Leeds Target Ben White Can Win Everything at Brighton, says Legend Potter – by Rob Atkinson

The legendary Graham Potter

Managerial maestro Graham Potter has revealed that Leeds United target Ben White is an essential component of his masterplan for Brighton to achieve global domination by the end of the coming season, using their inimitable brand of attacking football, now rightly revered as “Potterball”, to crush all opposition.

A Brighton insider enlarged on the Seagulls’ plans to conquer football: “We are aiming to win the league and then the Champions League over the next two years, or sooner if possible. Ben White is vital to these plans, so much so that he might even get the odd game. His value to us is summed up by a price tag well into the billions, certainly more than a small club, a really really tiny, insignificant club by the way, such as Leeds could afford. And to show our commitment to Ben, we’re willing to pay him double what he was getting on our Youth Opportunities Scheme before we farmed him out to Newport”.

Asked if perhaps Brighton as a club have something of a chip on their shoulder where Leeds United and particularly Marcelo Bielsa are concerned, our man would only say “Well, you know how it is with Seagulls and chips”.

Meanwhile, the concept of “Potterball” is gaining momentum among the club’s dozens-strong supporter base. “These are exciting times”, said one drooling resident of Hove. “Potterball is where it’s at, and Ben White knows this. That’s why he’d prefer to stay and compete with seventeen other centre-backs, rather than return for another season under some Argentinian nobody. The world is at the lad’s feet – he’s incredibly lucky to have the greatest coach in the universe and £150 a week into the bargain. Read it and weep, Leeds!”

Marching On Together

21 responses to “Leeds Target Ben White Can Win Everything at Brighton, says Legend Potter – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Gerald Hobbs

    Absolutely magic as always! GerryCwmbran


  2. Uncle Dave

    Love it! That’s the danger of loans. Players come to Leeds worth Peanuts, Bielsa gets the best out of them and their parent club then thinks they are worth £50million. Just like your £50 bet Rob, I hope in some ways that White stays at Brighton, Has a mediocre season and whoever we get in place of him? sparkles under El Loco. Especially if he costs around £4 million. In other news, I have heard that Notts Forest players are delighted that Leeds United are no longer in their fixtures. Now, they only have to put 100% effort in twice a year. Derby County home and away.


  3. Denis Parkinson

    A classic example of Sour Grapes by someone unable or unwilling to accept the simple rules of life and business.


    • Do you mean like needing to see the lad in training before deciding to give him a proper contract, yet slapping a £40m+ price tag on him? Brighton are a joke club.


  4. You gotta laugh heh?…lol. Cracking report….and so near to the truth. Total world beaters in the making..ha ha


  5. Karl - Vale of Glam.

    Surely this is going to come down to Ben and his ambitions, if he wants to be a permanent part in the Bielsa revolution he is going to have to ask for, nay demand, a transfer to the bigger club. That’s just the way it is these days.
    Very funny post as usual, fingers crossed he joins us, excellent player who will get better under the maestro.


  6. Life is LUFC

    Well the lad must be the only person in the world to be in the middle of all this Covid that has turned employment on it’s head and has more than he can deal with.
    The visions of Brighton conquering football would make a good comedy programme. Very good chuckle in there Rob.
    Good luck to the lad wherever he plies his trade………as long as it is Leeds United. Well you have to be loyal don’t you! MOT


  7. As always good article Rob.
    Potterball?? First Daniel James, now Ben White. Potter is turning out to be the biggest carrier wrecking manager as far as his players are concerned. He is one of those who is dragging this one out with the consequence that Leeds will miss out on getting the right players in. For me Potter is turning out to be worst than scum or fat Frank.


  8. Very funny Rob, hit the nail on the head as always.

    £22m for White is more than generous, a player that has no Premier League experience. I hope Radz walks away and we go for our other targets.

    We’ve spent 16 years away due to bad financial decisions and dodgy owners, time to invest wisely.


  9. John Webster



  10. phibbotson

    potty potters is a man utter deluded…………..small brighton should be hiding him under the pier,,,,,,,,,,,,FREE BEN WHITE you load of numpties..mot


  11. Kllhb shdhd

    You also think Messi will join leeds2007!


  12. Ropey Wyla

    Highly amusing and well penned article as per always!
    Having surely watched Ben White play like a man possessed for Leeds all season, why would Potter want to watch him train to decide if he warrants a premiership wage?
    That is reason enough for White to slap in a transfer request in my humble and if he doesn’t we should go after Diop from Wet Spam, Monster of a player!


  13. Thinlizzywhite

    Your ability to craft a witty and lightly veiled sarcastic muse never fails to make me smile. And so close to the bone it will crawl like lice across the skin of Brighton fans.
    Well said.
    On another note I am here to say … yes, you were right when I questioned your loyalty to Bamford. The man “did good” throughout the season as our … still hard to assimilate … only striker.
    Sooo proud of the boys. Also proud the club have sought to retain everyone. Well, almost, ahem!
    Young Ben White has a huge decision ahead of him … stick with the mighty seagulls or join a tinpot team like Leeds! Managed by some Argentinian bloke.


  14. It’s up to Ben. It’s play for Brighton or Leeds United, simples. Tell yer agent…✊


  15. Dennis Loh

    Brighton is a joke of a club. Have seen Brighton’s history. Nothing much in the making of a football club. Good luck to them if Potter doesn’t bring them down to Championship next season.


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