Max Gradel Signals Desire for Leeds United Return – by Rob Atkinson


Mad Max Gradel wants to come home

Rule One of Social Media is that high profile sports stars say or do nothing without a reason – they don’t need to seek attention in their goldfish bowl existence; quite the contrary, if anything. So when, in the aftermath of the recent change of Head Coach at Leeds, former United attacking sensation Maxi Gradel comes out with a loved-up tweet about the Yorkshire giants, including the obligatory MOT hashtag, you can be tolerably sure that he’s not just passing the time of day. Max can see that Leeds United are about to buckle down and get serious about restoring elite status and, this blog believes, he wants to be a part of it.

Maxi Tweets

Max – still loves Leeds

Whether and when that might happen is a matter of conjecture, but it would be highly surprising if Gradel were not to be linked to an Elland Road return again in the summer. Given the current league position of the club, with a new coach feeling his way into the job and a brutal run of fixtures ahead, almost all of which are under the spotlight of live TV coverage, it seems more than likely that United will still be a Championship outfit next season. Should that be the case, then they will be looking for proven performers to displace some of their misfiring fringe players, and wide attack is one area that could stand some enhancement.

I believe that Leeds will be the likely destination for Ivory Coast international Gradel’s next career move; he has plenty left to offer, and still enjoys cult hero status among United fans. Moreover, it seems clear that he would relish a return to Elland Road – otherwise, why the pointed social media comments?

All in all, it seems that the prospect of Max back in the white yellow and blue of Leeds United next season could well morph into reality before too long, and most United fans will extend a warm welcome home to the talented forward. I’d give this one a good 8.5 out of 10 on the likeliness scale and, while some will say it’s merely wishful thinking, there are sound reasons on all sides to believe that a Gradel return to Leeds is going to happen.

If Max – currently on loan at Toulouse from Premier League AFC Bournemouthdoes come back, it’d be a massive step towards helping us hit the ground running for a promotion campaign next time around. He’d be that much of a shot in the arm for a club that has underachieved for too long now. Fingers crossed that Gradel’s social media output next season will reflect his contribution towards United’s return to the top.

16 responses to “Max Gradel Signals Desire for Leeds United Return – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Life is LUFC

    The first hurdle is Orta will he try for him…..that man appears to listen to no one least of the fans. His ego is so big it deafens him.
    Should TC read your missives, I would like to say good luck for the future and it was nice to have you at LUFC. I just wish it had worked out better for you.


  2. Way past his sell by date and we should look forwards not backwards. This is the same Max Gradel who nearly cost us automatic promotion to the Championship with a ridiculous sending off!


  3. Scally Lad

    Rob, I’m not ready to give up on hope for promotion yet. Christiansen was another managerial loser, and I’m glad he’s gone now – and better sooner than later. New leadership in Heckingbottom may provide the motivation we need, Moreover, despite our poor leadership and recent form, we’re still solidly mud-table and only seven points adrift of the top six with sixteen matches remaining to be played. If we can prevail in our forthcoming fixtures this month, I think we’ll still be in the fight for promotion at season’s end.


  4. We don’t need a has been.


  5. Rob, isn’t speculating about signings for next season just a bit early, and defeatist? Currently, our new manager/‘head coach’, Paul Heckingbittom has team sheet problems and he can’t solve them with new (or old) recruits. Until our sidelined players are available, Heckingbittom may have to supplement the First Team with talent from the U 23s. This resource could provide surprising alternatives to looking outwards or backwards; especially as young talent could now be developed under the tutelage of experienced player such as De Bock and Forshaw.


    • I wouldn’t normally, but I regard Gradel as iconic, and there’s a clear signal from him. As it happens, I still feel we should be looking at the unattached market to plug some gaps – I’d consider Caulker, for instance.


  6. I get a real gut feeling that PH will have a big say in who comes in and goes out. Radz has admitted and apologised for the appointment of TC and I think he now realises that we cannot just go down the same road. We have a home grown manager, young, ambitious and a strong desire to succeed. We now need home grown players who don’t need indoctrinating into this league, players with an old head and can lead the youngsters. Most of all we really need to get behind Heckingbottom and the team full stop. This is going to be a tough period and getting back to full strength cannot come quick enough. We don’t need knee jerk reactions and this lynch mob attitude that has plagued this club for a long time. PH will find his feet, I’m sure of it


    • I tend to agree. My initial impression of PH is of a determined and ambitious coach who wasn’t happy with the working conditions where he was. I’m sure he’ll have set his stall out very clearly in the lead up to taking the Leeds job.


  7. Reality Cheque

    Evening Rob, personally I totally echo the view of Tim above, way too much water under the bridge since his departure to pastures new and much more financially rewarding.
    Living in the “here and now”, I would be interested to hear your views and sound reasoning in respect of the appointment of Paul Heckingbottom including your observations of Mr Radrizanni’s comments to the media today regarding his decision to finally terminate TC’s contract for poor leadership after having repeatedly been persuaded by Victor Orta to give TC more time since the run up to the Middlesbrough match! (Doesn’t that call his own leadership and confidence in his own decision making abilities into question?).
    I cannot help but think that PH has, in the words of such Barnsley legends as Sir Michael Parkinson and Dickie Bird, merely been “put in to bat as night watchman” and represents a hurriedly appointed cheap option to take the flak away from AR and VO as he attempts to rescue our car crash of a season as we approach the toughest lengthy run of fixtures with a seriously depleted squad who are lacking any confidence.
    I suppose this appointment does give AR and his chief advisor Victor Orta, plenty of time to identify and sound out a replacement head coach of much higher stature and with a more impressive track record in readiness for pre-season training, thereby allowing AR to thank PH for all his admirable, (but vain), attempts to rescue our season from the clutches of defeat. Or do you think it is a gamble worth taking Rob?


  8. I wouldn’t have Gradel back now,he may have an affinity with us but that doesn’t mean he should waltz back in just because no one else wants him. As for the new coach,its an absolute joke. Slightly above hockadays appointment that’s all. He’s in a win win situation as is excuses are already made for the coming defeats. Suspensions,injuries,” oh its not my team I need the summer to sort it out” blah blah. Don’t forget they all say the “right” things when they get the gig so don’t be fooled by the enthusiastic press conference,Heckinbottom is a No mark who did the dirty big time on his boyhood club to join a club he has confessed to hating. I hope the owner sells up too when this goes tits up. Strachan as manager would have been akin to Keegan taking over at Newcastle and he wouldn’t have stood for any nonsense from his players,after all he put Vinny in his place. We cant keep tolerating these lower league types and people can go on and on about “lynch mobs” etc but all this club has done for the past 15 years is chug along and lined the pockets of various crooks who would shit themselves if we ever got promoted.


  9. jamieeddie

    I think as a Leeds fan all we want for someone is to give their all for the shirt. We know what we will get with Max, he loves the club and we love him, I know a lot of people say you shouldn’t go back in for players who have left the club but he gets Leeds, I would snap your hand off if you said that Gradel and Snodgrass would return.


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