What a clever move by Corbyn!

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by Martin Odoni

Jeremy Corbyn tonight tabled a Parliamentary Motion of No Confidence in the leadership of the Prime Minister. The timing and the wording of the move were just brilliant.

Brexit VONC motion tabledCorbyn tables a Motion of No Confidence in the Prime Minister

Corbyn appeared to have veered away from such a Motion during the course of today’s debate over Theresa May’s failed Brexit discussions in Brussels late last week. He appeared to use it as a threat at first today, in case May continued to resist setting a date for the vote on her (obviously-already-doomed) Brexit deal. After she set the date (sort of) for the week commencing the 14th of January, the threat appeared to have been withdrawn. However, just as the media were heading on a very predictable tirade of Corbyn chickens out! headlines, right at the end of the debate, he went and tabled the Motion anyway…

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4 responses to “What a clever move by Corbyn!

  1. Jeremy Corbyn is a brexiteer and as such I can’t see a cigarette paper’s difference between him and Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage et al. They all want to drive the UK into oblivion for the sake out dated political ideologies.


    • Needless to say, I don’t agree. I saw Jeremy Corbyn give a passionate pro-remain speech in Wolverhampton in the run up to the referendum.


      • Yeah, right! For the inside track hear what Piers (Jeremy’s brother) Corbyn has to say about that. “Jeremy Corbyn’s eccentric brother Piers has called for a no deal Brexit in an extraordinary tirade against the European Union. He called for the destruction of all EU nationalistic symbols in the UK and the resignation of all “remainist” MPs. Could Piers be giving us a glimpse into his younger brother’s true feelings..?” At the last election my kids and my friends’ kids were ‘Corbynisters’. They are now anti-Bexit and unlikely to vote again for a brexiteer. I’ve been saddened to hear that friends who have been life long Labour voters are unlikely to vote ‘Labour’ again. If Jeremy Corbyn thinks he can win an election on the support of young voters he is deluded. On the other side of the scale, WWII was fought against authoritarian nationalism and in 2016, 28 per cent of the UK voted for the very thing their parents opposed. Brexit is an absurd anacronism! People whose futures depend on decisions ideologues are making on their behalf today, some who were not even allowed to vote, will have to live with the consequences for another generation. Jeremy Corbyn is being too clever for anyone’s good.


      • Piers is a nutter 😆


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