Adorable newborn twins hold each other while receiving first bath – video

If any one image ever sent out out a message that some things are more important than football, politics, economics, anything at all, then this one is IT. Just watch and wonder and feel the warmth and love. These are two new human beings, two blank slates that life is yet to write on. But they well know how important they are to each other, and it shows – just click on the “read more” link, look and marvel at it. Fantastic.


The bond between twins is said be like nothing else and this video shows how strong it can be from the very start.

The YouTube clip of two baby siblings cuddling has melted hearts across the internet and has already been viewed more than 5million times since being uploaded on November 8.

The footage of the newborns gripping each other while receiving their first bath was released by a French midwife to promote her ‘baby spa’ and, judging by the response, it has certainly struck a chord.

Snigdha Nautiyal wrote: ‘Melted my heart a thousand times over!’

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