Leeds Boss Christiansen Delighted to See Man Utd Lose to City – by Rob Atkinson


TC: they say I’m a WHAT??

I despair at the world of Twitter sometimes, particularly as it relates to Leeds United. Lately, after every game, or so it seems, win lose or draw, there’s some Twitter-generated “news” article based on the random tweets of various Leeds fans. These are small pearls of unwisdom, giving opinions of varying degrees of cluelessness about the performance of this or that player. Invariably, the articles will be headlined by quotes such as “He’s not good enough for the shirt” or “the worst I’ve ever seen”, the aim being to inveigle the unwary into reading a bunch of uninformed and barely coherent opinions that make about as much sense as a post-match interview with Jose Mourinho. Often, it’s clear that there’s a deliberate attempt to whip up controversy, simply to generate hits. It’s unedifying stuff, a storm of white noise that tends to obliterate any real news or sensible opinion.

The latest such storm in a teacup concerned Leeds boss Thomas Christiansen, who – according to some of the more hard-of-thinking Leeds Twitterati anyway – committed a cardinal sin in being pictured at Old Trafford after the Manchester derby. Some mischievous Pride of Devon fan, seeking to assuage the pain of a defeat by Manchester’s number one club, captioned a picture with a hint that Thomas was an aficionado of the Dark Side and, true to form, the dimmer Leeds fans on Twitter fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

The responses from these dullards were amusingly over the top, and what was clearly the mother of all non-stories seemed likely to gain undeserved notoriety. Until, that is, Christiansen himself, backed up by United owner Andrea Radrizzani, set the record straight, pointing out that his sympathies in the derby match were with the blue side of Manchester and that he’d been delighted by the result. Finishing off an explanation that he should never have had to make, Thomas stated “I used to play at Barça with Pep and we very much enjoyed the result! However, I’m Leeds!” and the hashtag for All Leeds Aren’t We.

Christiansen has since revealed that he was surprised his trip to the biggest game of the day should have aroused such controversy – which is the bemusement a professional feels when confronted with the mass hysteria and lack of any joined-up thinking that characterises so much of the Twitter output of any major club, especially – or so it would seem – Leeds United. A typically brainless comment from one Leeds fan, who sent a picture of Christiansen outside Old Trafford to both the owner and the manager, was “This is an absolute disgrace! TC has crossed a line you should never cross. We won’t forgive him for this ever. Absolute s**t house!” I leave you, gentle reader, to judge the level of idiocy inherent in that particular tweet.

Of course, it harks back to the faux outrage, designed to draw attention to the tweeter and show what a great fan they are (if ever so slightly demented), that we got in the wake of the Alan Smith transfer from us to them. It’s attention-seeking stuff, and you have to hope that the people responsible are actually able to think more clearly than they tweet. But that’s the problem with Twitter – it allows people who should really go through life with large socks in their mouths to announce their flawed opinions to the world via the LUFC hashtag.

Twitter is what it is, I suppose. It serves a purpose, but it’s open to abuse – and certain “news sources” should really know better than to quote it so often, given the appalling lack of thought that goes into the majority of tweets. A lot of it is knee-jerk stuff and a lot more is from the “look at me, aren’t I controversial” brigade. Neither faction adds much if anything to the Leeds United debate, yet both are given undue prominence by media outlets desperate for clicks. It’s so depressing.

What we should do, of course, is celebrate results like the QPR one and accentuate the positives – instead of looking for random rubbish to be seen to be outraged about or to use as a stick for battering the manager. But that’s probably asking too much from the more useless tweeters themselves, and even from supposedly sober journalists who choose to use such virtual detritus as the basis for yet another pointless article.

Well done to Thomas Christiansen, who maintained a half-amused, half-incredulous dignity in rubbishing the claims of a few half-baked idiots who fell for a Man Utd jape. The sad thing is, he’ll most likely have to take time out to do this all over again, the next time some wally fancies having a pop just to try to make a name for himself. Perhaps though – just perhaps – Thomas could just be left in peace to get on with his job?

Fat chance.

9 responses to “Leeds Boss Christiansen Delighted to See Man Utd Lose to City – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Daniel Carroll

    I agree with everything you have written here. The mindless, foul-mouthed dross served up by a small minority of ‘fans’ on Twitter & Facebook shows the truth of the old adage, ‘An empty vessel makes the most noise’.


  2. Life is LUFC

    I agree with every single word you have said.
    It comes to something when you cannot do anything just in case you are pilloried for actually having a life. Live your life TC and enjoy your family time doing what you and your family want to do, it has nothing to do with anyone else.
    All that can be said to these TWITTERATI is you need to get a life and enjoy it.
    By the way your TWITTERATI word is great as well.


  3. CardiffWhite

    Nowt’ll be said when TC goes to The Etihad for the return match.


  4. Michael Welbourne

    If the Twitteratis were real LUFC fans they would not insult the players,management and fans with their moronic comments and get 150% behind the club instead to win promotion.


  5. Reality Cheque

    An absolutely spot on analysis and articulation of the world of “Twitter” Rob. After all the clue is in the title – The definition of Twit is “a stupid or foolish person” so whatever a “twit” chooses to “twitter” on about cannot possibly be worth TC losing any sleep over.
    It also makes a pleasant change for our owner to publicly back TC, (and Felix), by asking Leeds United fans to get a grip, keep things in perspective and join TOGETHER in supporting TC and EVERY player in order to achieve our collective goal of promotion to the Premier League.
    The biggest giveaway was that TC had a beaming smile across his face in the photo after City’s victory and in the words of Jim Royle, “Manchester United supporter My ar*e!!
    Keep the brilliant posts coming Rob and seasons greetings to you and yours. MOT


  6. Duncan Massive

    For all any of us or the dweeb tweeters know, the Boss could’ve been checking out potential loan signings……


  7. Thinlizzywhite

    I sometimes struggle to understand the mindless comments that come forth from the IQ challenged twitter elite. I have not aspired to that medium because of its limited capacity for rational and intellectual debate.
    But what really annoys me is knowing the footballing fraternity are laughing at us as we attack our own manager because he likes to watch a good game of football. Morons to a man.
    Next we will not dare go to Manchester to shop.
    Or use sentences with man or chest in them.
    I love our great club but some of our fans leave me exasperated.


  8. As you say Rob, a storm in a tea cup, I have never taken to TWITTER it just seems so pointless and all too easy for idiots to vent their spleen before they have calmed down (or let the alcohol wear off).

    More importantly…any chance that TC will use his Pep connection to bolster the squad with an up and coming superstar this January????? fingers crossed EH!!

    All the best Rob, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours and all your followers.


  9. Aussie Dave

    Shane Warne has a Twitter account. I rest my case……


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