Villa 0, Leeds 3 as Gobby Deactivates Twitter to Join Foreign Legion – by Rob Atkinson

Gobby – a very public humiliation

The delight of witnessing Leeds United’s 3-0 demolition of Aston Villa was reserved mainly for those willing to fork out an extra fifteen quid over and above normal subscriptions, as well as a few discerning types who found other, less official methods. Doubtless those who did cough up will consider their money well spent – the chance to see the Villans, who recently demolished Liverpool seven goals to two, themselves getting royally stuffed by our own heroes was one not to miss.

Happily, many who might otherwise have paid the price were so disgusted by the cynical exploitation of fans’ desire to see their team, that they chose to miss out, preferring instead to donate the £15 to a local food bank in the wake of our disgraceful government’s refusal to help feed poor kids who risk a hungry holiday without public support. I was proud to donate myself, and would urge others to do so. Last time I looked, the total raised was over £83,000.

So in the end, it may well be that Villa’s slaughter at the eager hands of “myth club” Leeds was even less visible than you might have thought, given its PPV status. But, over on Sky Sports News, the humiliation of Villa Rentamouth Gobby Agbonlahor, who had provided so much unintentional motivation for the United lads in the run-up to the game, was all too cruelly public.

Gobby, who had described Bielsa’s Leeds as a “myth”, and who had then made various other unwisely provocative statements, can be seen in the image above, clearly wilting and finally appalled as his beloved Villa were dismantled in a one-way second half at Villa Park. Realising, perhaps, that he’d effectively delivered Bielsa’s pre-match motivational talk for him, Gobby had admitted on his Twitter account that he needed a Villa win last night, or he’d have to deactivate his account in craven embarrassment. Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything understands that the former Villa striker now plans to add a personal disappearance to his virtual one, joining the French Foreign Legion “to forget”.

Whatever the feelings of the crushed and humiliated Agbonlahor, we must not forget that Gobby’s not the only one who’ll be ordering several portions of humble pie – though it’s the crestfallen TalkSport pundit who’s taking the brunt of Villa fans’ frustration and disapproval on Twitter. But the likes of Dean Smith and John Terry have had this experience coming to them, ever since the match at Elland Road when Villa histrionics in the wake of a perfectly legal goal led Bielsa, realising that the media would be all over the incident, to order his team to allow the Villans of the piece a walk-in equaliser. Terry in particular was still mouthing off at Bielsa after this gesture (later recognised with a FIFA Fair Play Award), and it gives me immense pleasure to contemplate the current misery of that deeply unpleasant man. Revenge, as they say, is a dish best served cold, so United’s victory, and especially the manner of it, was sweeter and more delectable than the finest iced dessert.

It’s been a fabulous start to another sporting weekend, seeing Leeds United outrun, outplay, outthink and thoroughly outclass opponents who had prevailed in every previous match this season. I’d thought perhaps we might match if not exceed Liverpool’s feat of scoring twice at Villa Park, but – with skipper Cooper and midfield fulcrum Phillips both missing – I never suspected we’d concede seven fewer than the Champions.

Of course, we’re Champions too, albeit in a slightly less grand manner, and last night we produced a performance worthy of that title. Villa fans on Twitter were acknowledging at half time that Leeds had been the better side – with the scoreline blank, they hoped for and seemingly expected better things after the interval. But once Leeds had survived a mazy run and shot from Grealish, they were utterly irresistible and thoroughly deserved a victory that could easily have been a lot more emphatic, as even Dean Smith was heard to admit. It was a fabulous win and an unmistakeable message to the football world that United are back.

On a final note of exultation, we can now consider one particular debt repaid in full. Patrick Bamford’s last hat-trick was against Leeds a few years back, for Middlesbrough. Now, he’s repeated the feat, but in our colours and at a higher level. Patrick’s hat trick has raised his seasonal tally to six, and this likeable and increasingly lethal lad appears at last to be finding his confidence and enjoying himself in exalted company. All of which pleases me immensely as a long-time supporter of our No. 9.

