Leeds v Spurs: A View From the Oppo – by Ryan Curtis

El Loco

You lot really do big up Bielsa, don’t you?

The first game between our teams at our place played so much into our hands, space everywhere and avoidable mistakes meant our best players Kane and Son had a field day.

Fair enough the man at the helm has taken you guys into the Premier League and sustained you but this is Leeds United, you’ve spent a few quid, this should be fairly normal right?

The media do it too. When you were pumped by Manchester United away in an awful display they’re pining over the “open game” and how it’s always great to watch Leeds, anyone else and they’re just saying it’s awful defending.

And yet despite all of that, I’m jealous of you guys.

Not of the players, nor the style of play or even the performances but the simple fact your club have a manager seemingly with fine principles outside of football, given him stability, time and a proper influence over the club and unsurprisingly players buy into it.

Just from watching the respective Amazon docs on our two clubs, even despite friendly edits, you get the feeling the two ownerships are chalk and cheese. Your lot seem to be passionate football fans as opposed to Levy who definitely got picked last in the playground.

Now given the power he never had at school he wields it hiring and firing managers, creating no real footballing plan and worst of all signing us up to the greed ridden European Super Club without a whisper to fans.

For all the ‘Dirty Leeds’ stick you guys get I’ve always thought of you as a proper football club with proper football fans and I’ve seen the emotional rollercoaster in my Leeds pals over the years… often a rollercoaster that was just broken, or about to crash!

So it’s good to see you back, a proper club, with proper history and everything this Super League went against.

I feel even closer to Leeds for personal reasons recently as I sadly lost a pal of mine Jatinder. A proper Leeds lad and a massive fan. We’d have conversations over a few beers about the plight of Leeds and like you lot he was buzzing to see where you are now.

In these times we had to watch the funeral by online stream with part of it at Elland Road where his family hung a scarf and a picture on the Billy Bremner statue and all the staff came out to pay their respects, I thought that was a touch of class from the club.

I’m sure if Jit was around today we’d have struck a deal over a Guinness saying we don’t mind too much if Leeds have another defensive howler on Saturday as Spurs need the points more and perhaps it knocks Chelsea out of Europe which we’d both agree is a good thing.

Leeds can win all the other games, will have had a great season and are going in the right direction, and more importantly from what I’ve seen the soul of the club is very evident.

The same can’t be said for us.

A few more clubs like us could do with Marching On Together.

By Ryan Curtis

Spurs For Life

8 responses to “Leeds v Spurs: A View From the Oppo – by Ryan Curtis

  1. Life is LUFC

    Well Ryan I wondered where the opening was going but warmed to your theme as I read on.
    I personally think a major chunk of the English football clubs would benefit from being run as clubs and not business’s. However the lower league clubs have to go along those lines just to keep going, there’s no such luxury as not being in the red for them. A bit more help from the top would not go amiss.
    Premier league, well I think it has all been said time and again but some are just too greedy and will skin a flea for the fat on it’s bum.
    No thought given to players having issues, health, wealth and personal not to mention those that are perceived as different because of colour, sexual orientation and the list goes on.
    Sacking managers because a few games are lost and that translates to money lost.
    Then at the bottom of the heap, us lot the fans, as long as we hand over our genuinely hard earned cash the buzzards could not give a damn. Well they certainly heard those voices these last few days and they need to take heed. If the fans start to vote with their feet in a really big way they will soon learn about hard earned money. Sponsor’s leaving them, emptying stadiums, good players refusing contracts because they have no faith in who will be managing them, managers getting sick of the merry go round and again the list goes on.
    We all need to march on together and be seen and heard lest they forget where the wealth comes from.
    Is this just a dream or will it really happen one day?


  2. Hamish Raw

    Until I got to the first mention of that diver Kane I thought this was a Brighton supporter!


  3. I’ve always had a dislike of the delusions of grandeur associated with Spurs.
    Year on year they have one good month, a win in the third round of the FA Cup which results in Chas and Dave writing a song, all their players get picked by England and the London press declare them kings.
    Despite this they always finish fifth yet this year they have the audacity to declare themselves in the SuperLeague


  4. andrew hinks

    spurs… big six my arse!

    most fickle fans in football, always have been & not even the 3rd biggest club in London in many opinions!

    would love to see their fan base after 16 years down in the depths, would all be on the Jeremy Kyle show whinging , moaning & dusting of there non- trophies won!

    beware…. a ‘real’ juggernaut is on the way up now not your WBA’s ,Watford, Norwich & palace ‘s of this world hence the worry from those money grabbers who think they can cherry pick players from ‘mickey mouse’ clubs?

    if the Villa get it right with Leicester proving themselves deservedly also! you yids & the ‘arse’ might need to disappear up your own arses like you have done & go off to your ‘soooper’ league whilst the league goes back to how it used to be when we won the last ‘real’ league title of 42 games when the playing field was level & won on the pitch & Not in the boardroom!!

    everyone knows a LEEDS fan, our fan base is frightening & has got stronger in defeat, despair & calamity!……..

    beware the white peril ( not the noncy Lillywhite variety of course!)

    sky killed football stone dead in 1992 we all know that & we had much more fun following LUFC thru league one where the diving cheats, screamers & creepy commentators & pundits ( see Martyn Tyler, Alan Smith et al!)didn’t seem to exist just ‘real’ football played for points NOT bucks!

    how can a team that fails in the champions league (Salford Yanks!) get rewarded with a spot in a competition they never even qualified for & will probably now win it!

    what’s that about??

    sums up the original ‘soooper league’ sky & those greedy vultures created which exists today known as………. THE PREMIER LEAGUE!

    hope your healthy rob?


  5. king sniffer

    Greetings Rob and welcome back. I was wondering if a lottery win had whisked you away to sunnier climes, but of course then realised that this would not have affected normal transmission. Or it could have just been the shock of us apparently becoming so many other fans “second team” which does go against the grain after all these years. Anyhow, I hope you find yourself in rude health once more. MOT


    • Many thanks Sniffer, much appreciated. It’s not been the best of years, but the progress of our beloved LUFC under the guiding hand of God has been a real tonic, so who needs a lottery win 🤣 Hopefully normal service will resume in the not too distant future MOT


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