EFL Team of the Year Clowns Have Done Leeds a Favour With Pablo Omission – by Rob Atkinson

Hernandez: simply the best, whatever the EFL thinks

Let’s get this straight, once and for all. Pablo Hernandez has been the stand-out performer in the Championship League this season, quite simply and straightforwardly the best player outside the Premier League. And, it’s well worth adding, better than quite a few within that elite competition. This much is simple fact, as any Leeds fan, any clued-up football fan, will tell you.

Of course, there are those who can’t, or won’t, see what’s right before their eyes. There are those who have elevated the ability to miss what’s absolutely under their nose to an art form. Whoever decided the players that make up the Championship’s team of the season have excelled themselves in terms of a failure to see the blindingly obvious. They have managed to deny the undeniable and think the unthinkable. To leave Pablo out of the EFL Team of the Season would be right up there with leaving John Lennon out of your top four Beatles list.

Doubtless these buffoons had their reasons – and anyway, so I thought to myself when I heard the laughable news that Pablo had been omitted, this is a victimless crime. It’s hardly going to hurt a leathery old pro like Hernandez, so who cares? Let the EFL suits wallow in their own stupidity.

In point of fact, though, it maybe that the EFL’s snub has had an unlooked-for effect, in that it might just have galvanised our Spanish wizard into raising his levels beyond even his normal stellar standard. At Elland Road, against a predictably fired-up Millwall, Pablo dragged Leeds United almost singlehandedly from likely defeat, having trailed the visitors twice, to the unlikeliest of victories against opponents who are always tough to beat. It was the kind of performance you might expect from a man who, knowing he’s a class apart from the rest, and slightly nettled at the failure of those clueless administrators to see and acknowledge this, has rolled up his sleeves and set about proving his superiority.

In a way, it’s a bit like your next opponents opening their mouths in the press in the run up to a game, and doing a motivational job for you. Millwall were slightly guilty of this in advance of their trip to Elland Road; things were said, challenges were, perhaps unwisely, laid down. It’s known as giving the team talk for the opposition, and it’s generally reckoned as less than clever. In the end, it doesn’t matter who wins the war of words, as long as the battle on the pitch goes the right way – and it did, as a Pablo-inspired Leeds hit back from behind twice, to secure a precious three points.

Although it takes a team effort to overcome a stern challenge as provided by Millwall, Hernandez was definitely the star of the show. And it may well be that, after a two week international break where one of the main news stories was an EFL Team of the Season without any sign of Pablo in it, that oversight, that insult, whether calculated or not, is what inspired United’s brilliant playmaker to produce one of his most memorable performances, crowned by two smartly-taken goals.

If so, then let me say, here and now, something I thought I’d never say: Thank you, Football League. Thank you for your base idiocy, your spectacular lack of judgement, your unbelievable inability to spot a class footballer when his class is the stuff of universal acceptance and admiration. Thank you, thank you. You might just have done us the most massive favour.

14 responses to “EFL Team of the Year Clowns Have Done Leeds a Favour With Pablo Omission – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Well said Rob.
    When Hernandez has a good game,we always win 🙂


  2. Life is LUFC

    If I am not wrong he was also the oldest player on the pitch today and you could be forgiven for thinking he is 24 not 34 as he will be on the 11th April. He looks after himself physically and mentally and as you say he is the absolute best on the pitch any day of the week. Pablo is worth his ability in more Gold than can be found in the world. He is also the most modest person alongside Bielsa, he does not need to blow his own trumpet nor does he need the EFL mob to either not when he has all the Leeds United fan base doing it for him but with a massive difference….we all love him for himself.
    Whilst that lot in the EFL are just a sorry excuse of know nothings and no one gives a cuss about them.
    By the way Rob another bottle of brandy bit the dust today and I have added another seven bottles to the shopping list!!


  3. steve Emsley

    well Rob I could not have put that any better myself that’s its the time of the season when players like Hernandez will show all the class they have. well done to the EFL for bringing it on …. MOT


  4. He’s more than a cut above the mediocre players that have been put in the team before him. I’m sure I read somewhere that it’s the other managers that vote on who’s in and who’s not, all I can make from that is that Pablo pissed them off so much they couldn’t vote for him 😁😁😁


  5. howard mackey

    Good article Rob, Pablo is a true professional, you can see that he wants this title as much as we do and probably more than anything he,s won in his career so far. M.O.T.
    Regards H.


  6. Uncle Dave

    Bit stupid to name a ‘ team of the season ‘ with 8 games to play anyway? could be more than 8 with play offs? ( not that we are going to be in the play offs ) Today was absolutely fabulous! at one point, we were 4 behind the blades yet ended up 2 points in front! I really hope the chairman of Bristol city is ok, no health issues after his club helped us out today. Funny he wanted a points deduction, yet his club helped to give us some points really? Love it. Almost as much as Uddersfield equalling Franks Derby being relegated in March. Statistics that will always be there! Pablo will be up there with the chief when he retires. He doesn’t need to be in the tin pot team of the season. He’s a legend and a hero already and loved by all at Leeds. My personal player of the season ( with 7 games left )


  7. Chris Wheeler

    I was absolutely honoured to be at ER yesterday to witness as complete a performance I’ve seen from our little Spanish Wizard. What a player who leads by example and inspired youngsters around him like Tyler + the 2 Jacks. IMO one of the best to ever grace the Championship & the EFL continue to show their incredible incompetence as they just become a bigger laughingstock!
    Massive credit also to Marcelo who’s bold attacking style of play provides the perfect canvas for Pablo to display his art on.


  8. Makes me wonder if the EFL are running the country. Just getting over the line will be the more sweeter knowing that this bunch will be so sick that all their antics this season have been exposed. Well done Pablo, well done the whole team. Proud of every one of them


  9. Reality Cheque

    I bet Mr Wilder is over the moon that the EFL have hung the Manager of the Season poisoned chalice around his neck with 8 games remaining. Suddenly the Blades concede 3 goals at home after 8 consecutive games without conceding a single goal!!

    These clowns who think its perfectly logical to award the Manager of the Season award just as the home straight comes into view with 24 more points up for grabs in the most competitive dog eat dog league in the world have probably put more pressure on the Blades than any rival team could ever hope to do. It is akin to Ladbrokes naming the winner of the Grand National 6 weeks in advance!

    I am actually starting to warm towards the EFL hierarchy Rob. ALAW


  10. What a player! Dragged the whole team up thought victory was gone but this side is different gravy. Great put down of them EFL clowns Rob.


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