International Call Up for Leeds Striker Ekuban Proof of Quality – by Rob Atkinson



Caleb Ekuban shows striking potential for United

It must be a bit of a kick in the teeth for the self-proclaimed experts on the Leeds United #LUFC Twitter hashtag, or feed, or whatever these geeks call it, to see that Whites striker Caleb Ekuban has been called up by the Ghanaian national squad. It’s always a bit galling when mere football professionals dare to set up their opinions against the omniscience of the Twatterati, but there you go. Some people just haven’t got a clue.

In the real world, of course, those in charge of the Ghana squad have seen the potential in Ekuban; possibly, they even feel all that’s required is for the lad’s confidence to be given a timely boost. It’s the sharp edge of his game that needs honing to perfection, that ice-cold instant of detached judgement that makes the difference between a finish and a miss. Even Roy of the Rovers had similar issues at some stage, even Jimmy Greaves, Robbie Fowler – any striker worth the name. Any and all of them will tell you that most of the art or science of playing in attack is to be in the right place at the right time. For the most part, Ekuban has demonstrated this facility, together with an appetite for graft that has endeared him to those in the Leeds crowd who appreciate that sort of thing. “You’ve got to be there to miss the chances”, as old-school centre-forwards would tell you – getting into the positions, that’s the secret. The rest is down to that elusive quality of confidence, something that has been shouted out of Ekuban’s game by the clueless mob who pour scorn out of their idiot box keyboards.

The call up to the national squad could make a big difference to our Ekuban, and the team may well reap the benefit of that when it matters, next season. Alongside the expected renaissance of Samu Saiz, and given a season a little more blessed, with no niggling injuries for Caleb and no bloody silly suspensions for Samu, there’s a formidable attacking partnership ready to blossom. Mark my words.

And, if you don’t believe me, put your faith in the judgement of the Ghana national tam selectors – they should know a decent striker when they see one. I’m not saying that Ekuban is another Yeboah. Then again, I’m not saying he doesn’t have the potential. All I want is for the lad to be given a fair chance, without a bunch of clueless yahoos just waiting to pounce on any missed chance and jump on an easy bandwagon. Yep, that’d be nice.

I won’t hold my breath, though. Good luck, Caleb Ekuban – and I hope you ram the flawed judgement of our resident online idiots right back down their throats.

27 responses to “International Call Up for Leeds Striker Ekuban Proof of Quality – by Rob Atkinson

  1. I applaud your stance on Ekuban, Rob. Traditional Leeds fans would take a trier over a fancy Dan any day, he deserves our support when in a Leeds shirt


  2. Too right! The old chestnut, “opinions are like arseholes: everybody has one and they’re all full of shit” comes to mind where keyboard ‘supporters’ are concerned. Their crap is seldom heard at games. I just hope our players don’t follow social media – some hope! The confidence of raw, young talent, like Ekuban, could be destroyed by a few mindless morons.


  3. Peter Morrison

    I agree. He’s quick, powerful and brings others into play. I think he maybe needs to be a little more selfish. I’m assuming we won’t be keeping Lasogga so Ekuban should be starting next couple of games(hopefully) to give him more experience. The goal he got in early stages of the League Cup (showing my age)was a very cool finish. Would love him to grab a couple in the next two games


    • I was struck by the quality of that League Cup finish too. There’s a difference between those instant, instinctive strikes and the one on ones where there’s a few seconds to think. It takes a bit of confidence and experience to start putting those away.


  4. 1955southwesterly

    Sadly most of the second season “coming good” for Leeds players happen at another club .
    Slagged off to the point where they’d prefer the other club too!


  5. Yes, I am with you on this. Give him more time.

    Wiewald,Pennington,Lassoga time is up.


  6. He’ill always get my support while playing for Leeds. But I have to say that, based on what I’ve seen this season, I really don’t see him coming good. Not sure he can finish. Rob seems to think it’s a confidence issue. I fear it may be a lack of quality and composure. I hope to be proved wrong. Lassoga can finish but infuriatingy he doesn’t have Ekuban’s excellent work ethic. I think we need better than both of them.


  7. I am pretty sure Heck will be sacked at the end of the season, but not as sure as I am that Jeremy Corbyn is an anti semite.

    I love this site.


  8. gerrycwmbran

    Three cheers Rob!


  9. If the lad has any sense he’ll stay away from Twitter etc. Then the idiots won’t get to him. Folk need to remember that all youngsters take time to find their feet. New team, New country, New league, even seasoned internationals suffer when they come to England and they are usually playing with better players than ours.


  10. He’s Ghanaian and can kick a ball (at a push) that’s why he’s been selected. I’m afraid you’re flogging a dead horse with this one although I do agree with you on the twitter chaps. What is most annoying are the venomous tweets that come after a win. If they’re genuine Leeds fans then they’re tits but methinks a great many could be trolls. Blame also lies at the door of the host sites who use the comments as click bait too,it could even be them posting the tweets. Anyway,I’ve seen enough of ekuban to realise he’s not up to it and being selected to play for a team outside of the top 50 rankings won’t change that. As for Saiz,where has he been when we needed him and his attacking flair?


