Child Beater Jamie O’Hara Says Leeds United Are “Embarrassing” – by Rob Atkinson

Jamie “Irony Alert” O’Hara in Desperate Tweet Shock

Football has-been Jamie O’Hara, best known for being sacked by non-league Billericay Town, is now employed by a down-market radio station that survives by trying to provoke fans to call in by making “controversial” statements. O’Hara now appears to have outdone himself in the irony alert stakes, with his latest desperate attempt to entice Leeds fans to call in to his lame show and have a go at Marcelo Bielsa, a world class coach he coveted for Tottenham Hotspur only last season.

35 year old O’Hara’s amateurish attempts at being controversial are cringeworthy enough, given a failed non-league appointment being the main item on his CV, but it’s even more ridiculous that he applies the word embarrassing to a Premier League club widely praised by genuine football experts, when he himself was found guilty of punching a 14 year old boy in 2017. The then 31 year old football failure lashed out after what the boy later described as a “handshake prank” – presumably O’Hara was nettled by his team’s defeat, although losing is hardly a novelty for him over the course of a less than sparkling career.

You have to admit that O’Hara has a pretty thick skin, and virtually zero self-awareness – that’s the only conclusion you can reasonably draw when a failed footballer and confirmed child-beater presumes to criticise a major football club and an international legend like Bielsa. Now that is embarrassing. Or maybe he’s simply stupid? You decide.

In this so far troubled season, it was always likely that Leeds would become a target for pundits, who are usually ex-pros who have never made any secret of their dislike for Yorkshire’s finest. So O’Hara’s brainless drivel is hardly a surprise – but the least that Leeds, and Bielsa, deserve is a better class of troll.

Nobody should find themselves under attack by a nonentity like Jamie O’Hara, least of all a club of global fame like Leeds United. That’s like a rat attacking a lion, and a past-it and toothless rat at that.

Marching On Together

15 responses to “Child Beater Jamie O’Hara Says Leeds United Are “Embarrassing” – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Mike Riley

    Nice to see you back up and writing again Rob and though your article is funny, I can’t make further comment because… Jamie O’Hara? I’ve never heard of him!!


  2. Mike Riley

    I’m hopless on football ‘celebrity’. I was just reading another article from one Alan Brazil who is saying that the hype around the form of Raphinha following recent performances for Brazil and Leeds United is ‘over the the top’. Help me out again Rob. Is Alan Brazil that fat lump on Talk Sport… or am I thinking of someone else?


  3. I usually scroll straight past idiotic comments like the one you refer to Rob but i have noticed they are becoming more and more prevalent on the Leeds websites, It’s a pity we can’t filter them out


  4. Jamie would never have punched the kid if he knew he was 14, he only looked 12.


  5. ryan evans

    never heard of him.
    child beater needs a slap!


  6. Life is LUFC

    I genuinely have never heard of him and I am not going to waste my time googling him to see what he has done with his life. Not much much though if the comments from your other readers are anything to go by.
    I do like your last paragraph though, had a good giggle at the toothless rat.🤣 MOT


  7. howard mackey

    He would never have punched a 14 year old boy where i come from they would have wiped the floor with the creep.


  8. Brian Kirwan

    Jamie O’Hara never heard of her, was she in Little Mix or one of those girl groups ? 🤔


  9. howard mackey

    It was not Little Mix Brian it was the Roly Polys Les Dawsons group.


  10. king sniffer

    Calling Rob! Getting worried and hope you’re alright! Merry Christmas and a push up the table New Year. Let’s just pretend the Etihad never happened!


    • Thank you sir! Quite well, thanks, and wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas to be followed by that New Year LUFC surge 🤞 I’ve been a bit busy all over the country with my other hat on, but as of today Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything is back live and kicking – MOT


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