Monk Nails Wagner for Lacking Class as Huddersfield Edge Out Leeds – by Rob Atkinson


Wagner – a technical breach

When the prizes are handed out at the end of this Championship campaign, it may well be that this feisty – for want of a better word – encounter between Huddersfield and Leeds United will be the one to look back on and say “that’s when the season turned”. Not so much for the result – because I fully expect United to finish above Town despite the Terriers’ success today. The significant factors to come out of this game will be the effort and emotion that Town poured into edging the contest – and the bonding effect on Leeds United of the little contretemps that followed a fortuitous winner for the home side.

I feel that United will now kick on. Burning with irritation at their opponents’ classless triumphalism and a perceived lack of respect, the Leeds players and coaching team will find a new level of togetherness. The scenes towards the end of this derby showed a “cut one of us and we all bleed” attitude that has always served Leeds teams well. The players reacted like tigers when Town coach David Wagner topped off his ill-advised pitch invasion by encroaching on the Leeds technical area. Garry Monk stood his ground, and his players piled in. Great stuff. Its something to draw on for the rest of the season, and I fully expect that to happen. I’d give a lot to be a fly on the wall at Thorp Arch when the players reconvene this week. Feisty will be the least of it.

As for Town, they could well become victims of what I have in the past termed “post-Cup Final Syndrome”. It affected supposed big boys Newcastle in the aftermath of their Elland Road win, and one glance at Huddersfield’s next six fixtures shows that there is potential for the kind of falling-away that I’ve often noticed in smaller teams after managing to win against Leeds. If this sounds arrogant, then I’m sorry. It’s borne out by verifiable facts, so there you go.


Classless, sick dog-botherers

The lack of class embodied by the Town coach was sadly not confined to the touchline. In the stands as well, Terriers fans, hyped beyond all taste and reason, flourished a Turkish flag in a deliberately gloating gesture designed to rankle with Leeds fans still haunted by the murders in Istanbul 17 years ago. On the taste scale it was way down towards the Millwall and man united end of things. You expect more of fellow Yorkshire clubs, but clearly Huddersfield, as we’ve long known deep down, is a taste-free zone. The media make nothing of this sort of thing, but it’s among the worst aspects of our game today – and one can only feel sympathy for the bereaved families when they see yet another example of idiots taking some sort of sick, perverted pleasure in the deaths of innocent football fans.

The upshot of this afternoon will turn out to be one result that doesn’t change much, and two off-field factors that could affect things greatly. Watch for Huddersfield to fade away and see how Leeds now pick up. There’s a long way to go, and much can yet happen. 

And should these two clubs chance to meet again in the play-offs, do you think that Leeds will now lack for incentive and motivation? Not a chance. Be afraid, Town. Be very afraid.

22 responses to “Monk Nails Wagner for Lacking Class as Huddersfield Edge Out Leeds – by Rob Atkinson

  1. My respect for Garry Monk & his players went through the roof today, fuck the result they stood up for LUFC


  2. Thanks! I needed to read those words to feel better about the result.


  3. Good player but stupid man that´s our Pontus Jansson. Never miss the chance of a booking and a ban, that´s his motto.


  4. Great article Rob. I’m sick to death of the small-time, “dog-bothering Chavs” and their loud mouth, scum bag manager. He did exactly the same thing, in a game against another team, earlier this season and was sent to the stands then and got away without any kind of touchline ban. The bloke is a total dick-head and clearly needs to grow up, keep his mouth shut and stay in his technical area.
    Garry Monk was totally spot-on with his instant reaction and his classy comments after the game, well done Garry.
    Huddersfield really do lack any kind of respect, class or professionalism and the pathetic deep hatred and mass hysteria, which has always been whipped up, whenever Leeds have the misfortune to play them, seems to have got worse and worse and has always been extremely one-sided, because everybody connected with Leeds, couldn’t give a monkeys what they do every week. Whereas, they watch every move that Leeds make for every minute of the year and probably have an open-top bus parade, every time they over-take Leeds in the league.
    They have the audacity to call themselves “The Yorkshire Club” and seem to take a great pride in believing that they are a faultless, family club, but they are a total professional embarrassment, to the rest of Yorkshire and the Turkish flag, shows just what a bunch of “bone-headed Chavs” they really are.
    Your are right, some of their fans behaviour is getting to be as bad as Millwall’s.
    Like you say Rob, Leeds must now use what happened today as a great motivation, if we have the misfortune to meet such a bunch of low-lifes in the play-offs.



