Leeds United’s Century of Yellow and Red Cards Suggests Corruption in High Places – by Rob Atkinson

Leeds United are officially the filthiest team in Premier League history. That’s a matter of record – we’re the first EPL club to record a century of combined yellow and red cards over a season, with still two games to go. However, it’s a statistic that may well surprise some observers of the game – well, at any rate, those who aren’t inclined to parrot “dirty Leeds, dirty Leeds” at every opportunity. After all, for most of this season, Leeds have had Marcelo Bielsa, of blessed memory, in charge – and he’s hardly an advocate of clogging. Something stinks here – and it’s not the away dressing room floor, as Derby County are no longer on our radar.

9 responses to “Leeds United’s Century of Yellow and Red Cards Suggests Corruption in High Places – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Life is LUFC

    Careful Rob this could earn you a lifetime RED card.
    Well we might as well make the rules up ourselves before the FA gets all the applause for doing so.
    This season I have become so sick of seeing these cards dished out to Leeds and yet the same offences committed by other teams do not even raise an eyebrow.
    I did not know who the ref was going into yesterdays game and then this mug appeared on screen and I let out one hell of a groan. I think Mike Dean had an off day, he was quiet compared to some of his past displays.
    WALL 🤍💙💛 including 🟨🟥


  2. Sat on a bus for two hours on Saturday opposite a Bristol City supporter. Said he hopes they get relegated and I said why. Just hate em mate. Why? well actually I don’t really know, because they are Leeds and everyone hates Leeds. Er, I love them, they play great football when we have they a full squad , unfortunately. Yeh. Must admit mate, they have had rotten luck this season. They all hate us but it’s a fashion and nothing else. MOT


  3. king sniffer

    I agree, it just doesn’t add up Rob. Granted, we have been more aggressive in the last few games under Jesse, but trying to look through neutral eyes for the majority of the season under Marcelo The Great, excessive aggression was never part of the game plan. MOT in whichever division we are in next season!


  4. king sniffer

    Hi Rob,
    Just concerned about your wellbeing and missing your views on all things LUFC. Hope all’s well. MOT


    • Hi mate, thanks for the message. I’ve had a few issues this summer but I seem to be doing better now and I’m hoping I’ll be back blogging again soon. Lots to talk about! I certainly appreciate your concern, most kind. MOT


  5. king sniffer

    Hi Rob,
    Just checking in again to see how you are. Entertaining as always being a Leeds fan! Wishing you and yours all the best, and look forward to your acerbic views and wit returning to these pages! MOT


    • Hello and thanks for checking in – yes, we’re currently living through “interesting” times! I’ve been so long out of the loop now that I’m finding the current kerfuffle quite overwhelming – but I am hoping to be back sooner rather than later in order to foist my views on an unsuspectiing LUFC public. Until then, thanks again for your kind words!


      • Life is LUFC

        I too have been wondering how you are. So glad to see your reply to King Sniffer.
        So much has been going on and I have been watching out for your input. Really looking forward to your comeback performance. Take care. ALAW.


      • Thank you so much. Back soon, I hope!


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