Outgoing EFL Chief Shaun Harvey To Pursue his Leeds Vendetta – by Rob Atkinson

The somewhat less than charismatic and competent Shaun Harvey

They used to say about the Canadian Mounties that “they always get their man”. Their remorseless pursuit of the ne’er-do-wells seeking to evade the long arm of the law was the stuff of legend, and many a fugitive wrongdoer must have despaired of their receding chances to outrun justice.

It would appear that Shaun Harvey who, being bald, chubby and a bit weird looking does not exactly bring to mind a tall, lean, flint-eyed lawman of implacable determination, nevertheless wishes to establish a comparable reputation for not letting his prey escape him. He’s been after Leeds United for a while now, first doing his best to ruin the club from the inside, more latterly sticking to a consistently anti-Leeds agenda as Football League Chief. Now Shaun is stepping down from that role, and Leeds look to have a decent chance of escaping the clutches of a famously corrupt and venal organisation. But it now seems that these facts do not signal an end to Harvey’s “Get Leeds” campaign.

Amazingly, it is possible that the notoriously incompetent and prejudiced Harvey may be under consideration for the top job at the Football Association, under whose benign leadership the English Premier League lives, moves and has its being. It seems rather surprising, really, that such a well-known klutz as Harvey could possibly ascend to the top of the FA. Surely there must be more competent candidates – Tory laughing-stock Chris “Failing” Grayling, for instance, or maybe whoever is responsible for Sky’s red button cameramanship. Almost anybody would be preferable to Shaun of the Dead Braincells but, incredibly, it appears that Harvey may actually be in the running.

Of course, one of the key qualities looked for in any senior football administrator in this country, would be a healthy dislike for Leeds United, coupled with an unswerving ambition to deal body blows to the Whites on a regular basis. Quite possibly, it is Harvey’s well-known obsession with shooting down United that is making him an attractive proposition for the old duffers on the board of the FA.

Whether such a move would actually come to fruition, of course, remains to be seen. It would depend on Leeds actually securing promotion, by no means guaranteed, as to whether or not Harvey would get the chance to continue his Mountie-like determination to get his prey. And, of course, the FA would have to be prepared to overlook Shaun’s abysmal record, not easy to do.

The bottom line is that, just when Leeds United thought they were leaving Shaun Harvey behind and ascending beyond his loathsome reach, it now seems just possible that the Elland Road club may be forced to think again.

26 responses to “Outgoing EFL Chief Shaun Harvey To Pursue his Leeds Vendetta – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Rob, why are you ‘bigging up’ Shaun Harvey? Comparing him to a Mountie is like comparing a hound to a slug: they both follow a trail but one is of its own slime.


  2. Mike Durham

    To be fair Rob, if you were unfortunate enough to be blessed with filmstar looks a la Goonies or The Hills Have Eyes infamy maybe that comes with having a boulder-like potato on your shoulder that could keep McCains going for twenty years or so! Definitely a face only a mother could love…


  3. You have excelled yourself Rob. One of the best articles I have read in years!


  4. jon goldhill

    I do like his yellow bobbly earing though – it does suit him


  5. PS: regarding ‘Failing Grayling’ as an alternative, don’t be deceived. When seen in a positive light this outsourcing jealot, providing government money to his backers, is perhaps the most successful Tory minister since Dr. Beeching!


  6. So if we get promoted he can continue his anti-Leeds prejudice,

    I’d take that,


  7. Please God NOOOOOOOOooooooooo, previous to hearing this (bear in mind that it’s a S*y Spurts report) I’d heard it was that Verity bloke from the Welcome to Yorkshire lot, now he’s the man for the job, he’s a Leeds fan for starters 🙂


  8. Rob it’s a biological fact that every living organism needs to excrete- the FA is no exception and what better example of a portal for excrement do you need than Sean Harvey? If the world ever needed an aenoma then surely it would be inserted in that worthless toe rag! What an arsehole – umbrellas up Leeds fans looks like it might be raining shit again 👍👍👍


  9. I can’t top Mike Durham’s post Rob but how about this for runner up, “that’s a face i could kick ’til my feet bleed”.


  10. Alan Hardaker would be proud of the Leeds ex-postie!


  11. Having just seen how much of a payrise super Shaun has had, look no further as to what happened to the £200K they took off us 🤔🤔


  12. howard mackey

    Rob, i have heard he is Alan Hardaker and Uncle Festers love child ,you can definitely see the resemblance.


  13. I’m wondering what our good friend super Shauny is going to do about Wolves? They lost a million quid a week last year, and £28M the year before, the FL found they’d done nothing wrong when they investigated them following a complaint from Radz, so, what next Mr Harvey???


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