Leeds United Reveal Plans for “Beckford Square” Development at Old Trafford – by Rob Atkinson

Jermaine the Legend scoring at the Beckford End

Following the success of the Bremner Square project at Elland Road, and with a further “Centenary Square” in the offing, there are now audacious plans for a similar development outside the Beckford End at Old Trafford, home of Manchester’s lesser football club.

It’s anticipated that there will be keen interest among Leeds fans in purchasing stones to be laid in the shadow of the Beckford End. The granite squares will feature the LUFC club crest, with a variety of inscriptions available, including the iconic “January the 3rd, remember the date“. It is even suggested that a statue will be commissioned as the central feature of Beckford Square, based on a famous picture of the United striker celebrating his legendary winner, with a disconsolate Gary Neville in the background.

A Leeds spokesperson commented: “We feel that, as we’re running out of space for commemorative squares at Elland Road, it’s time to look further afield and fully exploit the commercial potential of these tribute features because, as we all know, there are Leeds fans everywhere. Old Trafford is a big site with not a vast amount going on so, if this Beckford Square project goes as well as we expect, we may consider a further project in the area known locally, as well as in Torquay, Milton Keynes, Singapore and other such hotbeds of Man U support, as the Forecourt. This would provisionally be named “Last Champions Square“. We’re all quite excited by these innovative ideas”.

It is confidently predicted that, by the year 2050, most of the north of England will be paved in Leeds United commemorative granite stones, realising profits for the club well into the tens of billions of pounds. At this point a takeover bid for Paris Saint-Germain could well be on the cards, with PSG henceforth known as “le petit frère de Leeds United“.

More news as we get it, here at Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything. These are exciting times for our great club.


28 responses to “Leeds United Reveal Plans for “Beckford Square” Development at Old Trafford – by Rob Atkinson

  1. james willoughby aka paul

    “Blah blah, soon to be banned from News Now again blah, blah, sneaking through via another IP blah blah I am admin and will block you yet again blah blah…” 😆😆😆


    • This is my most pathetic troll, ladies and gentlemen, he labours under the delusion that he’s got admin powers at News Now and that he’s continually “getting me banned”. I usually bin his rubbish, but I thought I’d show you some of the dross I get from this sad individual who gets really rattled whenever I have a go at his beloved man u. Last time, I emailed him to see if he fancies a chat, needless to say, the coward gave no reply. Equally needless to say, all of my posts appear on News Now despite this clown’s delusions of importance.
      James Willoughby aka Paul – a certifiable wimp and coward, and most definitely a suitable case for treatment 🤣


  2. Exile in Holland

    One word Rob ; BRILLIANT


  3. Mike Durham

    Hi Rob,
    I must apologise for not contributing to the banter on the last few posts, seething as I am over our constant capitulations over the last few weeks of the season…That said, things could be far worse ; I could have suffered that most notorious of hereditary diseases, being born with the congenital defect that is a ManU fan.
    My neice has recently become engaged to a scum fan and it was my grave task to inform her that making this most embarrassing of mistakes does not actually make her a Fiancée, but a full-time Carer!! Needless to say, there are many conversations currently taking place in our household with the words “honour” and “killing”…


  4. George Carlin
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” So true.


  5. Chris Wheeler

    Wicked Rob & all a bit of good old fashioned humour something the Red lesser football club of Manchester sadly lack under their dillusional sense of entitlement! Great to see them going back to development of talent through their academy though with the likes of Harry Maguire breaking through 🤣🤣🤣


  6. Reality Cheque

    I had heard that Pogba was buying a granite square with his name on within Beckford Square Rob, but it will repeatedly “go missing” whilst Manure are playing matches, just like the player himself


  7. Patrick Hogan

    I still think that some of the volition for HS2 is so Scum fans can get from the capital to Manchester and back more quickly especially as a new Old Trafford wasn’t built near the M25. If the powers that be really wanted this project to benefit the country as a whole why didn’t they start building it in the north?


  8. Patrick Hogan

    I hadn’t thought of it like that Rob. But maybe I might have to now. If not, I’m sure you could – especially a piece in the vein of the above.


  9. Life is LUFC

    Very good and a real rib tickler….the imagination ran riot, just the thought of the comments on those stones had me in stitches. It’ll be worth buying another stone just to remind the scum who really is THE top team.
    I will be watching at lunch time today and I am happy to part with the cash but how am I going to survive with that monstrosity of club branding waving about in my line of vision…..even King Richard the 3rd did not have to suffer that injustice and torture.


    • You should try IPTV – if you do a quick search on Google or Facebook, you might learn something to your advantage 👍


      • Life is LUFC

        Thanks Rob will do. Also I have read the live coverage blurb properly and I’ll go t’bottom of our stairs…….put money into the scum coffers no way. I’d rather get on with irioning (.


      • Me too! It’s slightly less nauseating, watching it for nowt 👍


  10. kwilson105@sky.com

    RobCan you have a word with your people at WORDPress? I’ve informed them of my change of email address (now kevinwilson1553@gmail.com) and when I go to their site they have this address registered HOWEVER your blogs are sent to my old Sky address. How can I ensure they go to my new email address? I’d hate to miss them! kevinwilson1553@gmail.com


    • Not sure about this Kevin, my best bet would be that you need to subscribe to the blog again using your new email address. MOT and thanks for reading 👍


  11. Michael glazer was inspecting the carnage in the aftermath of the Californian earthquake and a policeman ask him where he was from and what state it is in. Glazer said “Salford and much worse than this”.


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