Radebe Backs New Consortium Leeds Bid? – by Rob Atkinson

As rumours go, it’s got a lot going for it. Highly attractive, incredibly exciting and with that soupçon of believability about it. Could Lucas Radebe, the beloved Chief of Elland Road really be heading back to the club as part of a UK group with takeover ambitions?

It’s difficult to imagine anyone who could be more welcome back at the centre of things at Leeds United than Lucas Radebe. He’d be a natural target for any serious consortium looking for a fan-friendly figurehead whose whole-hearted acceptance by supporters would be guaranteed. The rumour runs that this consortium have already had talks with fans group LUST, that they see a pivotal role at the club for Radebe, that they aim to guide United back into Europe – even that (and this is where the timescale seems unfeasibly short) they intend to back Brian McDermott’s recruitment plans in January. Surely things can’t move as fast as that? Or could this be the major investment, described as “close” by Salah Nooruddin last month?

McDermott apparently is seen as integral to the group’s plans, and they’re making the kind of ambitious noises that will have any Leeds fan sitting up, panting eagerly and begging. Lucas might be their ace in the hole, but it would have to follow that there are also substantial resources behind any such bid.

Of course at the moment it’s just a rumour – it’s not even been officially denied yet, and hasn’t stirred more than a ripple on Twitter. But it is a particularly attractive rumour, entirely because of the link with that man Radebe who so many that love the club would give their eye teeth to see return home in glory.

Could it happen? Given the timescale being talked about, we’d be liable to hear more pretty soon if this really is a goer. Watch this space – and fingers crossed.

21 responses to “Radebe Backs New Consortium Leeds Bid? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. tony diddy

    Just hoping the “British” consortium aren’t a bunch of tin pot cheap skates like our “British” tin pot shirt sponsors have been like in the past!


  2. irishleeds

    o to be true. would love to see him involved. his presence alone would lift us. first time going to work on Saturday morning with pep in my step. bring it on Lucas. irishleeds


  3. Although I have the upmost respect for Gary Cooper and LUST haven’t we heard all this before with the ‘Dare To Dream’ tweets. I’m old & ugly enough to not get my hopes up with my beloved club. WACCOE & TWITTER have already gone into meltdown. TOMA3 coming to your town.


  4. “It’s just a rumour!” and I’m spreading it……ha


  5. Leeds Tuppa

    More desperate attention seeking by the Yorkshire version of the games gone crazy..go on rob bitch slap me down..or dont print lol


  6. we said the same about when peter lorimer got involved and look what a puppet he turned into. stay clear lucas and keep your legend status in tact is my advice,chief!!


    • Having met Lorimer though, and from what I’ve seen of the Chief without meeting him – and this is a man, remember, who Nelson Mandela regards as his hero – I doubt there’s much that Lash and Lucas have in common, and I know who I’d rather have involved.


  7. Sounds Like, Right Reasoning This


  8. GFH have stated no approach made for a full take over, as usual sites trying to score hits are deliberately posting this with miss-leading headlines. I dont think its what the club needs at the moment. Instead of speculating get behind the club and support the team….keep the momentum going!


    • Who knows? And who’s to say what the team needs or doesn’t need? Everybody seems to want to sound as though they’re in the know – I just share what comes my way.


      • Chareose

        wasnt aimed at this article, but other blogs are posting false headlines saying GFH have turned down a bid but actually they say no bid was made……..


      • The truth is out there, but who knows who’s really telling it? It ain’t necessarily GFH!


  9. Sorry, but it’s rubbish. The Chief said he’d like “a role at the club.” LUST intend to bid for a stake and have a £ for £ matching offer. Pearson was interested once. But LUST are surely still, as has been reported, only on 6 figures. Pearson is still owner of Hull. Is he allowed to even bid? And the full story says £7 million for a majority stake! No way is that enough, the club’s increased in value since GFH came in. The story is pure rubbish. (Sadly.)


    • No-one really knows. I sniff out a rumour that I frankly love the smell of, so I share it – and then if people choose to be dogmatic and pronounce upon it from a base of zero knowledge, that’s up to them. Having shared this, I’m content to wait and see.


      • Fair enough. I just like to pour cold water on things. BBC seem to think there may be something in it, but I’d guess no bid yet and no Pearson.


  10. White Rhinos

    I can’t believe the present crew didn’t capitalise on the “Radebe factor” once they ousted Ken from his titular post……must have been too busy spreading chorus girl’s thighs?


  11. In reply to tigerbeer, Lorimer doesn’t understand the modern game football has turned out to be so he just followed whatever Master Bates said because he didn’t know how to do things whereas Radebe has a close understanding of the modern game which would make him a good member of the board.


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