VAR Confirms Blades’ Baldock Escaped Red v Leeds as “He Bumped His Head and Felt Poorly” – by Rob Atkinson

Leeds’s Tyler Roberts Scythed Down – But No Red Card for Poorly Georgie

Officials in charge of VAR for Saturday’s Yorkshire Derby between Leeds United and Sheffield United have confirmed that the challenge on Leeds’ Tyler Roberts by George Baldock of the Blunts was reviewed by the Video Assistant Referee. Further, it has been confirmed by a source close to the VAR hub that the tackle was classifiable as violent conduct, meriting a straight red card. But it was felt on this occasion that, as poor George had bumped his head after scything Roberts down, and as he looked a bit poorly, no disciplinary action should be taken.

Baldock actually carried on for a good ten minutes before it was realised that the fact of him running around in small circles and getting nowhere was not a futile attempt to mark Raphinha, but was actually indicative of concussion following poor George’s nasty head bump. The VAR officials have expressed their sympathy and the earnest hope that Baldock had not aggravated his condition by his delayed substitution, when he clearly should have been sent off immediately.

Asked whether such latitude would have been shown to a Leeds United player under similar circumstances, with the roles reversed, our helpful VAR source chuckled cynically and replied, “Don’t be so bloody daft, lad”.

VAR is 2 and is still suffering from teething problems.

Note: thanks to those who have enquired after my health and well-being during the time since my last blog article. I have in fact been somewhat under the weather, but I’m hoping that normal service will be resumed shortly. In the meantime, I truly appreciate your concern, and hope you’ll understand it’s not been possible to reply to all well wishers individually. But thank you again, it means a lot.

Marching On Together

43 responses to “VAR Confirms Blades’ Baldock Escaped Red v Leeds as “He Bumped His Head and Felt Poorly” – by Rob Atkinson

  1. ‘Good to hear from you again Rob. Has your absence been due to VARS – Very Arbitrary Refereeing Syndrome?


  2. Gerald Hobbs

    Very best wishes Rob – good to hear from you again!


  3. Christopher Ernest WATSON

    Remember how when we were in the Championship, we used to dream of getting back up to the PL and having high quality refs? This tackle was closer to GBH than anything to do with football. And this dick ref has only returned from a suspension for his utter incompetence. The ref in today’s match seemed to have only one plan and that was to allow Leicester to assault as many Man City players as possible including one guy attacking de Brune and whacking him twice around the head and getting away with a yellow. Disgraceful.


  4. Get one for yourself son

    Stay safe stay Sane, all the best to you Sir


  5. Rob. I didn’t know you were unwell but have missed the words of the very best LUFC writer, for sure. But these are happy times. It’s great to be a Leeds fan always but especially now.
    Get well soon.


  6. Sorry didn’t know you were not firing on all cylinders hope things improve soon.


  7. Michael Druce

    Great to have you back Rob, #MOT


  8. John Ingham

    Hello Rob, I’m sorry to hear you have been unwell and hope you are now back to good health. How Baldock escaped being sent off I don’t know, but I should know by now that it’s us so obviously the rules automatically change to go against us with no explanation needed. I look forward to more of your superb articles in due course . Be well sir. MOT.


  9. Ken Jarvis

    Welcome back Rob,

    So Gary Lineker & the lads on MOTD waffled on about the concussion rule after that reckless tackle by Sam Baldock – not a duckie bird that it was a straight red card for a 2 footed, legs off the ground, out of control assault.

    I was absolutely gobsmacked by that conversation as I now appear to live on a different planet regarding footballing rules and Leeds United.

    What had that been Liam Cooper, Luke Ayling……….

    I thought it was great to leave the Championship after years of disgraceful decisions by referees/linesmen with their naked eyes but to witness 30 games where VAR and TV replays have screwed Leeds United on a regular basis has truely been a utter disgrace.

    Then to watch media sources like Sky Sports, BT Sports and MOTD blantantly airbrushing or ignoring incidents involving Leeds United takes this hypocrisy regarding football equality to all teams to another level


  10. Iain Christie

    This is a petty cheap shot and is scarcely worthy of credibility. Yes, as an LUFC fan I would prefer to see the referee to sanction Baldock for his tackle that was borderline out of control but careful scrutiny and analysis after the event does not prove the referee was wrong and that a red card would have been appropriate.


  11. Great to see you back Rob and I hope that the performances of the lads have helped keep your spirits up. MOT


  12. A great win to set us up for three tricky games.
    Three ‘free shots’ and with this team you never know…


  13. Mark berney

    Welcome back Rob. Good to read you again. Great first season back and though happy how it’s going can’t help but feel we could and should be higher. But would have taken this at the start. MOT ALAW.

    Irish whites


  14. Gordon Baxendale.

    Rob, great to see you giving your humorous best, only next to reaching the dizzying heights of 10th place!
    Gordon , may be your oldest fan, 81 (74 years since first match)


  15. Yes indeed Baldrick should have seen red. I had t laugh at Heckingbottom when he tied to defend the indefensible Baldrick assault when he replied or you mean the tackle when Roberts kneed Baldrick in the head. Priceless.

    get well soon Rob, always a pleasure reading your witty articles. MOT.


  16. Life is LUFC

    I am so glad you are back and feeling better. I did not like to intrude to ask if all was well with you but I was worried.
    All these VAR incidents and not a word from our friend. Has he been struck dumb? Worse still was he at a loss for words to describe his utter dismay at such pettiness of the VAR officials, trying to line up those parts of the human anatomy and clothing that could be construed as being off side?
    I am glad Tyler did not roll to far otherwise he would have been ruled as off side again. Not one word about that tackle on MOTD but all were sympathetic about how the poor chap was even if it was self inflicted but not a word about the player he attacked. Hard as it sounds I have no sympathy for him, did he have any thought about the harm he could have inflicted on the opposing player, no, not for a second did he consider his actions. I have given up shouting at the officials for their blatant blindness to actions/rules they are ruining the game. If you ask me the hooligan element has migrated from the terraces to the officials on the pitch.
    Take care of yourself Rob.


  17. Rob, glad you are back in action. Good win yesterday and look forward to more from the lads on the pitch and your good self off it.,


  18. Iain Christie

    Sorry Rob you are propaganda pandering to us knowing the pity us we never get a fair decision agenda will get our approval. If the referee was your old granny you would try harder to understand what was being considered and although it is a side issue Tyler Roberts got away relatively unscathed. A little generosity of spirit towards a Yorkshire team suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. I’d like to agree with you but then the referee my granny and me would all be wrong.


  19. Iain Christie

    I did a refereeing course did you? Clueless? Be kind. The most memorable thing about the course was the five a side match with the other referees – it was mayhem and no prisoners were taken. Your mean spirited cynicism could be made lighter with a bit of effort. I wish you well.


  20. Iain Christie

    You’ve sussed me out, knocked me off my perch and completely outflanked me – I really should have known better. Mea culpa, I was wrong and I shall take the trouble to engage brain before typing balderdash in future. I’m a sadder and wiser man, don’t judge me harshly.


    • That’s ok Iain, don’t let it worry you. A modicum of research would show you that nobody hands me my arse on here, because I hold all the cards. It’s good to be King 👑😎


  21. andrew hinks

    hi Rob
    more importantly your ok!

    great news & best of health to you!


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