Villa Fans Ashamed of Agbonlahor as His Leeds Obsession Continues – by Rob Atkinson

Villa fans annoyed with Gobby, who’s strangely whining about Leeds being “rattled”

Perhaps if Aston Villa had actually beaten Leeds United, as their former journeyman striker Agbonlahor evidently expected with the utmost confidence, that gentleman would not now be contriving to make an even bigger fool of himself by refusing to let the whole matter drop. Then again, maybe he’d have been even more insufferable, in the manner of a triumphal schoolboy crowing after winning a conker fight.

Gobby’s latest argument appears to be that the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City fans don’t react as many Leeds fans have done, when either Klopp or Guardiola are referred to as myths. But TalkSport‘s shining light appears to have missed the fact that nobody – and especially no-one with any pretensions to a media career – is fool enough to take that line about either Jurgen or Pep, because it’d be self-evidently ridiculous. Equally, only a clueless dolt would level such a jibe against the world-renowned Bielsa – step forward, Gormless Gobby. The hapless former Villan seems to be judging everybody else by his own dismally low standards, as if it wasn’t bad enough already that he’s attached to a so-called radio station trying to be the aural equivalent of the Sunday Sport.

Gobby seems to be the sort of lad that tries to extricate himself from a hole by doing some more digging. The more he protests, the dafter he looks, and the dafter he looks, the harder he tries to place himself on the right side of the argument, and so on, ad nauseam. He’s in a vicious downward spiral, and is too witless to see that the only person he’s hurting is himself.

Certain facts are undeniable. Firstly, Agbonlahor stands guilty of sabotaging his favourite club’s chances of beating Leeds United, by providing all the extra motivation United could have wished for ahead of a tricky trip to Villa Park. It’s quite clear from the most cursory trawl of the AVFC hashtag (a couple of examples appear above) that many Villa fans saw this, and were justly annoyed about it. It could well be argued that Gobby has done a better job of rattling his own fanbase, than he has of winding up the Leeds support.

Secondly, Gobby has failed to minimise his own humiliation by keeping his trap tactfully shut in the wake of Villa’s heavy defeat. He has instead persisted in trying to defend the indefensible, still digging away in that hole, and now claims to be surprised that a big club like United should be rattled by a has-been like himself. But this sort of bogus self-deprecation has always been a transparent ploy to deflect attention from some horrible faux pas; everybody with any sense at all is well aware that Agbonlahor’s reckless disrespect of Leeds only days prior to a match against the Whites will live forever in football’s memory as unprofessional, immature, and the classic example of inserting one foot squarely into his mouth whilst simultaneously shooting himself in the other.

This is the last word I shall have to say on this matter, which I’m sure will be a relief to many. Ultimately, Agbonlahor is irrelevant, and I wouldn’t normally bother with a mouthpiece for a trash radio station. In this case, though, the behaviour was so extreme and immature that I was moved to highlight the ridiculousness of it. But it’s now time to stop feeding the troll, so I’ll just sum up by reproducing Kalvin Phillips’ devastating post match response to one of Gobby’s more childish efforts before the game. Succinct and brilliant, it really should have persuaded Agbonlahor that he should immediately retire to lick his wounds. Sadly, he’s got far too much ego, and far too little by way of brains, to do any such thing.

Game, set and match to Kalvin

Marching On Together

18 responses to “Villa Fans Ashamed of Agbonlahor as His Leeds Obsession Continues – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Allan Caley

    🙂 MOT


  2. James Griffin

    “journeyman striker”…. I’m not sure you know what those words mean…


    • A journeyman or journeywoman is an athlete who is technically competent but unable to excel. Agbonlahor: two losers’ medals and a failed international career.


  3. Let it go Rob the man is a complete idiot whose brains are in his feet don’t give him anymore oxygen of publicity I personally wouldn’t have reacted until he resorted to comparing the Burke Smith with an acknowledged respected gentleman.


  4. Michael Gibbon

    My dad always told me that it was better to say nowt & be thought a fool than to open my mouth & confirm it. Pity Gobby Agbonlahor wasn’t told the same thing by his dad.
    Final thought:
    Aston Villa+ Gobby Ag – 0 : Leeds Utd + Bamford -3.
    Says it all doesn’t it? MOT!


  5. The gobby has-been Agbonlahor wasn’t much of a player, he’s an even worse pundit to suggest that Bielsa’s Leeds Utd are a myth. Give the fool enough rope and he will hang himself.


  6. Villa fan here. Gabby is an idiot who made a fool of himself and gave Leeds all the motivation they needed.
    The best team on the day won, you guys thoroughly deserved it.
    I’ll finish by saying I wish us both a successful season.
    The premier league has, in Aston Villa and Leeds United 2 massive clubs who are both back to where they belong
    Think on Gabby!


  7. I like him, I am very grateful for his motivational statements before the game.
    We needed a lift after Wolves apparently worked us out.

    Just hope a Leicester old boy does the same for next week.


  8. A Villa fan Agbonlahor is an idiot, it was just a game of football and the best team on the day won, both teams should have a good season, onwards and upwards


  9. Talk Sport only thrives on this kind of click bait bullshitery. Gabby will probably get a promotion.
    Following Leeds’ glorious promotion I would sometimes tune in to the station just to follow the inane chat just to see what bollox they might spout concerning might Leeds.
    Sure enough A Durham the POD supporter opined that Leeds would go straight back down oooh! He also seems to enjoy pointedly winding up Arsenal fans.
    I know it is easy to say but ‘don’t rise to it’ . It is so blindingly obvious that all these ‘pundits’ are after is a reaction. Anyhow just to summarise : Villa 0 (nil) ‘not a premier league player Patrick Bamford’ 3 (three).MOT.


  10. I am contradicting myself here as I previously said about letting this business lie regarding Agbonlahor but he just will not shut up.
    I watched him on Sky sports on Sunday morning as a joint guest to discuss the previous days talking points, firstly, what credentials do you need to be a pundit as he struggled to put together coherent sentences while the other guy whose name I missed made valid articulate arguments, I always knew he was thick but come on this is ridiculous.
    Then came Bamford’s non goal again the intelligent guy told it how it was ie. a shambles of a decision then came thickos turn, if I heard him correctly he was insinuating that Bamford was trying to be better than he is by pointing to where he wanted the pass so it was his fault then retracted slightly when pressed by saying the goal should have counted.
    We all have Pundits we like more than others my personal favourite is Gary Neville, yes I know, Graham Souness, Jamie Carragher and even Roy Keane, not any of these as players Leeds fans would take to but they construct valid arguments and points of view you can either agree with or not and I like that but Agbonlahor is nothing like any of these and seems to be on purely for comedy or wind up reasons, come on Sky you can do better than this not every ex player is worth listening to who incidentally was not even that good, never tried management as far as I know and attempts to guide Biesla on his faults, get rid he’s a clown.


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