Managerial Merry-go-Round: is Garry Monk Heading Back to Leeds? – by Rob Atkinson


Garry Monk – a second return to Elland Road?

With the appointment of failed Wendies manager Carlos Carvalhal as the new Swansea boss, that particular route back into football for the increasingly slithery Garry Monk has been well and truly blocked off. Attention now turns to whose will be the next hapless posterior to occupy the Hillsborough Hot Seat, with Anglo-Dutch Leeds United fan Schteve McClaren being touted as a candidate in some quarters.

Another possibility, though, is that Monk himself could be interesting Sheffield’s second club – which raises the tantalising prospect of a second return this season for the scaly one to Elland Road. Garry rocked up to LS11 as recently as November of course, in charge of the Bonny Boro – but it wasn’t a good day for the fork-tongued former centre-half, as goals from Pablo Hernandez and Gjanni Alioski put Leeds two up, before a visually-impaired linesman gave a penalty against Luke Ayling for being wrestled to the ground by Daniel Ayala.

The 1-2 reverse at his former place of employment must have been a bitter pill to swallow for Monk, who had hoped to be the centre of attention for a more palatable reason – though he characteristically attempted to put a positive sheen on another defeat: “It wasn’t about me. It’s about my team and the players on the pitch and we’re disappointed with the result and should have got more”.

Garry had a fair bit of practice in his brief time in Smogland, dreaming up similar platitudes to deflect any blame from himself after each disappointing result for his expensively-assembled squad. Could it possibly be that he’ll be mouthing similar excuses after the visit of Wednesday to Leeds in mid-March? It would be a deeply satisfying reprise of his crestfallen demeanour after the Middlesbrough game, but it’s probably too much to hope for.

Surely, after all, even Wednesday can’t be that daft.

8 responses to “Managerial Merry-go-Round: is Garry Monk Heading Back to Leeds? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Haha, Rob, ‘brilliant tongue in cheek comment! I had faith in Monk, up until he had words with Jansson – after that Monk should have stuck to Trappist vows! He is a “sophisticated rhetorician, inebriated with the exuberance of his own verbosity and gifted with an egotistical imagination designed to malign his opponents and glorify himself” – someone famous said that some time ago! Monk will not be welcomed back to Elland Road, whatever he says or does to get a new job – shame!


  2. Loved “Anglo-Dutch Leeds United fanSchteve McLaren”!

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  3. Brad Twersky

    Rob…been a follower of yours for many years… haven’t commented in a while… But I’m curious why you and so many of my fellow readers hold so much anger towards Garry Monk For leaving Leeds at the end of last year? What am I missing? Managers leave teams all the time and it seems that Radrizani wanted to bring Monk back on his terms anyway. Did he say something on his way out that I might have missed? I’m just curious.


    • Welcome back, Brad. I think the thing with Monk was that he was seen to be leaving just when things were looking up, and that his public utterances were – shall we say – disingenuous. Many Leeds fans saw through him, dubbing him “snake”. Others seem to have seen through him since.


  4. Life is LUFC

    I wonder if a look through the ancestry of O Dreary and Monk might find a link……well they both have all the symptoms that Andrexu described above 🙂


  5. From one of the best young managers in the country to championship has-been. 2017 was not a good year Gory Mank.


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