As for Gobby – better luck next time, son. And maybe you’ll engage brain before opening mouth before we meet again. Though, given your astounding lack of judgement and discretion this time, I won’t be holding my breath…

Last word goes to Kalvin

Marching On Together

17 responses to “Villa 0, Leeds 3 as Gobby Deactivates Twitter to Join Foreign Legion – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Keith Burrell

    Great piece

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Well done for Leeds silencing Gobby, I’m sure his credentials as a pundit have taken an irreversible hit.
    Shame that Robbie Savage will somehow still gain employment in this vocation.
    Did anyone hear his total u-turn during the game from Villa bias to championing Leeds?


  3. Morning Rob,
    I wrote a similar piece although not as articulate as yours for Leeds Live in response to Agbonlahor’s classless comments really good to see him having to eat his words. I did fork out the 15 quid to watch because being in my mid 60s with a couple of health concerns I couldn’t pass up the chance to watch a side I’ve supported since 1965.
    As to Villa you got that spot on the antics of the whole team and management staff after that goal which incidentally was scored after playing to the whistle were nothing short of thuggish and yes I do acknowledge Bamfords part in it but contrast that to the reaction to the non goal Sheffield United scored the goal that kept them up and sent Bournemouth down
    what was Smiths reaction? Did he allow Wilders men to scored unapposed bollocks did he no he claimed it was different no Dean it wasn’t Bielsa showed morals albeit knowing us fans would disapprove but decided it was the right thing to do Smith just hid behind the technology and claimed it was different actually it wasn’t he just chose to interpret it differently.
    The point of all this is Bielsa is class and Smith, Terry and especially Gabby have no idea what that is.


    • Please never run down your own articulacy again, I loved reading that and I wish I’d written it. Hope your health improves, take care in these perilous times. MOT


  4. Mr Rearguard

    Fergie must be praying for Null&Void because it could be a cricket score when the Leeds tip up to Old Toilet.


  5. Paul Ibbotson

    gobby and savage a comedy duo………………mot


  6. Thomas Salmon

    Great read and very satisfying the morning after this demolition of false prophets.


  7. Life is LUFC

    Gobby now congratulating Leeds beating a TOP 4 Team 🤣🤣🤣
    However he does not clarify top 4 in what………BULSH1t is my guess.
    My apologies Rob that a young lady of 64 should say words like this.
    I listened to LUTV and sent my money in to LUST a very much worthier cause and Leeds fans are doing themselves proud as always.
    I enjoyed this read Rob and with you all the way re the revenge quote, I have waited for this moment since that game 18/19 and it is Christmas come early for me. I’m waiting for the full match to be available on LUTV to take care of my Saturday afternoon.. ALAW MOT


  8. Kevin Lane

    Another Sky pundit made to eat humble pie. Haven’t they got enough Leeds haters already (Yes I am talking about you Goodman et al)? As for Gobby Abornawhore (sorry my spel cheque her isn’t working !!!), he has as much personality as a dead wasp. Anyway, great piece Rob. A nice three points and all credit to the lads to still surpass themselves with Coops and Kalvin out. MOT


  9. Tim Campbell

    In all honesty Rob we could find a role for Gobby, what do you think? Motivational prematch speaker?? Nothing like a bit of trash talk to get our lads up to speed😄👍


  10. Nic Thompson

    New footballing term:
    A GOBBY – opponent’s prematch criticism of a team, which unintentionally works as a motivational team talk.


  11. Kal Sandhu

    Great stuff as always brother Rob. MOT
    And great to stuff the Villains and Rentamouth at the same time. Leeds fans have great hearts and compassion. Week dome with raising funds fir kids. I am doing my bit too. I created Kalathon Dawn to Dusk walk which will be held next Fri. October 30, 2020. I have already raised $5000 which Will go to the local food bank and another charity


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