January Could Be A Very Exciting Month for Leeds Utd Fans – by Rob Atkinson

Elland Road

Elland Road awaits a brighter future

It’s never wise to pay too much attention to rumour mills, as they do tend to churn out conflicting stories – just in the interests of keeping those speculative wheels grinding away and earning revenue. Sometimes, though, there’s that enticing morsel of consistency in what you’re hearing – and that’s when you start to take some notice, because there’s a general and possibly meaningful trend in the tone and content of what you might normally dismiss as mere flim-flam and tabloid fodder.

Such is the case right now with Leeds United. And it’s not just the relative consistency of the rumours, it’s also a new feeling about the way things are going at Elland Road; one that might just herald the end of the old order, ushering in something new and – if we can dare for a moment perchance to dream – positive. Until a few weeks ago, that word positive would have seemed rather incongruous as applied to our beloved club – but, recently, there’s been little alternative other than to resort to such an unlikely description of the feeling and atmosphere in and around Yorkshire‘s Number One club. Results, performances, things the players have been saying, the way the management team have been quietly and serenely getting on with their jobs – all have justified repeated use of the P-word. It’s a little odd and unfamiliar but, oh brother, does it feel good.

Taking the concrete facts first, we have in the relatively recent past seen a novel solidity in our defence, courtesy of Messrs. Bartley and Jansson above all, that has spread confidence further forward in the team, leading to all-round better displays. We’ve seen some highly competent performances in matches we’d certainly have struggled with in previous seasons, and we’ve put together a run of form that puts us in the top three teams in the division over the past ten games. Furthermore, we’ve progressed to a domestic cup quarter-final, where we’ll renew hostilities with that old friend and foe from Anfield, Liverpool. That’s such an iconic fixture for English football, and its one-off reappearance will whet the appetites of many for a return of Leeds United to the top flight. We have a sell-out home clash with Newcastle to look forward to, as well as a double header with another formerly big club in Aston Villa. Things are, in brief, looking up.

The rumour side of things is, as ever, more problematic. But, as mentioned earlier, there is a certain unanimity in the whispers emanating from various sources, with more and more reliable journalists, as well as some Sun “writers”, agreeing that a deal to sell a stake in the club to Italian sports rights mogul Andrea Radrizzani is more or less imminent. This takes place against a background of the FA having apparently made a decision over current owner Massimo Cellino‘s latest alleged flouting of the rules, although there is some delay in announcing that decision. The man himself, meanwhile, has been as quiet as a severed horse’s head on a pillow, which does not conform to his usual manner at all. It must all add up to something – but what?

It’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that quite a few people out there are in the know, but subject to some sort of embargo in which the FA may well be instrumental. The whole Leeds situation, particularly in connection with this third-party agent case, is described as “sensitive”. You get the feeling that, behind the wall of silence, there is plenty of loud stuff going on. Meanwhile, the football end of the club has been able to function perfectly well, thank you – almost as if it had not a care in the world. Do they know something good that we don’t, these football people? Time will tell.

If Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything might be permitted to don its Nostradamus hat for a moment, then I think it’s fair to say that all of the above factors, when taken all round, add up to the inescapable conclusion that something big has been brewing for a while now – and that it might just be about to come to a boil. While the playing and coaching staff get on with preparing for the undoubtedly stern challenges that lie in wait in the pre-Christmas period, we might just be able to look a little further ahead, post Festive celebrations, into the New Year – and, if those of us nursing optimistic hopes and dreams are right, it could be a very exciting mid-season transfer window for us all.

With a bit of luck and a lot of very hard work, Leeds United could well be in a challenging position by the turn of the year. If we are – and if the current crop of promising signs bear fruit – then the time and circumstances could be ripe for a bit of a splash in the transfer market to set us up for the run-in and endgame. This blog has a distinct feeling that this is what may come to pass.

Watch this space, fellow MOT-ers. We could be in for a thrill-a-minute ride from January onwards!

11 responses to “January Could Be A Very Exciting Month for Leeds Utd Fans – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Philip of Spain.

    Do we all hope so Rob,do we all hope so!!!


  2. I sincerely hope you are right Rob, although as is usual with LUFC any takeover/investment seems to take a hell of a long time. Monk and players doing a fantastic job on the pitch and long may it continue.


  3. Scally Lad

    I’m daring to hope that, contrary to usual practice, we acquire more talent this year instead of off-loading it to other clubs.


  4. We all just want to start believing that it might be a better season.. with our hopes raised but still intrepid , not wanting our feelings to get out of hand. MOT.


  5. Nice one Rob. Caution though. There will be set backs, that’s the game so just hope the doom mongers take the blinkers off and see the whole picture. The thought that we just COULD beat Liverpool. Oh Boy. MOT


    • I think the whole picture is divided into two parts right now, with the purely football side benefiting from Monk’s steady hand at the tiller – the rest of the club is more of an open question and big changes could be afoot.


  6. Belfast white

    Indeed Rob. It does seem that old imposter called hope seems to be donning a respectable suit. The several signs seem to suggest something very positive. The buzz is paplable & internet chatter more positive in the main. A good transfer window & continued good play could see a few more 30,000+ crowds this season.


  7. Rob if a takeover was a success or not apart from trying to tie down our loanees, would you take a chance on kevin nugent on loan till the end of
    the season? Always seems to deliver at this level and would take pressure of chris woods. Also would offer an alternative style of attacking options during the run in?


  8. Rob, on a side issue I am totally baffled and confused at the F.A”s stance with our club and M.C. Firstly we as a club have admitted our
    guilt in the so called “Mcormack” transfer Why when we all know our past track
    record with them you would have been very happy to hit us hard and
    enjoy putting a spoke in our upward turn. But no nothing, they on the separate case against M.C also have found him guilty, but again nothing is forthcoming? very strange.
    Maybe they are letting us enjoy maybe getting into the play offs at the
    end of the season then giving us a 15 point deduction just to screw us.
    But seriously this sequence of events is alien to the F.A?
    Maybe Vinnie has ” Had a word”
    I think we all know it will not end well for our club


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