Neil Redfearn’s Sensational Exposé of Life at Cellino’s Leeds United   –   by Rob Atkinson

Every Leeds United fan should click this link, and read for themselves former United coach Neil Redfearn‘s sensational insider view of life at Elland Road and Thorp Arch under Massimo Cellino. Just click the link and try if you can to take it all in – freelance journalist Simon Austin has obtained the most telling exposé of the Cellino regime, from an honest pro and lifelong Leeds fan. It’s incredible stuff and compulsive reading.

I hope anybody who reads this will share with this blog their views on what Redfearn has said. I believe it’s the most shattering indictment yet of Cellino’s reign at Leeds, making an unarguable case for the club to be rid of this malign influence as soon as possible.

16 responses to “Neil Redfearn’s Sensational Exposé of Life at Cellino’s Leeds United   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. This article is by far the best on the Club and the dark years under Cellino that have been publicatid yet.


  2. David Dean

    This is incredible – most if it we knew or strongly suspected but to see it confirmed in print is shattering. We take comfort in the Monk but for how long? I hope there is something in this latest toma and the most frightening thing said here is that Redders doesn’t think Cellino is well! Great article to read but it makes me believe Redders would have made us great again and that is so upsetting to realise that – I hoped it was possible at the time but reading that makes me think it really could have happened. What an insane man be have in charge. Thanks Rob.


  3. All very enlightening, but NR just wasn’t good enough, as proven by his failure at Rotherham.
    He & SE do themselves no favours by shooting off their mouths to the press, & Lewis Cook went backwards under SE. Where are he & Sam Byram now ?
    The last 3 months have seen an incredible turnaround at LUFC with fans & team united for the first time in years.
    Write something positive for heavens sake.


  4. Brilliant interview…!


  5. Ropey Wyla

    Great read! Unbelievable! Well actually all too believable. What an utter fecking shyt this dirty, greasy bastard really is, I just hope the prospective new guy isn’t as bad or worse. On the positive side, despite our absolute humbling at hands of Newcastle’s Championship Galactico’s, it looks as though we really could be in the mix this year although a lot depends on the January sales. MOT


  6. Great read.. but a worry as well, Redfearn was good for the club, he cared about the players, imagine him under Monk helping the kids out still. Imagine a long term plan. It’s hard to believe all this went on, a short supply of common sense. lets just hope for better days.


  7. I really admire your composure in your reply to Rex. Personally, he’s a dic”***d. Redders is a fine coach, and a gentleman and he was treated like dirt. We all know that something is insanely wrong at this club and this just confirms our worse fears. Monk has been a revelation and is proving his worth. We are not where we are on luck. It’s down to good coaching, and his professionalism. My biggest fear is Cellino. All this great work and progress could be for nothing if we don’t have an owner willing to invest and strengthen and recognise genuine talent that we need to hold on to.
    Cellinos silence is almost as deafening as his rantings. Something is going on and I just hope and wish it leads to this nightmare being put to bed for good. We are getting so close to restoring our rightful place as the greatest club in British Football.


  8. I wonder what Charlie Cairoli will have to say about this!

    There are usually at least two versions of any story, but elements of Redfearn’s account ring true, and certainly while he’s no Wilkinson or Revie, it’s hard to see either of those two greats succeeding under those circumstances.

    I have a suspicion that Cellino may have almost completed the sale of the club, otherwise why his absence? Why no madman interviews, no insane media conferences? No clashes with the FL or Sky, or no threats to players or coaches in the media? Fingers crossed!


  9. Incredible interview-even if Redders has embellished it slightly for his own purposes, I’d still take his word over our idiot owner.

    Fingers crossed the sale of the club goes through and Monk can persuade Redders to come back to the club in some capacity.


  10. Im not sure I can read, already suffering from chronic depression because of Leeds, don’t need to slip further into the darkness

    On the plus side the Leeds Razorblade shop is doing bogoff offers again due to the upturn in Leeds fortunes and their declining sales. No doubt they are the key sponsors of this article……


  11. A truly riveting read Rob, but nothing at all shocks me about Cellino. EVERYBODY can’t be incompetents and totally wrong, like Cellino seems to believe and it’s great to hear honest and true words from Neil Redfearn, who has proved that he is a life-long Leeds fan and will always be, despite the horrendous treatment from Cellino.
    Can those Leeds fans, who chased Cellino’s taxi around the Elland Road car park, after Brian McDermott’s first sacking, come back and do their job again ?


  12. There is much food for thought in this interview – or rather, monologue. The new insight for me is the more nuanced picture it gives of the ‘Antenucci Affair’. It seems, on Redfearn’s account, to be a trade unionist action directed, not against NR, but against the ruthless calculation of the owner (comparative material here would be welcome). Had this appreciated at the time, those fans who made the Italian players the object of their ire, might have been more supportive of their action. My views on Redfearn as a coach are coloured by his failure with Chris Dawson who, by now, could have matured into the playmaker we so badly need (we cannot rely exclusively on Hernadez). None of the cost cutting surprises me given the state of our finances but it plainly went too far (for how long ?) unless NR is exaggerating. Finally – and on Chris Evans – there is nothing wrong in wheeler dealing, provided you get it right. And it is a fact in many professions that the home grown boy or girl needs to test his/her talents elsewhere in order to grow and mature in their chosen field. The problem is that we get attached to them – like me with Dawson. All in all an easy interview for a former servant of our club but one that is packed with pie to chew on.


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