Snodgrass: Ultimate Statement Signing for New Era Leeds   –   by Rob Atkinson


Come back, Rob. You know it makes sense.

Every now and then a new story emerges from that part of the rumour mill labelled boldly “Too Good to be True”. Some you can dismiss out of hand as slightly less likely than Elvis appearing at the Batley Frontier Club. Diego Maradona to Division Two Leeds in the 80s would be an example of this. Others – well, you can’t help wondering. Sometimes, circumstances out of the ordinary can lend credence to whispers you normally wouldn’t even dare whisper.

The circumstances right now are out of the ordinary for Leeds United. Change is afoot, right at the top of the club and, not exactly coincidentally, things are going well on the field too. With new ownership a distinct probability, any incoming regime will be looking to stamp their mark on a slowly awakening giant of a club. The approved method is to make signings that materially improve first team options and, at the same time, send out an unmistakable message that these guys mean business. They’re called “statement signings” and they say, hey – look who we’ve got on board. This club is going places. Does the name Gordon Strachan ring a bell?

The news is that Rob Snodgrass, formerly of this parish but latterly plying his trade in the colours of a fishing village on the Humber, has turned down a new contract with his current club. This has been enough to set eyebrows twitching and tongues wagging around LS11 as well as further afield. What a signing he would be, if he could be persuaded to give Elland Road another try. And what a bold statement by the club’s new powers that be. As rumours go, this one is just so sexy you want to buy it dinner and then take it home to have your wicked way with it. Unlike some rumours, you might even find you still respect it in the morning. 

Could it happen? Well, almost anything could happen in the wake of our beloved Whites being freed from ownership that has ranked highly on the lunacy scale. If new chiefs wanted to come in and say to the United support: “Here you are. It’ll all be OK now” – then this would be one way of doing it. Manager Garry Monk would probably be quite pleased as well, adding an experienced head to his young group. 

This blog feels that some sort of transfer coup next month is more likely than not. A statement of intent needs to be made and a statement signing is an excellent way of making it. Snodgrass alone would not address all of the issues facing Monk and his squad – a backup striker is needed, for a start, and other areas call for attention. But Snodgrass, who embellished Leeds before, could do so again – he could be the X-Factor in a genuine promotion push as well as putting bright lights around a new owner’s name.

If Leeds United are to have a fresh start in 2017, then the recapture of Rob Snodgrass would be the ideal way to get it off the ground. 

28 responses to “Snodgrass: Ultimate Statement Signing for New Era Leeds   –   by Rob Atkinson

  1. simon hughes

    He is no way coming back to Leeds.Playing well in a poor Prem side means he will end up at Liverpool or Southampton or such like


  2. Never say never when it comes to Leeds. Last season we were woeful, doom and gloom was smothering this great club. We were predicted for the drop before the season started and written off. The start was just the ticket for the smug pundits who relished our downfall. Nobody had any idea of what was coming and to be honest it looked like being a gut wrenching season. Just look at us now. The old memories are flooding back to veterans like me. The youngsters are discovering that something exciting is right on their doorstep. Snodgrass would be a hero, guaranteed a regular place in an atmosphere of raw passion as good as anything in the Premiere. He was brilliant before and he would be brilliant again. Nothing is impossible now at Leeds.


  3. Moyle Stroller

    Every time I watch Snodgrass play I wish he was back at Leeds. He always seems to deliver something in a game. He’s not blessed with great pace but always seems to be able to beat his man with strength and skill. Great with both feet, great crosser of a ball and superb at set pieces. Also would guarantee 5 to 10 goals himself and I think quite a few assists as well. The best player we have lost in recent years by a country mile…The ‘Ultimate Statement Signing’ indeed!!


    • It’s so pleasant when readers buy in to a bit of optimism and positive speculation, instead of just being lazily abusive. Much more chance of the comment surviving moderation that way, too…


  4. Even I agree – cracking player.


  5. I think that Snoddy is beyond our means Rob but I love the idea of targetting real quality as opposed to recruiting 3 or 4 meadeocre players as is the norm.


  6. steve Hall

    suggested festive chant for Preston game:
    So here he is Pontus Jansson and the fans are having fun.
    When Pontus Jansson plays, the games are always wo-o-on.
    (Apologies to Slade)
    sorry Rob -didn’t know where else to post this!


