Leeds Denied Stonewall Penalty Week After Struijk Sent Off For Nowt. Is it a Vendetta? – by Rob Atkinson

“These things even themselves out over the course of a season” is a phrase beloved of many bland and beige football pundits and commentators as they seek to dismiss blatantly criminal refereeing decisions as marginal calls. I’ve sat there and seethed many a time after yet another complacent attempt to put into soft focus yet another massively unfair travesty of justice perpetrated on my long-suffering football club, aptly dubbed “The Damned United”.

It’s been a bit different over the past week or so though, certainly last night at Newcastle, when the decision to deny United new boy Dan James a penalty, when he was blatantly chopped down in the area with the ball nowhere near (picture above) was met with incredulous derision and explicit criticism. To hear this from respected ex-pros almost provided an atom or two of comfort after witnessing the latest in a long, long line of “We wuz robbed” situations for the Whites (or the Lilacs, on this occasion). So often, as a Leeds fan, you catch yourself thinking, bloody hell, how on Earth did he make THAT decision? And words like “conspiracy” and phrases like “bent as a nine bob note” start whirling around your possibly paranoid brain. Then a Carragher or even a Neville (Don forgive me, I’m even forgetting how to hate Neville) chirps up to agree that said decision ranks alongside Brexit for sheer mind numbing stupidity – and, for once, you feel the tiniest bit validated. And, given our history with referees and pundits, that really is a bizarre and novel feeling.

It was the same last week, with several luminaries making it very clear that they found the decision to send off Pascal Struijk utterly wrong. Again, there was an oddness to the incident, with the ref initially appearing to wave play on – even though Leeds were in possession, so clearly it wasn’t a standard advantage call. The inescapable conclusion is that the ref didn’t feel it was a foul, so it follows that his decision to show a red card must have been prompted by his realisation that the young Liverpool lad was badly injured. And THAT really does open a can of worms.

Even so, hard on the heels of the usual feelings of frustration and downright resentment, there came a minuscule crumb of comfort that people were seeing what’s happening with Leeds, and that they’re prepared to speak out about it. Once that starts happening, it’s surely not long before people other than rabidly biased Leeds fans start to wonder what’s going on. Would van Dijk have been sent off if he’d been the one making the challenge for which Struijk saw red? (Answer: no – he’s made an identical challenge and not even a yellow resulted). Would Cristiano Ronaldo have been awarded a penalty kick if it was him being chopped down playing for the Pride of Devon, instead of Dan James of Leeds? (Answer: of course he would, don’t be so deuced naive).

Once those questions start being asked on a regular basis, and assuming that the likes of Mike Dean will continue to hand Leeds the crappy end of the stick, then a pattern will eventually form, and the scales will start dropping from complacent eyes. And then, it may not be just us Leeds fans who are asking: is the game actually pursuing a vendetta against Leeds United? And, with myriad similar incidents burned into our brains going back the thick end of fifty years, we all know the answer to THAT one. What will be fascinating to behold is what will happen when others realise it too.

Marching On Together

7 responses to “Leeds Denied Stonewall Penalty Week After Struijk Sent Off For Nowt. Is it a Vendetta? – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Ken Jarvis

    Hi Rob, you forgot to mention the 2 Burnley assaults on Dallas & Bamford that were AIRBRUSHED by Sky recently – very strange they spoke about the stonewall penalty we were denied last night, maybe Neville & Carragher are starting to notice the anti-Leeds agenda that is quiet clearly there. Any chance our great club starts to speak up abkut these injustices? Like I said on many many occasions, tgere is clearly a different set of football rules for Leeds United & I thought VAR would level the playing field but that quiet clearly ain’t happening MOT


  2. Too reffing true, Rob!


  3. andrew hinks

    my previous comments from your ‘FA piece’ echo your concise column.

    To not even look at it or have VAR whisper softly ‘sweet nothings’ into his usually very sensitive Anti-Leeds left lughole for him to veer to the right touchline like a ferret up a drainpipe to look thru the ‘arched window’ & award an immediate penalty or a sending off if the perpertrator was wearing white (or wretched Lilac!) etc

    as i stated this gobshite would have some bearing on the result against us if opportunity arose or contrastingly do nothing to cost us a win IMO?

    the FA couldnt wait to appoint this drama queen dean with an agenda to those ‘upstart nasty lads from Leeds’ as our appeal fell on there gin sodden leather desktops!

    more to come from those munik loving nonces at the FA i fear now we are struggling with injuries, numbers & form me-thinks?

    on to Fulham with nearly 5.500 going down….amazing & unique BUT as i write this we are up against the proverbial at the mo’

    time to be behind marcelo & the lads more than ever now!!



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  4. It really riles me when people think I’m just a typical moaning football fan when I try to tell them how we always get these crap decisions, so I am happy(ish) that more pundits now seem to be saying the same thing we Leeds fans have been saying for so many years. At 61 years old I should be used to it – I’m resigned to it yet still find it incredulous at the same time every time it happens again. It needs to stop!

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  5. John Bennett

    In same age bracket as Keith and feel the same – as long term coach in kids football I’ve spent life preaching fairness and respect for referees/ authorities, and then having it sorely tested regularly when Leeds cross the white line. All we ask is fair crack of the whip – and I too was daft enough to think VAR would level the playing field! MOT.

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  6. Life is LUFC

    If Dan was still in a red shirt that penalty would have been nailed on.
    What else can you say about it.. 🤬 F All
    Time to start the clock again Rob.

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    • I was thinking the same, and wondering whether you were about to suggest it 🤣 I’ll count up how long it’s been since the last pen, then the Vendetta Clock shall reappear 👍

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