    • Bet you he comes good next year. Personally, I’ve seen enough to expect him to get a few goals and then take off to have a really good run, à la Beckford.


      • I admire your faith and your comparison to Beckford is interesting,but the difference was that Beckford was sent out on loan to acclimatize to league football whereas Ekuban hasn’t. For me he is nowhere near a first choice striker,but there you go. Anyway are you going to do a piece about our wonderful owner who has just made Cellino look like a pillar of virtue? And there was me the other day saying he should sell up in a comment and asking how many more wrong decisions he could make.


      • I’m still pondering the Myanmar thing. It’s a strange call, I’ve seen Radrizzani’s justification, such as it was, and the various calls from the great and the good to reconsider. More pondering needed.


  11. I liked the look of him at the start of the season and he has been unlucky with two lengthy lay offs. Remember Lee Dixon said Thierry Henry couldn’t hit a barn door when he first came to Arsenal – the rest is history!
    However, if you discipline yourself not to read the bilge it won’t bother you.


  12. Bornawhite

    I very much subscribe to the philosophy of allowing a player to gain confidence etc.
    However, the jury is definitely out on Ekuban. Technically, based on current appearances he is distinctly average in a number of areas.
    His first touch is very unreliable. His movement and anticipation is also average. But this could be down to trying too hard and not relaxing.
    It is also apparent that he is snatching at chances due to his low confidence. On a positive note he has made the opposition goaly work on most occasions.
    The fact he is getting in the positions to score is a positive. Unlike Lasogga he is very mobile and athletic.
    Personally, I believe needs another season to come out of his shell.
    I recall Drogba was treated very simililarly by Chelsea fans during his first season. The rest as they say is history.
    Grot is very similar, suffering a crisis of confidence but clearly capable of developing. The lad is only 19 and yet is the butt of ridiculous twitter comments.
    However, Lassoga is a huge disappointment, good technical finisher but he is as mobile as as a fridge. I am not one to criticise players but he really does make me scratch my head when he tries to close the opposition down. He runs flat out towards a player with the ball and when he gets within 5 yards he just stands off. It is as if he just goes through the motions because it is expected of him.
    He isn’t Not suited to Championship football, he just is not physical enough to Ben effective. I can understand why he was regarded as the flop of the century in Germany following a big money move.


  13. I think tbh Rob you’re going overboard on the supposed abuse he’s had.
    I’m a season ticket holder in the South Stand and it’s been moaning at another chance going begging rather than personal abuse.
    Don’t get me started on Lassoga though


  14. I have constantly had a go at the Twatteraty (boy I love that word)
    We all have our criticisms, we all know when somebody is having a bad day but the viciousness and the verosity of the insults that comes out of the mouths of these so called fans make me ashamed.
    What’s galling is the fact that they wallow in their self proclaimed expertise and really believe in their own clap trap. Even after a long awaited victory they just cannot stomach giving praise but pour scorn and ridicule on those who have the nerve to say well done and insist that we only won because we fluked playing against a side more inept than us.
    I wish Ekuban all the best playing for his country and I hope he comes back a better player for it. As for the Twatterati, it would not surprise me if they even rejoiced in their new found recognition.


  15. Aussie Dave

    I agree with your comments Rob. Ekuban has tremendous talent but he’s far from the finished product. He has power, runs the lines well, gets into good areas, but most importantly gets onto the end of moves. Unfortunately his lack of confidence is hindering him finishing off those moves with a goal.

    So here’s my point. If its about confidence why isn’t he used in the Under 23’s to get that confidence back? I remember earlier in the season when there was an international break the U23’s had a game and Christiansen didn’t use Ekuban or Grot in those games At that time they were spending all their time on the bench.

    If promotion is to be seriously chased next season then we need to have a couple of new strikers in. Ekuban is one for the future and needs a loan. I’d have him go out on a 1/2 season loan and bring him back in January. I rate him higher than Antonson and look how much his confidence improved in his first 3-4 months on loan. Although he struggled when returning from injury it would still be considered a successful loan.

    Let’s set the lad up for success, not failure. Beckford is the case in point here.

    Keep up the blogs Rob – still the best mate.


  16. Hi Rob
    IMO the players take no notice of fans venting their feelings after yet another pathetic showing!! After all they seem to completely fail to respond to the very public dressing down they got from Andrea recently and the many slatings from ex player Noel Whelan who had this to say after the gutless capitulation at Norwich!

    “The was dire. The players should reimburse every traveling fan for the tickets, travel, food and drink costs”

    In defence of Caleb Ekuban he does at least try his best and get into goal scoring positions! Also 2 lengthy lay offs can’t have helped and his latest return from injury was when new manager & team were under most severe pressure to try and save season & push for a top 6 finish!
    Getting selected for Ghana ranked 51st just a few places above Cape Verde Islands however is no yardstick by which to judge his suitability for the rigorous of the Championship & the jury is out but I have no doubt the owner needs to spend some serious cash this summer to include a top proven championship level striker. A loan spell may best help Calebs adjustment to English football.
    So no I think the players give little regard to the ordinary fan when they can’t even respond to the criticism of their employer and ex players! A massive challenge faces Andrea to rebuild this squad over the summer to restore moral & confidence and probably a new manager. MOT #lufc


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