League Says Play Off Final To Be At Old Trafford If Leeds Are Involved – by Rob Atkinson

Old Toilet

Artist’s impression of Old Toilet should Leeds lose in the play-off final

Readers please note: this April Fools spoof article has now expired.

Any Leeds United fans hoping for an end of season trip to Wembley for the Championship play-off final are likely to be disappointed – even if the Yorkshire giants do progress past the semi-final stage. Following a sensational ruling from the Football League, it is now clear that any final involving Leeds would be played instead at Manchester United’s once-famous Old Trafford stadium. The League have decided that, due to the tense and frantic nature of such a fixture, as well as the legendary volatility of a section of the Leeds support, it would be too much of a risk to have the match played at a still quite nice, shiny, new Wembley Stadium. It is thought, however, that the relatively shabby and delapidated Old Trafford would actually be improved if the Leeds fans did go on the rampage and level the place.

A League spokesperson said, “Nobody should imagine that we are picking on Leeds United here. It’s just a matter of being aware of reputations and acting prudently. We have a similar plan in place for the League One play-offs, should Millwall reach the final. In that event, the match would be played on Hackney Marshes.” Asked whether this policy might affect any domestic final that Leeds reach over the next few years, the spokesperson, Ms. Avril Primero, would only confirm that the situation would be reviewed in the light of circumstances pertaining at the time. “It is possible, however,” added Ms. Primero, “that Leeds United could find themselves playing an FA Cup Final at their own stadium, just like Sheffield United did in that film with Sean Bean.”

Nobody at Leeds was available to comment, although an ex-player who identified himself cryptically as “Batts” stated that he’d “rather not go up at all than play a final at that poxy hole”. 

A further statement clarifying the matter is expected from the Football League tomorrow, April 2nd.

8 responses to “League Says Play Off Final To Be At Old Trafford If Leeds Are Involved – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Arghh, fake news strikes again and I was just about to write a furious letter to the football league as well!!!


  2. timothy croft

    april fool


  3. eldonplace

    April fools 🙂 but a good one


  4. Hahaha … first paragraph you had me!!!! Was mentally rearranging travel plans and where to stay


  5. Sniffers shorts in the wash

    I done shit my pants


  6. I was just about to go and buy my matches!



    Nice one Rob,the theater of WET Dreams it won’t be then????????Over for the preston game next saturday…The east stand up per has been opened due to huge demand…..Just hope I can get 2 tickets,MARCHING ON TOGETHER,CHEERS FROM BELGIUM WHITE


  8. You nearly had me ’til i got to Ms Avril Primero Rob and anyone with a smidgion of Gaelic would have got it.


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