Leeds to Get £190k EFL Fine Rebate by Claiming Spygate was Actually Racism? – by Rob Atkinson


Dirty nasty foreign spies Leeds United – and lovely cuddly adorable racist granny Millwall

Leeds United may well have found a loophole, courtesy of the Football League, in the flimsy legal basis for the £200,000 fine levelled against them last season over the so-called “Spygate” furore. It now turns out that, compared to the heinous matter of viewing a rival team training, from a public footpath, through a wire fence, in contravention of absolutely no current rules whatsoever, out-and-out racism is viewed by the Football League as twenty times less serious. This is made clear by the amount Millwall FC have been fined for the racist chanting of some of their fans, a comparatively measley £10,000.

The logic behind United’s next step is now inescapable. If the Elland Road outfit were simply to hold their hands up and reveal that the man on the public footpath was not merely an innocent observer of a training event being held in plain sight, but was actually hurling racist abuse and invective towards certain of the Derby players, then it will be seen that the fine of £200,000 was wrongly set too high by a factor of 2000%. The Football League, by virtue of the precedent they themselves have set, would be forced to refund 95% of United’s fine, in order to demonstrate their commitment to even-handedness and egalitarianism.

In point of fact, the Leeds fine was paid personally by manager Marcelo Bielsa, who assumed full responsibility for the whole situation as far as Leeds United’s involvement was concerned. It is thought that United would not wish to detract from this admirable gesture on their manager’s part, and so will add the refunded amount of £190,000 to club coffers in case they wish to pay up the contracts of any unwanted players they’ve not been able to flog so far.

The Football League is happy to confirm that Millwall Football Club are chirpy, cheery, charming (if a little racist but let’s not hammer them for it) cockneys, which isn’t nearly as bad as nasty horrible Leeds spying on Fwank.

14 responses to “Leeds to Get £190k EFL Fine Rebate by Claiming Spygate was Actually Racism? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Keith Cohen

    Spot on!


  2. Life is LUFC

    Well said young man. You really did miss your vocation, you should be representing LUFC as their legal counsel.


  3. Brilliant ‘reductio ad absurdum’ Rob! But try telling that to the EFL; they’d fine you for bringing their brains into disrepute!


  4. Well i for one am looking forward to it all going tits up for lampard at Chelsea this season. At least it will be a distraction from the mess that’s about to unfold at Leeds. Are they having a laugh with that away kit too?


  5. Stephen Hanson

    The club they all love to hate wankers


  6. Brilliant Rob. Its so refreshing to know that the forthcoming season will be just as exciting and exhilarating as the last one by which I mean the continued, dogged persistence of the EFL to twist and manipulate the totally innocent actions of Leeds United into blatant, disregard and contempt of non existent rules and regulations. This of course will take place prior to an extremely important and vital match that could seriously effect not just our position in the league but subject the club and players to the mercy of the gutter press.
    However, despite the minimum comings and the never ending goings of this great club of ours you can be sure that we will triumph in filling to capacity the sparse stadiums of our opponents, putting fire into the bellies of their timid normally subdued followers and giving our biggest admirer’s at Town their greatly missed Cup Finals once again.
    Bring it on guys , I’m sure Bielsa has quite a few surprises up his sleeve. MOT


  7. Crimson Avenger

    Rob you should post something on one of those anti social media sites that Sky use and see if someone will read it out. Their ‘Debate’ segment last season featured one on racism and Danny Murphy (love him now) said in a subsequent segment after the ‘watching training’ farago that there were bigger issues in football currently, meaning diving, racism and where the money goes. Time for a resurgence of challenging and investigative journalism. Right up your street!


  8. Karl Major

    Keep em coming Rob, I love this stuff. Shame the EFL don’t read it and then take a hard look at themselves.
    As regards the comings (few) and goings (many) surely by now we’ve freed up enough wages to invest a bit in first team players. I’m not bothered about youngsters going into the U23s that’s for the future, we need a FIRST TEAM CB and a CF NOW and haven’t we got enough wingers?
    I really fear that with only 26 hours to go we will end up with nobody and Radz/Orta will say they tried. Lesson learned from last season – apparently not.
    Karl – MOT


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