EFL to Promote Leeds as Champions “On the Balance of Probabilities” – by Rob Atkinson

Leeds United – ready to beat the bug

With the suspension of all domestic professional football until at least April 3rd, fans of clubs who occupy highly promising league positions are understandably worried about their favourites’ prospects of success being snatched from them by a nasty little bug – but enough of Shaun Harvey.

Leeds United, of course – along with the likes of Liverpool in the league above and Coventry in the third tier – are among the clubs for whom the future, so apparently bright a bare few days back, now seems uncertain to say the least. Seven points clear of that dreaded third place, United looked nailed-on for promotion – with the Championship title dangling as a temptingly achievable bonus. One pandemic later, and we’re all stressing about still being in this league next season (whenever that might be) sans Bielsa, sans the Yorkshire Pirlo, bereft of hope and considering legal action.

But don’t despair. The seeds of our salvation were sown a few weeks back with the decision handed down from on high that Kiko Casilla, although deemed not to be a racist, would nevertheless be banned for some racist abuse that nobody can be sure actually happened. With a cool £60,000 fine thrown in, along with a date with the FA Re-education and Indoctrination Guild (FRIG) it’s a pretty hefty penalty for something unproven. But the authorities decided they were vindicated by the lower standard of proof applicable in non-criminal cases, and happily threw the book at Kiko, concluding that he dunnit, on balance of probabilities.

This was felt by some at the time to be scandalous as well as draconian, but now it’s a precedent that may well assist Leeds United, as well as the likes of Liverpool and Coventry. All three clubs are so well placed that the half-baked balance of probabilities test would have to find them overwhelmingly likely to clinch promotion. Some bookies have Leeds with a 98% chance of going up, which satisfies even the more stringent “beyond reasonable doubt” test. As for Liverpool, it’s far more likely that Boris Johnson will be hit by a meteorite than that the Reds will fail to become Champions of England for the first time since 1990 – when Leeds United coincidentally last won promotion to the top flight as second tier Champs.

So there you have it. The authorities are hamstrung by their own legal machinations, hoist by their own petard. Even if they want to seize upon this virus crisis to deny Leeds promotion (and I bet they do) – they will find that they can’t. Probably.

Marching on Together

16 responses to “EFL to Promote Leeds as Champions “On the Balance of Probabilities” – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Nice little rest for our lads is always welcome, gives Kalvin time to get over his injury and Augustine to time to complete the crash diet.


  2. Keith Burrell

    I hope you’re right pal

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. andrew hinks

    hi rob
    you couldn’t make this up for a few poxy colds…jeez!

    lets hope those salford yanks get the full dose so we can get on with the job in hand!

    great piece & i hope we will still be celebrating a Leeds & Liverpool double come may with city winning the CL to cap it off nicely?

    atchoo!! …..excuse me rob’

    ill need those Andrex not for me hooter but my eyes if the season is scrapped now?

    keeping the faith



  4. Reality Cheque

    Apparently the Independent band of “judge & jury” judiciary who investigated Kiko’s charge were “unanimously convinced far above the level of proof required” that Kiko was guilty. That is why it only took them a mere EIGHT DAYS of deliberation about a TWO DAY trial to announce their verdict!!!!
    In any other trial they would have been required to try to reach a majority decision after 2 or 3 days of deliberation without a verdict Rob.

    However, I suppose that a Leeds United employee should consider himself to be very lucky that he was not remanded in custody until these noble legal eagles reached their “inevitable” verdict and be eternally grateful to the football authorities for their leniency!!!


  5. But on the balance of their own personal agendas Leeds United will most probably be in the National League next season. Funny how no sporting events were banned in the usa last year when influenza killed 70,000 Americans and nearly 4,000 British. Funny also how this “virus” is rampant in areas that have rolled out 5G also. Keep an eye on Bristol and keep an eye out for the number 33 and multiples thereof in relation to this malarkey. Oh and whatever that slimeball Boris Johnson says,believe the opposite.


  6. m. hastings

    pools panel


  7. Between the lines

    I hope Kiko has learned his lesson, that is assuming he is actually guilty. Next time he should punch, kick or headbutt anyone who upsets him, waiting til the last few moments of the game. That would give him a red card, a three match suspension, a much smaller fine and probably more satisfaction. I remember from school, sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me, has that changed now?


  8. Life is LUFC

    The problem with the probability question is the probable part itself. It’s only probable if there is no doubt about the probability but if the probable is a doubt then there is probably no probability about Leeds United getting a very definite favourable probable outcome in their favour in this instance……In short this is not going to happen EVER with or without probables.
    Your humble servant, Lady Hilary Appleby


  9. ‘Boris Johnson to be hit by a meteorite’. Yes please! A bit tough on Liverpool but considering his attitude to the city I think most Liverpudlians would take that as the next best outcome.MOT


  10. andrew hinks

    to Leeds mick

    you near spot on my friend!

    brain cells intact & great retort!

    keep the faith



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