    I hope they identify the dog sh**ing c*unts with the Turkey flag and ban them for life….I say them,because like millwall,one person alone would’nt dare…they feel stronger in little groups…I hope they feel very proud of themselves, tw*ts.RIP CHRIS AND KEV cheers BELGIUM WHITE


  6. Grow up Lads they were much better than us on the day.
    We may as well acknowledge it and move on.


  7. From the picture it looks like more than one moron taking pride in the Turkish flag and trying to goad the Leeds fans. West Yorks Police and Huddersfield Town need to get them banned.

    As for Garry, should not have done it, but bloody proud he did.



  8. I don’t think Wagner’s celebration indicates a ‘lack of class’, but rather a cultural difference between German and English football. Wagner referred to the difference in his thoughtful post-match interview and was plainly concerned and even upset that by the fact that he had not fully appreciated it. If you want to apply the word ‘class’ – which sounds archaic to my ears – I’d say Wagner comes over as a pretty ‘classy’ fellow, a bit too didactic for my taste, but certainly a well mannered and intelligent man. So, if he embodies anything other than himself, it is not a crass section of the Huddersfield support, but a culture different in certain respects to our own. Monk was right however to respond the way he did; if nothing else, it has given Mr Wagner food for thought.


  9. Well said Rob, however I greatly respect your wisdom and like you this left a bitter taste BUT I felt they were better in the second half and much as I hate to say it, deserved the win more than us. My frustration and annoyance is the players we have who are just so inconsistent, Sacko( probobly why he was dropped) and Doukara to name two. Until they hit the pitch you just don’t know what to expect and this is not good enough. Secondly, sloppy passing, giving the ball away and then there is stupid bookings. I am really worried about Jansson. We just cannot afford to keep losing this guy to suspensions, and he is going to become a target which is not good. This is not the good old 70s, when it was a man’s game, a physical game controlled by many respected referees who knew the difference between a foul and a mamby-pamby big girls blouse drama. Now we have refs who don’t have a clue and fourth officials who are just a complete waste of time and as beneficial as a fart in a spacesuit. They alone can now completely ruin a game.
    Our new boys certainly got a fiery babtism into this leagues big time and if they learned one big lesson it was this team looks out for each other, this team is a band of brothers. Mess with us and you will pay because we will just get stronger and stronger. I really hope that the club will make an official complaint in the strongest possible way with the disgraceful display of the Turkish flag. In footballing terms this is as bad as racism. Millwall scrape the barrel with this kind of contempt but Town today dug under it. If we are to become stronger and more formidable than the board must give GM what he needs, a proven striker, and a commanding mid field option. Onwards and upwards


  10. Kevin Keenan

    We all Bleed for Leeds… MOT


  11. belfastpete

    For Leeds we all bleed..MOT


  12. It was good to see the togetherness and camaderrie off the pitch ,just a shame we didn’t show it on the pitch, we were out battled in most areas of the pitch,


  13. Udders have two cup finals a year so let’s be generous to their inbred, sheepshagging supporters and let them have their moments of glory, wonder why our a ticket allocation is so low?, probably because they know that we would fill 7/8ths of their ground, MOT The world keeps going round .


  14. hi rob since you have not put up a recent update just a quick comment on today v sheff wed at home. poor game at least the wendies came into yorks derby with a sensible level head no histrionics we just edged a poor game. sheff weds are a class apart from the rabid antics of Barnsley and udders who would kill for 3 points v us if both played with the same mentality all season as they have done against us they would be 10 points clear at the top. we move on .


  15. Getting worried about you rob ,, we’ve just beat the wendies and not a peep from you ? Have you been abducted ?


    • I was left distinctly underwhelmed by the Wendies win, Mr. O – not quite sure what to say about it to be honest!


      • Mr orange

        Well to be fair they were always going to cancel each other out being in exactly the same position , but if thiers was a pen then our claim for a pen was better and if sako had played the ball through to wood when he should then all in all we were better than Sheff Wednesday’s 12 , I say 12 because the ref must have come on thier coach.. and also it was a fantastic weekend for Leeds,, every team around us dropped points ,, come on rob , get your second wind lad ,,


  16. hi rob I have been reading on other social media outlets about us getting a possible 7 points out of the next 3 games. what are they on?? the only goal is to try and get 3 points on Friday and then hopefully sit back and see where the weekend leaves us, and then move onto Fulham next week. too many getting carried away, every game on its merit.


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