Birmingham Zulus Prove Bravery by Assaulting Female Leeds Steward – by Rob Atkinson

On the field, this clash of Whites and Blues eventually went the way you might expect, with Leeds United edging out Birmingham City 1-0, thanks to a second half goal from home town boy Kalvin Phillips.

So much for that sideshow. The real business of the day, for a section of the visiting support anyway, was to respond to the party atmosphere surrounding Leeds United’s centenary celebrations in their own inimitable way. For these are the Birmingham City “Zulus“, legends in their own minds, always ready to prove their essential masculinity and courage by beating up target individuals carefully selected for being unlikely to hit back.

The spoils of battle on this occasion were claimed by the Zulus as, drunk on testosterone and utterly fearless when confronted by a woman in a high-vis jacket, they counted coup on a Leeds United lady steward. Never mind the fact that their team lost, never mind that at all. These boys showed their own take on pride and passion in bravely overcoming a formidably female foe.

Not much more needs to be said. With the shenanigans in Bulgaria preceding yesterday’s Zulu campaign, it’s been a significant week for those of a racist turn of “mind” and for courageous mobs motivated by a desire to pick on the most vulnerable target at hand. What a triumph this was for those Zulus. How proud of them their mothers must be. Revel in it, lads. You really are quite unique.

14 responses to “Birmingham Zulus Prove Bravery by Assaulting Female Leeds Steward – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Ropey Wyla

    Really sad to see the scenes we have witnessed in the last week or so. In the end, football suffers the most.


  2. Paul richardson

    They are very hard boys aren’t they


  3. king sniffer

    Agree wholeheartedly Rob. It’ll be interesting to see how much attention the media give this. Of course, had it been the other way round……


  4. Zulu’s, I thought it was spelt *rseholes


  5. Absolute scum. Remember when we had to play behind closed doors, well they should be made to pay for this. Planned to deliberately scupper our celebrations. Now we will see just how much bottle the EFL and the FA have. However, the look on those pathetic faces when Phillips scored was a joy to behold. Loved all those legends Rob. Had a few tears in my eyes


    • Me too mate, it was poignant to see all those legends treading the hallowed turf again. I was lucky enough to sit next to Norman Hunter second half, and he said he’d loved every second of that pre-match walkabout. He wasn’t a big fan of Bamford being replaced though – he thought Klich should have gone with Nketiah playing behind and off Bamford.


  6. John Homer

    What you are doing is making the fact that a steward got hurt all about the Zulu and Birmingham City Fc. There’s no real point of reference to what actually occurred here. Not saying anyone behaved badly at all or that an assault didn’t occur. I don’t actually know. I watched a couple of videos and saw the arrests in the ground.
    I do think that it would be more constructive if you reported and commented on the actual facts. I’m pretty sure you’d agree many Leeds fans have been known to misbehave. Are you happy for them all to be tarred with the same brush?


  7. It was shameful what happened and its always a few idiots so lets get them banned. But do not throw stones in glass houses a Birmingham City supporter who was present.


  8. Graham Jones

    Seems really ironic a Leeds fan taking the moral high ground regarding football hooliganism.


    • I hope you’re not insinuating that I’ve been guilty of the kind of thuggery perpetrated by Blues fans on Saturday. If you are, you may be hearing from my lawyers. Whatever the case, it doesn’t assist you to rely on the childish argument of “Shut up, you lot are just as bad” – the fact is that Birmingham fans are bang to rights here, and your squirming tends to back that up.


  9. Stephen Hanson

    Zulus were a brave african nation that took on the might of the British empire ,how dare these cowards take there name ,pathetic, illiterate wankers


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