad

    Leeds Mick, you’re right, mate. Monk is showing no managerial creativity, but he also has nothing to work with either. Cellino may be controlling his choices, too. Whatever the case, it’s all the same: we’re sitting in the relegation zone, heading for League One again unless there’re some drastic changes forthcoming.


  6. Let’s have some positivity you miserable ***** I have just sat through that Manc derby whilst on holiday and I’ll tell you what they have, and I hate to say it, half decent teams. But they were all moaning their tits off about this and that, and I thought lucky shitters try supporting my club, at least we stick together through thick and thin, but reading more and more on this site I can honestly say we are so divided I am actually pissed off with all of you, and if you’re not happy with what I’ve just said, it proves just how much we are seperating as the most fantastic group of football fans this world has ever seen as a group that LOVE their club
    Please just let us all be together without having a go at each other for the beliefs we have because after all, they are all because we want what is best for LUFC. Don’t forget we have always been together through thick and thin, that is what exactly what sets us apart, We all f***ing love Leeds, lest we forget xxx


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