  7. We still have a few loan players to sign up which will cost us , but a few to off load with luck . so not expecting anything big in January but we can all hope.


  8. Much more likely to end up in Newcastle if prepared to drop a division which he will do anyway with Hull.
    Can we all spare a thought for Massimo Cellino this Christmas please? Despite the excitement of the potential takeover and the January transfer window, we are where we are because he pretty much got it right in the summer with on and off the field appointments and incoming players all of which has presented us with the best opportunity since relegation from the Premiership.


    • The club is successful DESPITE its owner, hes simply acted in a more reasonable manor (probably due to the takeover) Brought in a decent manager (rather than Dave Hockaday or Uncle Festa) and supported him to a degree (probably on direction from the new buyer)
      It really isn’t rocket science, just being logical with decision making, showing a bit of ambition……Leeds are a huge club, its akin to an oil tanker so once it starts going in the right direction its hard to stop
      Cellino deserves only credit for attempting to sell…..hes single handedly wrecked our youth system to the point where we have to buy in players like the McKay brothers as supplement. He alienates players in order to sell them and has successfully seen off some of the most loyal, talented and committed coaching staff that any club could hope to have.
      Its a shame this takeover couldn’t have happened earlier as we might still have Cook…………


      • This accords exactly with my own humble opinion.


      • How precisely has Cellino wrecked our youth system ? What evidence do you have to support your claim that Celino is working under the direction of a potential future owner ? What makes you think that a promoted academy director who has failed in management at lesser clubs is good enough to manage an ‘oil tanker’ such as LUFC ? How much extra money could have been spent on players given the financial mess Cellino inherited from GFH ? Just accept that Cellino is quite a complex and unpredictable character who gets some things right (sacking Redfearn, recruiting Monk, bringing to the club some good players and seemingly managing our finances well) and others wrong (spectacularly so with two managerial appointments, the so-called pie tax, rowing with Sky and – arguably – bringing in a few too many Serie B players).


      • I’m not sure wasting a mint on various judicial proceedings, and making the club liable for hefty sums courtesy of Industrial Tribunals, counts as “managing our finances well”.


  9. We should give Snodgrass the opportunity to create his footballing legacy. A member of a number of Yo-Yo football teams or put himself in the same bracket as Sir Gordon, and get Leeds promoted and established back in the upper echelons of English Football.
    Snodgrass, Nugent, and Jansson & Bartley on permanent deals and finally get Viera tied down as that young man can take us right back to the top of English football. Exciting times ahead for Leeds and you can feel it around the ground for the first time in years.
    Merry Christmas Rob and MOT in 2017!


  10. Rob, I would love this story to have legs but alas with Mr Cellino still here the wages alone would be prohibitive whilst in championship although with the new investor at the helm it could be a possibility for next season if promoted.


  11. Timothy Wilson

    Ultimate hardly, Milner now that would be the ultimate. MOT and a merry xmas


  12. Would be wonderful to have the Snodinator back at ER and there is no harm in trying but I cant see it happening…. Hull need him to survive and prem clubs will be sniffing around him too
    I absolutely agree that he is the quality we really need…..for me hes proven himself to be absolutely top drawer at premiership level and with a better side he’d be unplayable….

    I would say Fabian Delph on Loan is far more likely given his recovery from injury and place in Man C reserves
    I long for a return for James Milner, its clear he wants to finish his career at Leeds but it wont happen until Leeds are in the Prem. I don’t think Klop would stand in the way as hes already commented on Milners love of Leeds……

    Its good to dream
    Marc Pugh, Fletcher, Zach Clough all much more realistic


  13. we can but dream eh, Rob? Merry Christmas and keep the articles coming in 2017 please – always a good read.


  14. I’ve watched in hope seeing our beloved club show signs of starting to emerge from the Il Duce reign . He is not gone yet but there is hope. I love that speculation about Snoddy and others coming to ER actually seems credible. It feels good and it’s Christmas so we are allowed to dream. I look forward to the loon continuing to keep his mouth shut and selling up. Now there is a dream worth having.
    Keep up the great articles and happy Christmas.


  15. He abandons clubs like a rat on a sinking ship, no thanks. He aint that good Hull just shit.


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