Leeds Set to Miss Promotion as EFL Accept Huddersfield Chief’s “Better Players” Claim – by Rob Atkinson


Huddersfield Town – self-proclaimed “best of breed”

Leeds United have been dealt a potentially devastating blow to their promotion hopes, in the event of the current, COVID-19 affected season proving impossible to complete, as officials at the English Football League (EFL) appear set to accept the opinion of a rival club that they have better players, man for man, than the Elland Road club.

The controversial claim comes from Huddersfield Town chairman Phil Hodgkinson – pictured here 🤡 – who stated recently that the Terriers squad is superior to United’s on a man for man basis. Now, the EFL look likely to accept this as fact, given that Hodgkinson is a born and bred Town fan, being a member of the Young Terriers when he was but a pup, and that one of his companies is called PURE Legal Limited. EFL spokesperson Avril Primero, who admits to being a registered whippet fancier, was enthusiastic about the League’s likely endorsement of Hodgkinson’s opinion. “How can you doubt a man with those credentials?” gushed Ms Primero, waving a blue and white scarf above her head. “Phil is one of the good guys, certainly compared to certain shady foreigners we could name, operating as they do at a club without Huddersfield’s glorious record of success in the 1920s”.

Leeds continue to maintain that their only wish is to see the season completed, so that they can prove on the field of play which Championship team is the best over 46 games. Our reporter ventured to ask if the Elland Road stance would be informed by the fact that Leeds have murdered Huddersfield in both league games this season, but that query was met only with a polite reply to the effect that promotion and the league title would be decided over the full league programme, not by results against a so-called rival, and certainly not by recourse to any half-baked and embarrassing opinions offered when the person concerned was evidently high on Bob Martins Vitamin Pills.

Shaun Harvey, 50, is Alan Hardaker‘s biggest fan.

12 responses to “Leeds Set to Miss Promotion as EFL Accept Huddersfield Chief’s “Better Players” Claim – by Rob Atkinson

  1. phibbotson

    small dogs owner is a genuine april fool keep taking the winalot mot


  2. Deluded clown better players is that why there near bottom and we’re top jeez !!


  3. Life is LUFC

    And the dog botherers will be promoted whether the season is allowed to finish or not and the fact that they are in 18th place matters not a jot……….well what could one expect from the EFL after being handed a very good and sound common sense business proposition 🤡 🤣🤣🤣
    You make a better a story out of nothing than he does Rob. Yours are more realistic and verge on limits of being true. Thanks for brightening up my day, the housework will be a breeze, once I stop giggling.

    Look after yourselves one and all.


  4. Ah Rob, you certainly got me there – but that’s no real surprise. After all, I literally don’t know what day it is, and I’m as thick as a whale omelette!! I’m dead stupid, me!!! LOL!!!!


  5. Life is LUFC

    OH flip!!!!!!
    I have just spotted it is an April Fool

    Damn Covid 19 ………..I keep loosing track of what day and date it is.


  6. Reality Cheque

    Nice to read some light hearted humour in these troubling times and hope that you and yours are all safe & well Rob
    Without doubt the most sensible, reasoned & fair “blueprint” solution came yesterday from Maidenhead United’s owner Peter Griffin & CEO Jon Adams in an open letter to the FA

    They point out that “At times of crisis, leadership and decision making is the most important thing” and point out that whilst the government, NHS, individual football clubs & the whole country are doing their very best to beat the Coronavirus crisis there still has been “no clear leadership from the football authorities” who are lamely repeatedly deferring any decisions on when, how or whether the current season could resume
    The most respected world health advisors & “recovery modellers” are unanimously & consistently predicting that it will be many, many more months before Coronavirus is under control & preventable by way of a vaccine yet the football authorities appear too afraid to accept the implications of such a scenario and continue to sit on their hands

    Their letter proposes a Points Per Game solution with the top 3 Championship teams being promoted and no relegations and proposes that this is mirrored throughout the entire football pyramid. This removes the need for play-offs & any grievance from would-be relegated teams
    They wisely point out that arrangements could be made in future seasons to reduce the number of teams per league by relegating an additional team if necessary but every team would know the rules at the start of subsequent seasons.

    With 80% of the season played it seems the fairest way to reflect the most consistently better performing teams Rob
    Stay safe everyone in the Leeds United family ALAW


    • My best wishes for the safety of you and yours too sir, and indeed all of us. I’ve seen various plans mooted, but I’m still hoping that this season can somehow be played out. I definitely fancy us fresh out of the traps for a nine game mini-season with a seven point start. Let’s ‘ave it! MOT


  7. Nothing would surprise me where the EFL are concerned Rob! Don’t know if you’ve watched the Netflix mini-series The English Game? The FA board on that was reminiscent of how the EFL is probably being run these days!


  8. howard mackey

    Nice one Rob, i can hear them all howling and straining at their leashes after falling for that.


  9. Love it! 😅


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