Help Leeds Legend Dom Matteo ID Attacker of Former United Star Gary McAllister – by Rob Atkinson

Former United star Gary McAllister, victim of unprovoked assault

Former Leeds United defender Dom Matteo has made a social media appeal for any information that could lead to the identification and apprehension of the as yet unknown thug who allegedly attacked ex-Leeds skipper and manager Gary McAllister in Leeds city centre at the weekend.

Dom’s appeal is reproduced in part below, and I’m sure that any United fan with any information that could help identify this coward will wish to step forward and help catch him.

*Information required* Can any Leeds/Yorkshire based lads help please? …..

In the early hours of Saturday morning Leeds legend Gary McAllister was attacked in Leeds by an unknown assailant.

The attack was totally unprovoked and very vicious, Gary was hospitalised, lost 3 teeth in the attack and had plastic surgery on his lip needing 12 stitches.

The attacker is thought to be American, and due to the severity of the injuries may have been wearing a ‘knuckle duster’ or similar.

The attacker also assaulted and hospitalised 4 other people including 2 women in further incidents, but as yet has not been caught.

Can you please share, if you know anything, or may know someone who may have seen or know anything that can help find this coward, please contact West Yorkshire Police.

Please help in this matter.

5 responses to “Help Leeds Legend Dom Matteo ID Attacker of Former United Star Gary McAllister – by Rob Atkinson

  1. I would love to help to catch this thug. Gary Mac is a Leeds legend and I am disgusted as all Leeds fans will be to hear he’s been attacked especially in our city. Get this lowlife caught and quick. Hope Gary makes a rapid recovery and knows he is well thought of by everyone connected with Leeds .MOT Gary.


  2. Reality Cheque

    With extensive CCTV in Leeds City Centre and so many victims/witnesses I am sure that the police will have a detailed description of the assailant and his clothing. Surely it is only a question of time before he is identified and hopefully brought to justice Rob
    Get well soon Mr and Mrs McAllister and 4 other victims of this cowardly thug who appears to deem females as easy targets


  3. Steven Hopkinson

    Get well soon Gary.
    Sorry to hear about this vicious assault on Gary McAllister and others, please if anybody knows this thug get in touch with the police.


  4. I hope that the cops find the tosser before Saturday, then they should be magnanimous enough to dress him in a full Leeds kit, adorn him in a Leeds hat and myriad scarves then throw him into the Millwoe “fans”


  5. Bertie Carr

    Is any CCTV available to at least try and identify the scum who attacked Gary?

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


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