Would Relegated Huddersfield’s Aaron Mooy Be an Asset for Leeds Next Season? – by Rob Atkinson

Australia v Greece

Huddersfield’s finest – but could Mooy do a Premier League job for Leeds next season?

We’re talking certainties against mere possibilities here of course, as – while Huddersfield‘s overdue relegation is just about nailed-on – we cannot yet be overly confident that Leeds United will replace them in the Premier League. But if, as seems fairly likely, that does happen, it might be time to acknowledge that Huddersfield do have a couple of half-decent players – and it might be time for an opportunistic pounce for the cream of their crop.

So, former Manchester City midfielder Aaron Mooy – would he be an asset for Leeds United? He’s probably Huddersfield’s best player, although for one reason or another, he’s not been able to have too much influence in their abysmal league showing this season. Consequently, the Terriers are now a massive eleven points shy of safety, which equates to their total points gained so far, with games running out and matches against Chelsea and Arsenal coming up. To say it’s looking dicey for the dog-botherers is a bit like saying that Holland isn’t all that hilly. Town are surely doomed, and will shortly be ripe for a bit of asset-stripping – which could be highly convenient for Leeds United, if we’re on the opposite journey, and if we think that Mooy is any better than what we already have.

I’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts on that last point. Sensible people, that is. Any unnecessarily triggered or yappy responses from rattled Town fans will be referred straight to the RSPCA.

19 responses to “Would Relegated Huddersfield’s Aaron Mooy Be an Asset for Leeds Next Season? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Philip of Spain.

    Couldn’tell you Rob,,if he’s better or worse than anyone we’ve got,for the simple reason I’ve not got the slightest desire to watch them play,but I hear he’s not bad.


  2. Steve Wilson

    Ha Ha Rob, good post, Mooy is a quality player, I remember the goal he smacked in against us at ER during their extremely fortunate promotion season, it was a belter, I wouldnt mind having him at ER.


  3. Tim Campbell

    Mooy.would indeed be a great buy for Leeds, but where would he fit in. Can he pull off the Saiz role or is he more of a Philips ( when not deputising at centre back). If memory serves me right I can well remember an Aussie on one of these Leeds forums touting the lad before he even made the trip from Oz. I do concur Rob, the Terriers have lost their bark and the prospect of Battersea’s Dog Home awaits them next year.


  4. Reality Cheque

    The problem may be our “current” status during this window Rob as I am pretty sure some Premier League clubs in the bottom half of the league would show interest if he has been good enough to warrant any interest.

    FYI: My sources tell me that the main stumbling block with getting the transfer of Swansea’s young star over the line is the astronomical rise in medical insurance policies for any players likely to feature in Leeds United’s first team, U23’s or Bielsa’s training regimes. LOL


  5. I think he’s a no from me, is he better than Klich, Pablo, Phillips, Forshaw?? IMHO no, no, no and no, a few of the U-23s are as good and will be better when ole Bub has worked his magic. (Bub = Bielsa, Bielsaboys?! get it??) 😂


  6. king sniffer

    You had me there too Reality! Always liked him Rob, and think he would do a job for us. Don’t like to jinx it at the moment though; I’ve got everything crossed and it’s rather uncomfortable!


  7. Football admirer

    Town fan here in peace. Mooy would be a great signing for you. With better players and style of yours, should be a regular if you did. He would work all day and rarely loses the ball when in possession, which you will need in the prem. Good passer, decent delivery given the chance to do so. Only minus is lack of speed but his positional play overcomes thats. But I think Phil Billing would be a better buy for you. Still young so learning, but now has prem experience and will become a very decent player in the top league. Good luck with this season, hope you make it up this year. We need a miracle or world war 3 to nullify the season but luck packed and left long ago for us.


  8. There’s apparently £20m by back clause for Man City, so will need to match that for starters.


  9. Football admirer

    Should also mention he played as a 10 before joining us, changed position and style with town. Some Australian fans reckon he was better at 10 though. But I wouldn’t know. Rob it’s only banter about town, no need to feel a heel.


  10. Hate to say it but someone let the dogs out and Town are heading back to the pound where they belong! At least they share a tightwad chairman like us. Can we have Mooy for a few tins of Chum? Doggone it we are going up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I might not be kind to Hudds but the hate i received wearing my Leeds shirt proud when i lived there (unfortunately) dims my view. Thankfully i escaped to Brighouse.


  11. Town have if woof!!!


  12. Bielsa has worked miracle’s with this squad of players. He has brought our qualities non of us believed existed. Look at Cooper, to think this guy was being hounded out almost and now he is a great captain and leader, all thanks to our coach.
    With the money we would get from promotion and Bielsas magic gift of getting ordinary players to become extra ordinary he won’t want pre madonna’s at any price. If he can make us champions of this league, then to me the sky is the limit in the Premiere.MOT


  13. Terry Bradford

    As an Australian based Leeds fan I would love to see Mooy at Elland Road next season. He is Australia’s best player and deserves to be in a big club in the EPL


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