Cellino to Sell Majority Stake in Leeds United   –   by Rob Atkinson

It is understood that a deal has been agreed in principle for the sale of a majority stake in Leeds United, with the buyers, or at least the money, tipped to be of Far East origin – possibly China. Massimo Cellino would apparently retain a small stake in the club, but would relinquish control. 

Sources agree that this is a done deal, with only legal formalities to be completed. Doubtless there will be much more on this story over the coming days, but what seems certain is that we are seeing the end of an era at Elland Road, with new owners and new ideas.

It’s going to be an interesting time ahead at Leeds United. 

20 responses to “Cellino to Sell Majority Stake in Leeds United   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. Have you a good source for the T.O. news? A source you’d put your house on?

    Been this way too many times before to get excited otherwise.


  2. Kiran lynch

    Oh please jesus let it be true. Us leeds fans in Ireland are praying like fans all over the globe this comes to fruition.


  3. If it happens, Massimo will be the new GFH!!


  4. If true will be over the moon but after bates gfh and mc will be keeping my powder dry till i see real investment in are club.To many false dawns over the years we dont need a savior we need soild investment with along term strategy plus 3pts today will do nicely MOT


  5. Reality Cheque

    Fingers and toes crossed that these TOMA rumours turn into facts Rob with new owners bringing a credible plan and significant sustainable investment to the table.

    Just when I thought that the recent developments at our club couldn’t get any better all the excitement on social media has completely drowned out the hype about some kind of a derby in the back streets of scumchester.


  6. Paul Marsh

    If true,then it’s good news indeed!


  7. And we read it here first. Well i think we can attribute his selling up to fan power.


  8. Too many false dawns in recent times. Let’s hope that the new owners aspirations are in line with the fans!


  9. Lee Parker

    Its going to be an interesting time ahead at Elland Road……….if I had a pound everytime I had heard that over the last 10 years!


  10. Knowing our luck rob we will either get someone from China who sells stuff on ebay for a penny or the ghost of chairman mao


  11. Scally Lad

    If true, Rob, it can’t come any too soon. If we’re going to be owned by Chinese, it’ll be worth eating chow mein at the matches if it will get us out of the relegation zone and avoid a drop back into League One next year!


  12. i give up they played like shit


  13. Getting worn out rob -for the first time ever I expected town to come to ER and win…
    Last year I went to Huddersfield and saw a good performance with a 3-0 win , it was the first game for their new manager , since then they have gone from strength to strength and look likely to make that step up to the premiership… I don’t have the answer to why they are now top of the league and we’re in the relegation position but something has to change and quick


  14. A lot of people upset at the brilliant start of Huddersfield but that is stupid. It takes a lot more than a few games to decide the outcome and personally I don’t care what Town do. It’s what WE do. There’s enough misery already without getting paranoid about another team.
    I’m being positive because a whole season will not pan out like this. It’s going to come good and a couple of good wins will do wonders for confidence and morale.


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