Challenge for Leeds United Fans: What Does “FA” Actually Stand For? – by Rob Atkinson

In Victorian times, “FA” stood for “Fanny Adam’s” a young murder victim of 1867 whose name, by some bizarre twist of nautical humour, came to be synonymous with – well, nothing.

These days, the two letters are supposed to evoke thoughts of an august ruling body for our national game. But, clearly, that’s nonsense, for as we all know, and as has been proved yet again only today, that ruling body is characterised by arrogance and complacency, together with a bumbling inability to get anything right, and further soured by their implacable hatred of Leeds United.

I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of the red card saga here. It’s clearly pointless raising issues of precedent; the FA don’t care about such issues, they’re simply focused on dispensing injustice liberally around LS11, and if that makes them look ridiculous and foolish, well, so be it.

So I’ll just ask for suggestions as to what “FA” stands for, to us Leeds fans, here and now. I’ve à few choice ideas of my own, so it would be inappropriate to ask you to keep it clean. Let’s just stick it to them and carry on…

Marching On Together

23 responses to “Challenge for Leeds United Fans: What Does “FA” Actually Stand For? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. If that tackle had been made by Harry Kane just before the International break the appeal would have been upheld. Your dead right Rob the rules don’t apply to Leeds. Hardaker is still haunting this club. Stinks


  2. Uncle Dave

    Hi Rob. The F equals ‘ For ‘ and the A stands for ‘ Against ‘ and it only applies to whichever league Leeds United are in ** Obviously, at the moment it operates in the premier league where any decisions ( like penalties, off sides, red cards etc ) go ‘A’ Against Leeds and ‘F’ For the other 19 clubs. I hope this has clarified things. ( ** Also applies to all cup games )


  3. Darrell Burnett

    Breaking News;
    John Arne Riise has just been sent a retrospective red card for his reckless shot which broke Alan Smith’s leg.
    Fairness to All (FA)


  4. Unbelievable Jeff!!!!

    I shouldn’t be gobsmacked…..but I am.

    Bunch of corrupt C*ckwombles!


  5. Life is LUFC

    F = the F word ending with ing
    and A= the Anus (as per the dictionary) plus the exit for all the crap that empowered body ejects.
    Being a lady I could not possibly say this but I can think it and whole heartedly concur with the sentiment.

    However I do have creditable thoughts for Harvey and Pascal and wish one a speedy and full recovery and the other not to let this accident spoil your career. You are both very talented players and have a lot to give us fans no matter what team is supported.


    • Darrell Burnett

      Harvey apologised to Pascal after the failure of the FA. What a class act unlike his boss


      • Ironic that the two people showing the most class out of all those involved in the incident, are the two youngsters who made such unfortunate contact. Klopp has gone down in my estimation – and the only reason the FA haven’t is that it’s impossible for them to sink any lower.


  6. Mike Durham

    Fantastically Anal..


  7. Is F***ing Arseholes too obvious Rob?


  8. Mike Durham

    I’d love to see us boycott the F All cup this year Rob and really make a stand against this persecution. Either that, or sue them as not being fit for purpose!!


  9. It can only be Fucking Arseholes, Rob. Not very original but succinct and the point.


  10. andrew hinks

    within minutes of receiving the appeal notice the decision was made, give them ‘Fuck All’ & to cap it off, we’ll schedule that LUFC hating ‘drama queen’ mike dean to & i use this term loosely….. ‘officiate,’ the game on friday night with more surefire consequences against our beloveds to contend with me’thinks?


    c’mon LUFC

    great stuff rob!


  11. Fraudulent Arsewipes!


  12. Johnny Bangkok

    Fraudulent Arsepackers


  13. Mr Rearguard

    Good job Mel Gibson from Lethal Weapon isn’t playing tonight, otherwise he would dislocate his shoulders on purpose just to get a Leeds player sent off.


  14. andrew hinks

    hate to say it rob but good ole mike dean plays his part in a stonewall penalty at 1 – 0 IMO….. remember coops v everton ,no VAR here or a word in the ‘drama queens’ ear to say go look at it of course!
    if the other end we all know what the outcome would’ve been?

    the changing catalyst in the game for me!
    with the injuries now piling up & junior firpo looking each game more like ronnie robinson from the 80’s (sorry ronnie!)

    people maligned gjanni alioski but his energy, character, ceaseless workrate & positioning (Jack always knew gjanni would be bombing forward or back & inside or outside of him!) now there is a disconnect on the left side with firpo as he’s having to learn ‘on the hoof’ as it were with jack never sure where he’s at hence Jack or even more so with dan as he’s new obviously so more disconnect from the last three years or so IMO….. worrying to me!

    should have given gjanni what firpo’s on salary wise or get Leif Davis back quickly as totally disjointed & sadly IMO Firpo is a turkey as lacks ALL of gjanni’s attributes stated above & will be targeted now regularly IMO?

    the small squad marcelo prefers will now be surely tested in the coming weeks before the next ‘mickey mouse’ international break!

    on to the rampant hammers @ ER followed by probably a tense, nervy & ‘must win’ game v Watford!

    please don’t go down LUFC as financial armageddon would loom because of the investment radz’ has pumped in for our beloved club although victors premier league buys are starting to look pretty poor & expensive misses for me?

    if Raphinha is out for a while god knows where the creativity & goals will come from?

    c’mon LUFC

    Andy Hinks

    Kent White & proud of it since 69′


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