‘Justice Delayed is Justice Denied’ But Football League Keep Leeds on the Rack – by Rob Atkinson

The Football League’s Spygate deliberations continue

The Football League’s nonsensical approach to the administration of the game of football below Premier League level is making a laughing stock of them – but they don’t appear to care a bit. And so Leeds United go into yet another vitally important Championship match, at promotion rivals Middlesbrough, with the Sword of Damocles dangling precariously over their heads. And all because a bunch of buffoons see fit to make an Everest style mountain out of the most innocuous of molehills.

The fact is that it’s long been acknowledged no rules have been broken by any employee or representative of Leeds United. The police were singularly unimpressed and unbothered by the incident and, after the briefest of considerations, sent our man on his way. Which is hardly surprising, as standing on a public highway and looking through a transparent wire fence is not exactly the crime of the century.

And yet the League stumble doggedly onwards, needing more and more time to try to find an offence where there is none. Even their desperate references to “acting in good faith” have been trumped by subsequent events, notably Swansea City’s abandonment of any professional standards during transfer deadline eve, depriving their player Daniel James of his desired (and agreed) move to, yes you’ve guessed it, Leeds United.

The Football League must surely be aware of the old legal maxim “Justice delayed is Justice denied”. It cautions against over-lengthy proceedings which fail to produce timely verdicts, to the disadvantage of all concerned. In a case where the complaint clearly has no legal base to it, relying instead on some undefined principle of broad ethics, the fact that this is still dragging on exposes those who are doing the dragging as incompetent fools. It’s remarkable, too, that we would seem to be waiting for some sanctimonious sermon on good faith, when we had the spectacle of Liverpool clearing one penalty area of snow during a League game, while leaving the other as a snowscape, in an effort to secure a marginal advantage. Is that acting in good faith? But little or nothing has been said – because, of course, it’s not Leeds.

Who knows what the League’s over-lengthy deliberations will ultimately produce by way of a verdict, or what punishment they will see fit to impose. But they appear to have painted themselves into a corner, with the pressure on them to placate those hardly disinterested parties who wish to see Leeds United’s promotion bid disrupted.

It’s a most unedifying tale, and it’s far too late to caution the League against making plonkers of themselves; that has already happened, with the continuing delay merely emphasising their status as being guilty of Rodney-esque plonkerism of the first magnitude. Whether that proceeds into culpable incompetence, with the infliction of some ridiculous punishment for breaking no rules, remains to be seen.

It’s to be hoped that this silly story does not descend into gutter farce. And Leeds United themselves will be hoping that they can yet escape the clutches of this ridiculous organisation, with the expectation that the Premier League would not be quite so laughably, pitifully pathetic.

10 responses to “‘Justice Delayed is Justice Denied’ But Football League Keep Leeds on the Rack – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Thinlizzywhite

    Generally I don’t hold with conspiracy theories but now it is plain for all to see that the EFL will grasp at anything to undermine our club, destabilise our form and inhibit our progress. Just wish there was something we could do to address this inherent malicious and vindictive bias towards Leeds United.
    I want to understand the bigotry and hatred directed at us. Because honestly I don’t.


  2. We can beat them all, if we keep on winning!
    It is in OUR hands Rob.


  3. I believe the FL have postponed a decision so they can gather more information. Didn’t Bielsa hand it all to the morons on a plate to do with as they saw fit? They bang on about fairness but don’t know how to deal with someone simply telling the truth. This has already become an absolute farce. Funny also that they revealed the information about the letter from the 11 clubs just hours before the Stoke game. They may not have a clue about most things but there’s nothing wrong with their timing when it comes to maximum impact on Leeds game preparation.


  4. These cretins at the EFL are so arrogant that they really do believe that they can push this club to the limit in any given situation and get away with it. My contempt for all this is because they are constantly getting away with it, and somehow or other we have allowed it.
    As for this latest farce, we have broken no rules, we have broken no laws, unlike those that are committed every week on match days and are blatantly ignored by the EFLs incompetent officials.i just hope that the full weight of our club’s lawyers descend from a great height on these baffoons and exposure them for the pathetic, biassed and deliberate contempt should ANY PUNISHMENT, be served on Leeds United and any of their staff. All this must be brought to a head once and for all. As for us fans, we should muster the troops and raise the roof at games and show these people just what we think of them. All this along with the brilliant demise of Sheffield and stuffing Boro tomorrow will be oh so sweet. MOT


  5. Robert Parr

    My thoughts entirely Rob.
    I’m just glad someone like Adrian Durham has come out and said the same thing.
    When famous(ish) supporters are publicly backing Leeds, hopefully it will further highlight the utter contempt the EFL have for Leeds and that it’s beginning to look farcical!


  6. Bielsa went into great detail of what spying get occurred prior to the Derby game. He added a full confession of what further spying he’s authorised whilst manager of Leeds.
    He admitted to weighing asparagus at Morley Tesco self service till but pressing the loose tomatoes button to save 26p.


  7. Ken Jarvis

    Hi Rob,

    It’s about time the club threw a legal letter in the direction of these incompetent buffoons & expose these EFL IDIOTS to the core in a court of law. Time to sort out this ANTI-LEEDS agena that is clearly there to be seen.

    We all talk about their football ethics, how the hell did Tim Krul walk away from a attempted headbutt on Bamford after the Norwich game when he also escaped punishment in flattening Tyler Roberts with a Schumacher style tackle that was disgracefully ignore by the referee.

    As usual, your articles are been passed on by me to a few football neutrals, so that they can clearly see, the EFL for what they are – a shower of CORRUPT & UTTER HYPROCRITES


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