Football League Too Busy Investigating Leeds to Look Into Millwall Knife Crime – by Rob Atkinson

A number of incidents thrown up by yesterday’s Millwall v Everton FA Cup tie would seem worthy of investigation by the relevant football authorities, but it would seem likely that the Football League are preoccupied with other matters. Notable among these is the question of whether a man in a tracksuit on public land failing to avert his eyes from the sight of footballers training in plain view should constitute an offence worthy of a points deduction for their biggest member club.

13 responses to “Football League Too Busy Investigating Leeds to Look Into Millwall Knife Crime – by Rob Atkinson

  1. From the EFL:-
    “Any acts of player misconduct would be for the match officials to deal with at the time as they see appropriate. Should any incident(s) be missed by the officials, retrospective action may be taken following the game.

    In that sense any retrospective action or otherwise relating to player/manager/club officials’ discipline would then be taken by The Football Association (FA), as at their discretion. The FA is responsible for disciplinary measures within the game and they, “Ensure that the international Laws of the Game are applied on the field, and that the rules and regulations concerned with running football in England are observed by officials, clubs and players off the pitch as well as on it.”


  2. Just when will the EFL, FA take action against this vile club and the supporters that follow it. Over more years than I can remember they have constantly continue to bring the game down to the gutter in respect of their behavior, it is as if they are untouchable, they are the club that should be named Teflon, as nothing seems to stick, they could commit murder, which surely will not be long before this happens, and yet nothing happens to them. Had this been Leeds United that had been involved in these vile attacks on Sunday, we would be looking at censure, bringing the game into disrepute, banned and yes, people would have been crying out for a points deduction, but why is Millwall allowed to go unpunished once again. The behavior of Neil Harris to the replaying on the big screen of the handball goal that stood, screaming get that of the fucking screen over and over again in full view of the television camera’s, trying to cheat by concealing the truth from the refferee, but it is ok because it can be any team, as long as it is not Leeds United, and then it would be called out as we were trying to cheat. I as many other Leeds United supporters are disgusted with the bias against our club shown by the football league, they obviously believe that all and every punishment is acceptable as long as it is against Leeds United, the sooner we are out of the championship and in the premier league, maybe we could be treated on a fair and level playing field, as other teams are.


    • You obviously are blinkered mate..we (Millwall) as a club have received more punishment then you (Leeds) have ten times over…if you will employ foreign.managers who ignore the English way of doing things then stop bleeping about it…end of story…and get your facts right..


  3. Wayne McKay

    It stinks to high heaven. The fighting at Millwall, according to BBC. ‘Because the violence happened outside Millwall’s stadium the Football Association said it would not be investigating’. Now correct me if I’m wrong. Was the so called Spy not outside the stadium?

    Perhaps that’s why Lampard the liar stated he had pliers, trying to infer he had broken in. Its funny how all the Millwall stink has died down in the press already also.


  4. Even more rank hypocrisy, the football authorities won’t do anything about the ambush and knife attack on Everton fans because it took place away from the ground BUT a bloke with a pair of binoculars OUTSIDE a training ground and all hell is let loose because said bloke is a LUFC employee, how much does it all stink???? and don’t get me started on that cheating little toerag Watkins!!!! and Maupay getting in Huffer’s face after he scored the pen


  5. The best thing we can do is get promoted. Ok so we still have the FA to contend with but the EFL would be out of our hair. This would be the ultimate satisfaction for the club and supporters having achieved our dream, not just on the pitch but slap bang in the face of unashamed bias, bigotry and the utmost contempt. Our balance of prudent spending combined with youth and the wisdom, expertise and shear brilliance of the best coach around will stick in the throats of the EFL for a long while. Of course, the real icing on the cake will be waving at the Town supporters from the open top bus.


  6. Millwall represent everything that’s bad about the beautiful game, from their thug of a manager, to they’re so-called fans that consists of 50 year old yobs, with their vile racist chanting, even down to the way they play the game with their physical get stuck in kick anything that moves approach. Yet, over the years the powers that be, allow Thugwall carry on.


  7. Thinlizzywhite

    Trying to kill someone with a knife…or looking over a fence. No comparison for the EFL. Peering over a fence much worse.


  8. Reality Cheque

    Why can’t we just petition Sky Sports/Jim White Rob, to conduct an hour long Debate with Collymore, Jenas, Keown et al about the behaviour of Millwall’s manager, players and fans, then ask EVERY Premier League/Championship manager past and present for their views about the disgraceful behaviour’s impact on the game and incredible lack of FA/EFL action. Then repeatedly broadcast it every 15 minutes for a week in the same manner that Spygate was given so much exposure.

    I wonder whether the EFL have demanded to know from Bielsa whether the person assigned to watch Millwall training was provided with a stab vest and at whose expense.


  9. Life is LUFC

    One rule for us and another for them.
    If there is not a rule in the book to fit our misdemeanour it will be inserted at the time of requirement. That is one of the rules in the book for Leeds.


  10. When will the Millwall animals be penned in? The prejudice against Leeds is breathtaking in its arrogance. The doddering idiots at FA and EFL are the ones who should be charged!


  11. The FA and EFL are consistent in their approach to shut both eyes to whatever happens in the Championship as long as it is not Leeds. Steven Lansdown, who called for Leeds points deduction, was caught in the Panama papers money laundering hot potatoe when his name came up in the leaked database of major offshore investors. thebristolcable reported that Lansdown, who lives on the offshore tax haven of Guernsey, is the co-founder of the financial services firm Hargreaves Lansdown. Bristol City F.C. is owned by Bristol City Holdings Ltd, which is owned by the Guernsey company Pula Sport Ltd. The Panama papers show that Pula Ltd was set up British Virgin Island registered Sustainable Technology Investments Ltd, which is also owned by Lansdown. thebristolcable concludes that Pula Ltd ultimately controls Bristol City F.C. something that does not appear on the company’s accounts. The cable concludes that the fact that an offshore company with secretive structures owns Bristol City raises serious questions and goes on to ask why football fans’s money is being connected to an offshore tax haven. Imagine how would the FA, EFL, Sky Sports and Jim White would react if Leeds were involved in such money laundering. Lansdown reacted to Bielsa sending staff to watch other teams training as something not acceptable, and stated that “Whatever happens we mustn’t condone it.” How would running a team with confirmed links to money laundering should ever be condoned by the FA and EFL?


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