Somma Time Some Way Off for Leeds United – by Rob Atkinson


As rumours of an impending “high profile loan signing” continue to waft around Elland Road, there is also news of the possible return of an old favourite, a star that shone so bright and yet so briefly, a man who stood out as an instinctive finisher one moment and then collapsed as a serial treatment-room habitué the next. Davide Somma, powerhouse striker and ruptured cruciate victim extraordinaire, is on the brink of another comeback. Could these two rumours somehow be related? As “Private Eye” would agree, I think we should be told.

Somma appeared to have earned himself such a bright future with his gamble on the price of a transatlantic air ticket to seek his footballing fortune. A successful trial, a contract and a flurry of goals – some bearing the unmistakable hallmark of class and composure – and the world was the likeable hitman’s lobster, or so it seemed. Then, injury, rehabilitation, setbacks, the cycle of despair. His hopes shattered, his prospects doomed, Somma fell out of contract in June. And yet he’s now back at United, seeking to prove his fitness – and who knows? The dreaded cruciate injury is not the football career’s death-knell it once was. A nifty bit of key-holing and a man can be fit for purpose again. Look at Gazza. Well, maybe that’s not the best example of redemption – but he came back from a wrecked knee to play for England again, didn’t he? Of course he did.

The thing about Somma is – good though it would be to see him back at his best and bunging in the goals for Leeds United – it’s all about context. In the club’s current straits, there really is an injection of top-class ability needed, both in a supply-line of chances and a taker of them too.

The cropping-up of Somma’s name just now has to be purely incidental to more urgent requirements. It couldn’t really be that our high-profile loan will come from the physio department of the local orthopaedic hospital. We need more of a Sharp than a Somma right now to salvage the hopes of this season. And despite the seeming prevalence of them in and around Leeds United, we could do with a Burke too. Birmingham’s tricky winger looks ever more a snip at £600k, but that boat has probably sailed.

The news that Davide Somma may yet be on the verge of a return to fitness, with the potential to function as a professional footballer is good and welcome. If such a comeback from apparently career-ending injury is ultimately to the benefit of Leeds, then so much the better. But the fact that social media outlets are currently all a-Twitter with hopes that Somma might be the saviour we need right now – that surely must be a rumour too far.

The very best of luck to the lad in his latest attempt to regain fitness – and thousands will be hoping he can fulfil his early, rich promise in a Leeds United shirt. But our immediate salvation must surely lie elsewhere.


10 responses to “Somma Time Some Way Off for Leeds United – by Rob Atkinson

  1. Webs Rod Troll

    “The cropping-up of Somma’s name”

    I cropped up Somma’s name and my favourite anagram is “Diva As Modem”

    Webs Rod Troll


  2. Michael white

    Don’t agree with you rob, Somma if fit is defiantly head and shoulders above any currant leeds striker including I’ve got a new contract mcormack, Played on a pay as you play contract, is a no brainer for leeds united.


    • I don’t think we’re that far off agreeing actually. Your “if fit” reflects what I’ve said about any positive Somma impact being some way down the line. You don’t seem to be stating as fact that he’s fit now, and I think that even a pay as you play deal is some way off yet. The lad will have to gamble his recovery in the hurly-burly of development squad games – who knows how that will turn out? Meanwhile, we need something additional as what we have at present just isn’t good enough.


  3. walt kelly

    don,t agree with you i,m afraid sommer has given every thing he has to get fit again we need a davide sommer in our line up i no what brian was thinking we were carrying dead weight in davide but lets not forget and unfit sommer will still give his all for our club not like the warnock dross who just turn up knowing there wages will be in there bank at the end of the month let,s ask redfern can you get davide up and running again is there a place in your bootroom for him come on we no what he can do let,s play him even on a pay as you play basis we can,t let him go our loss will be someones gain and it may come back to bite us


  4. somma and Maxi both back in Leeds shirts….now that would be a dream come true.


  5. I agree give the man a crack, anyone that is that committed to leeds should be given the chance. Not like bridges or kewel who shafted us. Best of luck Davide hope to see you soon playing in that white strip


  6. somma must be frustrated ,when he was fit he hardley got agame, now he is inj. he,s watching hunt & varneyperform


  7. Like you say ‘if he’s fit’ then I would love to see him fullfill his true ponental


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