Vote For Your Top Leeds United Manager

Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything wants to know readers’ views on just who are the greatest Leeds United managers of all time.  To be helpful, there is a short list of candidates, with the obvious contenders and maybe the odd wild card.  You can also nominate and vote for your own choice if you don’t see him among the managers suggested.  Make your views known!  Have your say on the greatest Leeds United manager of all time by selecting up to three choices.

Thanks for reading and participating!


9 responses to “Vote For Your Top Leeds United Manager

  1. major buckley signed john charles revie inherited great kids in the youth team i could have got them promoted but in fairness the to him the signing of bobby collins and johnny giles were inspired and sticking to his guns under pressure to sell billy by not doing so was the catalyst.Having said that there wont be another big john charles nothing compares to that unless it was selling gary sprake for a british transfer record for a keeper.


  2. Mark O'Brien

    Isn’t this the most pointless Poll ever conducted ? quite clearly Revie will get most votes …by a country mile …not sure why this is being carried out


    • It’s not just about the top manager, but more to find out who else people think is worthy of a mention – and to shed some light on the pecking order of United’s top managers. If that’s enlightened you at all, then perhaps yours wasn’t the most pointless question ever asked…


  3. Eddie gray gets in my top 3 for personal reasons , during his spell as manager we had a death in the family , Eddie was a true gent when we asked for permission to scatter my brothers ashes on the pitch at ER , he walked us on to the pitch and gave us all the time we needed , a true Leeds United legend in my book.


  4. The best manager has to be Don Revie and is then closely followed by Howard Wilkinson and Jimmy Armfield.
    What Howard Wilkinson achieved at Leeds has always been swept under the carpet by some people, but he completely turned the football club around by winning 3 trophies in 3 years and also a Youth Cup. The ten year plan under Wilko was started in 1988, by turning Leeds into a family club, winning promotion, consolidation, winning the League Championship, getting into Europe regularly, improving the stadium and most of all building a training ground that would produce young players to play for Leeds.
    All of those things happened under Wilko, who was solidly backed by Leslie Silver and Bill Fotherby for 8 years, until the football club was sold in 1996.
    Jimmy Armfield also did a good job by getting Leeds to the European Cup Final, after the very unsettling, poor start under Brian Clough.


    • Could hardly agree more. Some have asked what is the point of this poll as the result is predictable, but I think the placings behind the winner are interesting, also the proportion of the vote each candidate gets. And when you get intelligent, constructive comments like this one, it makes the exercise worthwhile. Thanks.


  5. Curious to see that warnock got some votes


  6. Paul W has put perfectly my own, and I’m sure many other supporters views.Don Revie has to be my no.1, followed by Sgt. Wilko, Jimmy Armfield, Major Buckley and David O’Leary.


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