Karma Bites the Snake as Monk Gets the Chop at Boro – by Rob Atkinson


Where now for Garry “Snake” Monk?

It’s difficult for a Leeds United fan to feel any sympathy for Garry Monk. No, let me rephrase that. It’s impossible for any Leeds fan to feel sympathy for Garry Monk. Our feelings will range from mild amusement to deep satisfaction, as the ex-Whites manager who earned the soubriquet of “snake” found himself rattled, bitten and discarded.

Monk is another, seemingly, from the O’Leary School of Ego and Self-aggrandisement. The recipient of a good press for the job he was doing at Swansea City, Monk’s tender treatment from the media survived even his decision to take the Leeds job – something that would normally make a pariah out of any Fleet Street blue-eyed boy. When he upped sticks and left Elland Road, just as United seemed set for a bright new start, you could feel the hacks aching for him to do well in Smogland. Sadly – well, comically actually – it wasn’t to be. And now the Myth of Monk appears to have exploded. Really, you’d have to be made of stone not to laugh uproariously.

You’ll have to forgive my high spirits. This is news I’ve looked forward to laughing at since summertime, and it’s come just as Leeds have eked out another home win, while Man U have hilariously thrown away two points at Leicester, to follow up their capitulation at Bristol City (where Leeds won 3-0). Is it any wonder I’m a bit giddy??

Whatever comes next for Monk – and we all know we cordially wish him the worst – tonight’s news has been music to our United-loving ears. So, we’ll relish it a bit, along with the discomfiture of the Pride of Devon, and then look ahead to Burton on Boxing Day.

After all, it doesn’t do to dwell on the misfortunes of others, much less to glory in them…

Ah, Schadenfreude – like revenge, you’re a dish best served very, very cold.

15 responses to “Karma Bites the Snake as Monk Gets the Chop at Boro – by Rob Atkinson

  1. As always, top words 😁 Its gonna be a very happy Xmas!!! Have a great (and smug) time LUFC supporters the world over. Enjoy


  2. Said this as soon as he left-if he gets sacked for Xmas,then that will make mine.Happy days…


  3. So he left Leeds because he was only offered a one year extension. What a tit,it was 6 months longer than his boro tenure. Never forgave him for the capitulation towards the end of last season. If he thinks we’re all laughing at him,its not true,we’re all laughing in his direction.


  4. Jezaldinho

    While I kind of understand his decision to leave Leeds (he didn’t want to work under the structure of Orta & Bravo), he just surely be regretting his decision. The idiot. Who cares though, because we’ve got TC, who’s proving to be a far better appointment.


  5. Think how much money he will have in his sky rocket. I don’t think he will care much about Leeds or Boro.He will move on much richer and will be back in football within a few months. Swansea maybe?


  6. David Dean

    Can’t disagree with the sentiment – we felt we were jilted and betrayed and maybe we were. He owed it to the club to try it out for the year – the new regime with Victor and Orta, which he understandably he didn’t want to work under, was too much for his pride and ego. Of course I can’t help feeling satisfaction at his sacking, it is human nature, but it is a ludicrous decision after a few short months. As mad as the sackings of McDermott, Rosler, Redders and Evans …..and Clough for that matter. We were on a he brink of seeing our Tommy sacked – the fans didn’t want him after 9 defeats on the trot (or whatever it was). Tommy will be toast in the new year if we have another poor run – and recent performances could easily bring that about. That will be another crazy decision. I would love Tommy to be given a 2 year contract with a get out clause if we were relegated. Managers need time. If they don’t get time they need luck and you can’t always be lucky. Hope you have a happy and healthy New Year and a lot of luck. You are a great writer. Happy Christmas, Rob.


  7. Alec Wilson

    look, it not nice to see anyone, and i mean Anyone ! lose their job .
    This kind of comment i find weak and childish.
    But Gary Monk is nt Anyone !
    He’s a tw@@ !
    So hats off to ya, good bit of journalist
    work my friend😂👍


  8. Not sure if we should give the Monk any benefit of doubt about the reasons he left Leeds, i.e. not wanting to work with (under?) Orta et al. I remember back , and before he had his meetings with Radz, the bookies installing him as odds on favourite for the Boro job. A nd there’s one thing we all know, the bookies know more than we do. So snake Monk had already decided and committed to the Boro job before he’d even heard and discussed Radz’s plans going forward. I don’t think you can believe anything the Monk says. If I didn’t believe in Karma previously, I do now!


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  10. We’ve linked to this page and quoted it in our latest article. Thought you’d be interested to know. Thank you for the background on the feeling towards Garry Monk in Leeds. Interesting to see whether Pulis proves to be a thorn in your side come the end of the season. Comments and sharing welcome if you find our piece interesting. Thank you v much https://threemenandafootball.wordpress.com/2017/12/28/middlesbrough-switching-garry-monk-for-tony-pulis-a-fast-track-ticket-back-to-the-premier-league/


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