Another false anti-Semitism furore, this one nipped in the bud

More scurrilous, bogus, fabricated anti-Semitism rubbish. It’s all they’ve got but, boy, is it wearing thin.

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by Martin Odoni

This evening, a little-known former leader of Camden Council implied over Twitter that Hampstead & Kilburn’s constituency Labour Party is guilty of anti-Semitic behaviour.

Sarah Hayward, wording her tweet carefully so she could deny making any libellous accusations, kicked up a stink about Hampstead CLP barring delegates from the Jewish Labour Movement from attending the local Annual General Meeting the previous evening.

I shall come to the real reason why the JLM delegates were barred presently. Firstly though, I would like to suggest that Hayward should pause and consider warnings from the party’s General Secretary to the party’s Deputy Leader, which she published this evening. Jennie Formby’s warnings were against Tom Watson’s recent, very blatant habit of making public complaints about goings-on within the party via media, including social media, and trying – illegally let me stress – to interfere directly in the party’s disciplinary process.


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2 responses to “Another false anti-Semitism furore, this one nipped in the bud

  1. NickB(50yrsLU)

    I have been very exercised by this issue for 18 months. ‘Antisemitism’ is a completely different beast from ‘anti-Semitism’. The former is deliberately almost identical to the genuine term, but it is all about silencing any criticism of Israel’s daily crimes against humanity. Many MPs are paid £12K (min.) a year to ‘big up’ Israel, i.e. members of LFI (Labour Friends of Israel); Tom Watson gets a lot more than that. There’s CFI too but, since 80% of Tories are staunch supporters of Israel, it’s not an issue that will split them, meaning there’s no threat of sanctions against Israel coming from Tory ranks.
    In truth, there’s almost no genuine anti-Semitism within Labour, but plenty under the surface within the Tory Party. Labour’s massive problem is that the leadership was bludgeoned into adopting the iniquitous IHRA definition and all the daft examples last autumn, which means no member can condemn Israeli brutality towards Palestinians (mainly, but also, other citizens and neighbours) without hordes of Zionists yelling “antisemitism”. Somehow, Corbyn needs to unadopt IHRA and make understood that denial and appeasement of Israel’s weekly atrocities is in itself out-and-out racism – perpetrated almost exclusively against largely dark-skinned Moslem Arabs – something that the label of ‘antisemitism’ is not, because it is concerned with the political actions of a state. Israel’s always bleating that it wants to be treated the same as any other state, so why has it made up a special, pejorative word which singles out Israel as beyond reproach in all circumstances? Labour is indeed a tolerant party, but it should never tolerate people who think it’s OK to ethnically-cleanse a whole country of its indigenous people by murderous colonists.
    Those that constantly shout “antisemitism” play on the fact that most people cannot see the huge chasm between it and ‘anti-Semitism’, thinking them one and the same thing; in reality, they’re almost exact opposites.


    • I agree with what you say. What annoys me is that so many can’t – or more likely won’t – see through what is a transparent ploy on the part of the establishment and media to make less likely the radical change this country badly needs.


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