Breaking: “Major Investment” Imminent for Leeds United – by Rob Atkinson


Twitter has hit fever pitch for Leeds fans yet again with strong rumours that a big investment deal will be announced later today. This rumour appears to have a genuine stamp of truth about it, and it follows weeks if not months of on-off speculation with names like Red Bull being mentioned as well as – seemingly – most of the minor royals in several middle-eastern ruling dynasties.

There is hardly any firm information out there right now, but that situation. Could well change soon with developments expected today and rumours growing stronger by the minute that this is a major deal for the future of Leeds United. Early indications are that stadium naming rights – a notoriously thorny issue with fans – will not be assigned.

All eyes and ears will be on Elland Road, though there is the small matter of a match to be played at 90s moneybags Blackburn Rovers. It is to be hoped that the match day squad remain insulated from what will be intense speculation as to the identity of the probable investors.

I will hope to have more on this as the situation becomes clearer.

Update: Leeds United FC have now confirmed this story, stating that a period of exclusivity has been granted to “an English consortium”. They have added that no former players are involved, ruling out for the moment the rumoured participation of Lucas Radebe. Major investment though IS expected to be in place for the January transfer window.

Dare to dream! Leeds United might just be going places again. Now – about those three points at Blackburn…

8 responses to “Breaking: “Major Investment” Imminent for Leeds United – by Rob Atkinson

  1. sniffersshorts

    And posting on website, all official then ….. please for the love of God let it be good news, and the holy grail, the White Knights of England are risen from the grave …. we are on the up, great feeling of anticipation last few weeks, better on field of play… Clough turning in his grave …. both Forest and Derby bottom of fair play league, yes we remember your words! …. Mac top of scoring league, Brian top manager getting the best from the ranks with the old boys playing like kids again…. even Becchios getting excited and wants back in…… Max are you reading this ……. 7,000 away at Blackburn …… this is feeling so good ….. HF has shut his gob for once, Worst spam and Whoreswitch playing shite, the Scum stuttering ….. Bates shuffling around smelling of old mans Piss sniffing around the Phoenix …. incontinent at the thought of what he has lost ….. investment from within …… Lucas maybe on the board …… bring in the new era ARISE THE MIGHTY LEEDS IN GOD WE TRUST!!!!!!!!!


  2. Early Xmas prezzie? Fingers well and truly crossed


  3. Here’s hoping. If BmD gets the readies Leeds will go places. About time our suffering ended.


  4. hi rob,excellent news!!!!!now lets hope these guys mean business and help towars a step in the right direction!!ken bates is back in town then????hope i don`t bump into him next saturday at ER pff….cant wait to get over now,it`s been a while MOT


  5. Perhaps Haig’s Tory mates have had a whip round


  6. Major investment well I hope that this promotion run in needs only winger and striker but we will see…



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