Has There Ever Been A Worse UK Government Than This?

A Tory speaks. Some of his “facts” are a bit shaky – 42 million voted for Brexit?? Not in THIS reality – but his annihilation of this disastrous generation of Tories is spot on.

Peter Reynolds

I am a member of the Conservative Party – just.  My annual subscription is due and I feel physically sick at the prospect of doing anything that is supportive of the appalling collection of third and fourth rates that presently sit round the cabinet table.

The Conservative Party has Lost Its Way. We Need To Get Back To Being Tories.

We need to re-focus on our fundamental principles: individual liberty, individual responsibility, small government, free markets, evidence-based policy and a benevolent, responsible, one-nation approach.

Let’s face it, we’ve had a privileged toff, little more than a ponce on the nation, who from his position of wealth found it very easy to impose austerity on people with whom he was totally out-of-touch. Throughout his political career he vacillated and dithered on policy because he has no principles except self-advancement.  Now we have some fake Tory, an authoritarian bureaucrat with big government…

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2 responses to “Has There Ever Been A Worse UK Government Than This?

  1. Blair need I say anymore!


  2. NickB(50yrsLU)

    You’ve re-posted this guy’s articles before. It’s interesting that you meet at an equator where you both strongly dislike this particular Tory government, having arrived there from opposite poles. How he was ever paid by the Indie to produce his semi-literate rants is beyond me. He puts drugs policy as high up as Environment and, if you read his profile, he is a long-term campaigner for legalising cannabis. I do agree with him on policy towards Palestine and its brutal suppression by an Israel that is as despicable as Saudi Arabia, Myanmar and North Korea. It’s ironic that, for all their tragic history, some of the biggest racists in the world are Jews – for instance, look at their attitude to black Jews who want to settle in Israel. But they have developed a self-preservation shield by working their way into senior Establishment positions in many Western nations, and jumping on anything published that criticises them. There are people like Hadar Sela and Adam Levick who work full-time to read everything that has the trigger-word ‘Jew’ or ‘Jewish’ in it, and who are so aggressive in their condemnation of any criticism – which they always cite as anti-Semitism – that all just criticism of Israeli policy is immediately dissipated. For instance, that Sunday Times journalist who was fired a fortnight ago for stating his opinion that senior women in the BBC got the highest salaries because they were Jewish. I managed to find the whole article – which the BBC tried to suppress – and that was a tiny paragraph, taken out of context, from a thoughtful piece deploring political correctness and the clamping down on the right to free speech. Reynolds also talks about the power of the BBC to influence and distort. This is probably my biggest grumble at present. Its political correctness agenda and unacknowledged policy of minority placement – e.g. non-whites, gay, disabled etc. – in the forefront of broadcasting, irrespective of ability and intelligibility, and also as topics for plays, documentaries and the all-too-pervasive ‘magazine’ shows, makes me scream at my radio many times daily. On the television, its bias towards ethnic minorities gives the impression that this country is now roughly 50% non-white, not just in soaps, but in selection of newsreaders, sports pundits, presenters and so on. I now feel marginalised because every programme is slewed towards minority groups. Why should there be women commentators for men’s sports ? I find women’s voices shrill and ear-piercing. By far the worst aspect of the BBC’s p.c.-ism is the way it is dismantling long-accepted good grammar. I will never accept ‘their’ as a singular, non gender-specific pronoun; what’s wrong with ‘his or her’ ? I know what the BBC would say – it’s because you have to put either male or female first. But in reality, the BBC always puts female first, given the option – except when it comes to pay; which makes it little different from governments in terms of double standards ! And it’s completely unaccountable – I’ve tried every complaints avenue and am always fobbed off.
    I suppose this has been a rant too, but it wasn’t cannabis-fuelled, and, like your own use of language, on a higher plane than that of Mr. Reynolds or the BBC !


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