Leeds WILL Win the Premier League! Carney’s Worry for New COVID Lockdown – by Rob Atkinson

LUFC Champions? Please, not again, says Karen Carney

Karen Carney, TV Sport’s super pundit, has issued a solemn warning over the likely consequences for football should another blanket lockdown be imposed with all fixtures suspended indefinitely. Carney is worried that such a measure would inevitably lead to Leeds winning the Premier League title, just as the lockdown of early 2020 was solely responsible for United winning the Championship title last season.

“Make no mistake about it”, frothed Carney. “Leeds United would end up as Champions – and we all know that nobody wants that. Look what happened last year, Leeds had lost every game before lockdown due to the well-known Bielsa blowup meltdown crackup tiredness thingy, they were rock bottom of the Championship and certs for relegation, then, after they’d had a good rest – a much better rest than any other team – they go on this amazing run, winning every game 7-0, and end up ten points clear of West Brom, who we know for a fact are a much better team.”

When asked about elements of her theory, including the “much better rest” part, as well as WBA being much better than a team against whom they’ve just suffered a 5-0 battering, Ms Carney merely curled her lip and said “Wibble”.

Leeds United were approached by our Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything roving reporter for their response, and guardedly commented “Well, what else can you expect from the Karens of this world? But, let’s face it, she’s not half as thick as Merson, Wilder and Agbonlahor…”

Sam Allardyce is 66, and has had enough of football for this season.

Marching On Together

12 responses to “Leeds WILL Win the Premier League! Carney’s Worry for New COVID Lockdown – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Champions of Europe. Covid 21.

    Not fair.

    Lazy punditry.


  2. Steve Clark

    An example of punditry which is just sour grapes. Leeds gained more points than anyone else in their division and were promoted fair and square.


  3. andrew hinks

    hi rob
    absolute joy to read as just another bimbo adding her menstrual angst against LUFC!

    she needs a severe shave also as turning into ‘odd bod jnr!


    ‘wibble’, a classic!

    that eye liner, jeez, see ‘ cruella deville!


  4. Robert Hicks 51st year a fan

    SO MUCH FUN!, Wibble!, Wibble!, Now I am really looking forward to the next lockdown & then watching our team “eventually” picking up their new prem league & F.A. cup winners medals!. Marching on Together.


  5. Lazy punditry, rolled out clichés I think the current phrase is ‘stealing a living’.
    Rather than box ticking excersises in diversity and gender balance the criteria must be simply be are you any good at it unfortunately very few are.


  6. Uncle Dave

    Sorry Rob but Leeds will not win the league. Crystal Palace will and Chelsea will finish rock bottom. Professor karen Blarney has not taken it into account that at 73, Roy Hodgson is the eldest Prem manager and therefore, he will be first to get the Pfizer vaccine and win the league by 10 points. He will clearly have an unfair advantage over the likes of Arteta who at just 38 years old, might as well throw in the towel now. However, it is Chelsea who will prop up the table at the end of the season. Fans wont be happy that their manager will be the absolute last to receive the vaccine on a technicality that Mr Lampard has a mental age of 12.


  7. Life is LUFC

    Single handed she has set women back 50 years.
    She has also put the spot light on the pundit’s no matter what their gender.

    Altogether now (to the tune of Oh Dr Beeching, he was a spoiler too)
    Oh, Ms Carney what have you done? There once were lots of pundits to be had, but soon there will be none, I’ll have to make me own spoilers, ‘cos there are none to be found, Oh, Ms Carney what a naughty girl you are!

    Marching on together, LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS


  8. Mr Rearguard

    It is my belief that Karen Carney is an MTF. Sticks out a mile.


  9. Morning Rob you need to check out Sky’s Super Match day from this morning they had as their guests Darren Lewis and Gabby ‘I’m so thick I can’t string a sentence together’ Agbonlahor and naturally the incident regarding Karen Carney was raised and guess what Leeds are in the wrong and its their fault the woman received sexist and abusive messages the gist seems to be that she is entitled to her opinion end of, hang on a second are the club not entitled to respond to a lazy comment, with no proof whatsoever at least not involving Leeds we didn’t lose to Derby in the play offs because we had no energy we lost for other quite obvious reasons, well apparently not as they should have known how much abuse she would get so therfore should not have said anything.
    I don’t know about you but we are in grave waters here we seem to have reached a point whereby if you are a woman or black or gay or whatever you can express any opinion you choose however unintelligent it may be but woe betide the responder if some elements of the responders take it to far. I do not condone the abusive and vile messages Karen received but neither do I condemn the clubs response to her wrong opinion, those who should be getting the stick are not the club but those who resort to unpleasantness to further their argument.
    Leeds are and aways have been an easy target and will continue to be so but in this instance they have no case to answer.


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