If You Love Leeds United, PLEASE Stay Away From Elland Road Tomorrow – by Rob Atkinson

Deserted Elland Road

A deserted Elland Road

It’s a real tragedy that fan participation is missing from the current euphoria surrounding Leeds United’s magnificent achievements this season. Sadly, though, this is the world we’re currently living in, our rights and privileges suspended for now by a nasty little virus (no comparison with Frank Lampard intended).

It’s clearly very tempting to defy the current protocols and just get out there to lead as normal a life as possible anyway, consequences be damned. You can see this everywhere you look, with packed beaches all over the place, apparently populated almost exclusively by compulsive litter bugs. But in these instances, only the generality of selfish idiots can be identified, so the focus of scorn and retribution is diffuse. That is not the case with tribal football celebrations, and most particularly not where the fans of Leeds United are concerned.

As ever, critical and unfriendly eyes will be on Leeds United, watching beadily for any chance to have a go at the club, or at its fans; there is the usual eagerness to drag the name of Yorkshire’s finest through the mud wherever possible. The next obvious opportunity to present itself is United’s final match of a triumphant season, at home to Charlton Athletic tomorrow. The game is not selected for live Sky coverage, as the remaining promotion issues will be settled elsewhere. But you can bet your mortgage that cameras aplenty will be focused on the roads and areas outside the stadium, hoping to record scenes that will drop Leeds, both club and city, right in it yet again.

It’s sadly inevitable that some will turn up, ill-advised and careless of consequences, still intoxicated on the heady wine of long-awaited success. It’s going to be a matter of scale – will it be an “understandable” turnout that can be condemned but lightly given the circumstances? Or will it be a massive breach of the safety measures in place, leading to public outrage and the usual suspects calling for United to be demoted to the National League Division 5? I hope for the former, but I fear the latter.

Please exercise your discretion tomorrow, always the better part of valour. Don’t be one of the people who turn up, selfishly disregarding the potential effect on the club. Stay away from Elland Road tomorrow, carry on your celebrations safely in your homes. If the worst case scenario pans out, we can expect neither understanding nor sympathy from those who are always champing at the bit to do us down. They’ll seize the day if we give them the chance, have no doubt about that. Don’t be one of the thoughtless ones who afford them that chance.

Remember: actions have consequences, and Leeds United rarely get away with anything. Stay home tomorrow, save your celebrations for the time when we can all celebrate without let or hindrance. It’ll feel just as good – and we won’t be risking sanctions for a great club emerging from dark times into the sunlit uplands of public approbation and the Premier League. You know it makes sense.

Marching On Together

15 responses to “If You Love Leeds United, PLEASE Stay Away From Elland Road Tomorrow – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Life is LUFC

    If you do not listen to Rob……take HEED from Leicester.
    The longer you keep that dreaded virus circulating the longer it will be before you can get back to Elland Road.
    For all your sakes and the sake of your families and friends STAY AWAY.
    Stay safe MOT please


  2. Reality Cheque

    Wise words and sound advice Rob which I endorse 100%

    Hopefully, our fans will behave in the manner you suggest and not attract any negative publicity onto our amazing club & football family, (especially as one of our greatest legends is laid to rest today. RIP Jack), we certainly do not need any repetition of fans “celebrating” by standing on or walking over the top of cars as witnessed last week


  3. wise words Rob, i sincerely hope they do not fall on deaf ears after all the hard work everyone has put in achieving promotion, best regards M.O.T.


  4. With you all the way Rob. The week that started with that dreadful but crucial win against Barnsley has been the best for 16 years. We can’t spoil it now, though some are trying by jumping on cars and throwing bottles at the police. Those idiots are playing onto the media’s hands who will do all they can to bring us down.
    But what an amazing week – Champions with potentially 93 pointson the board! MOT ALAW WAFLL


  5. Jeff Gleisner

    The gatherings that have accompanied our promotion have made this supporter of 65 years standing only grieve more for the loss of one of our all-time greats from Covid 19. How any self respecting Leeds supporter can attach themselves to these gatherings staggers me. But how many of these people were supporters one wonders ?


  6. Freeview on LUTV would help to keep people at hope


  7. Well said Rob,
    If you love Leeds united stay at home. If you love Leeds united stay at home if you love Leeds united love Leeds united love Leeds united stay at home 🎶🎶🎶.End of.


  8. andrew hinks

    sky at it again with LUFC comments regarding big jack “ENGLAND & oh forgot to mention Leeds centre half” lovingly emphasised by the sky news ‘Bimbo’
    whom i recall just luurrrrved her ‘spygate’ reporting day after day last January the Leeds hating left wing slapper!
    thanks big jack for the memories & your humanity/humility & loyalty i remember your comments at the ‘revie revival do’ back in February 2005 after the reading home game about that nice man, MR ken Bates AKA cap’n Birdseye…spot on & a pleasure to be in your company!

    celebrate at home lads & lasses please the Leeds hating sky platform don’t need any excuse to start the inevitable ‘poking & prodding which will be coming our way big time now!

    to big jack,norm ,trev,paul M,sprakey, billy,don,albert & byron stevenson!

    i hope Marcelo will be ‘briefed’ by Angus on whats to come next season with those hunnies @ SKY SPORTS @ the majority of the media!?


    Andy Hinks
    Kent White since 69′


  9. Well said, but according to many of the stupider (??) cretins on FB they’re going in their hundreds.
    The club have said don’t come, the owner has the EFL say not to go, the police don’t want it so , a large moronic section of supporters, I use the term loosely, are going to turn up.
    My only thought would be a streetlight and mobile phone blackout for LS11 so they can’t see anything standing in the dark like the sheep they are!


  10. LUFC state stay at home, then do an open top bús trophy presentation to the very people they say shouldn’t be there.
    Beyond belief, reward the guilty FFS.


    • For me, it’s not about rewards, it’s necessary crowd management after you’ve done what you can to keep the crowds away. Sheer pragmatism and common sense, I’m solidly with the club on this one.


  11. 1955southwesterly

    I can see, players inside , crowd outside something had to give, but due to instructions and requests from the club a minority had a personalised close up experience that normal fans ((you know, the ones that stated away) and for the reasons they stayed away, the CV19 epidemic )would have cherished.
    That love the city ,side before self attitude, that has pervaded all season was shattered last night!
    I couldn’t have gone anyway ,but I feel for the thousands that’s this morning feel they missed out!


    • I totally get that mate, and I can see there’s an injustice issue. But these are extraordinary times and I really don’t see how the club could have acted differently, given their responsibility to help the police etc disperse the crowd that inevitably gathered, while avoiding public order problems. It seems that the situation was able to be managed largely because LUFC put on this open top bus thing, so the greater good was served by that decision.


      • Life is LUFC

        As much as I wished they had stayed away for the greater good, I agree something was required to get them to accept this is it “here is the cup now please disperse safely and go home”.
        That’s life now let’s close this and move on. Shame the BBC and others did not relay this in the manner it was supposed to be to be relayed but then what do you expect, this is Leeds United and let’s blacken their character……. 🐴 mules…..two brains and the other one would still be lonely


  12. Michael Durkee

    Went to my first match in 1966 and was hooked. Back in the States I have been showing football to my friendly Brit customers for the last 20 years. They all cheered when Leeds got promoted. Looking forward to next season at the Hamlin Pub in Rochester Hills, Michigan


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