Daily Mirror’s Leeds United Red Bull Link is Just Their Usual “Bull” – by Rob Atkinson


Answer: The Mirror, Sun, Mail etc etc

The ecologically-fanatical Green movement have occasionally waxed lyrical about the possibility of generating energy from methane – using the flatulent output of millions of fields full of peacefully-chewing bovine powerhouses to provide light and warmth for our homes. It’s a nice if slightly smelly idea.  The Mirror newspaper appear to have adopted their own version of this cattle exploitation concept, basing their sports journalism service, for want of a more appropriate phrase, on the more solid waste output of those noble beasts. How else to explain their continual fabrication of outlandish stories concerning Leeds United?

This morning, in a transparent attempt to up the ante after yesterday’s news of additional investment for the Elland Road club, the powers that be at the Mirror have evidently set some hacks to work to find something – anything – to muddy what seem to be unusually clear and sparkling waters for Leeds United.  It’s not difficult to take an old and tired story, polish it up a little and then serve it up as something new and tasty for the kind of undemanding and uncritical readership catered for by the trashier Redtops. Not difficult – but not particularly clever either.  It makes you wonder – don’t the writers on the Mirror have any ambitions to work for proper newspapers?  If they do, then surely their current tenuous relationship with the truth of what’s actually happening will hardly help them on their way.

For the avoidance of doubt, Red Bull are a franchise that have added several sports outfits around the world to their portfolio, but without any real attendant record of success. Their involvement tends to be characterised by getting in there, ripping up most of the traditions surrounding their purchase in favour of the appalling measure known as “re-branding” and then watching a previously independent club or team go swirling down the plughole.  This is not an approach that would be tolerated at Leeds United, a club notorious for the militancy and truculence of its support.  What seems as certain as these things ever can be, is that GFH Capital, the owners of United, are well aware of the limits imposed by that support on their latitude for instituting radical change.  But the likes of the Mirror have never let inconvenient facts get in the way of making up fairy stories as a simple alternative to reporting actual news.

A mere two months ago, this blog was relieved to hear that the Mirror was reporting as fact Leeds manager Brian McDermott’s readiness to quit Elland Road and take over the Ireland job.  Relieved, because of the reliable principle that – when the Mirror reports something as fact – it’s invariably just more of those bovine solids that they seem to find so palatable it’s positively their staple diet. Again, there was a wisp of credibility about the tale – Ireland were looking for a man of ability and integrity (in the event, they got Roy Keane instead), and the Mirror had simply followed their usual policy of adding two plus two, to arrive at thirteen-and-a-half.  You won’t ever go far wrong just by reading the Mirror and disbelieving all of it.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, it does seem that Leeds United may at last be on an identifiable and navigable path back towards the top.  A promising league position – despite yesterday’s blip – and a good manager with a decent squad and some potential to add to it in January – these are as close to good times as we’ve seen at Elland Road for many a moon.  None of which will be good news for the Mirror, the Sun and the other examples of toilet paper at the lavatorial end of the print media.  But frankly – who cares?  The truth is still out there, you just have to know where to look – and be determined at all costs to avoid the pungent Bull you’ll see in the gutter press…

12 responses to “Daily Mirror’s Leeds United Red Bull Link is Just Their Usual “Bull” – by Rob Atkinson

  1. My God Rob, you have torn them to shreds this time (Red Bull is All Bull then)! Anyway, the news of investment from an apparently well suited consortium is very good news. I am not sure who will be available to buy in the January window, but I think that BM won’t be throwing money about just because it becomes available. I think that he will be true to form and be very careful where he invests it. BM is building a team of young players who will build a head of steam eventually to win the Championship. I still think that this season is a big ask, but the play offs this season would show real improvement on last season and could be used as the springboard for next season. I think that BM will have done a fantastic job in his first year if does make the play offs. All credit to him so far and to the owners for building carefully.


  2. As you say rob , when redbull gain control the first thing is rebranding and as the hull city ( tigers ) fans are now finding out it can be a crap exprience.
    my view is that redbull rebranding Leeds united would just , like the drink, leave a bad taste in my mouth , as for the mirror !! , well I stopped reading that rag when a certain Hungarian swam with the fishes


  3. Exeter White

    To be fair to them they did make it clear that their source was a story in The Sunday People

    Doesn’t take away from the fact it’s their usual level of shoddy “journalism” and they just print any old horseshit, in this case rehashing another papers false story, without doing any research into its validity


  4. goole whites

    this is not the first time red bull have been connected with us, but since the first time R B have been connected with everton, MOT


  5. John jones

    have u proof rob.?red bull have been investing in lufc for quite a while.


    • Can you prove that? Time will prove that Red Bull are not taking over at Leeds United.


      • John jones

        Subjective point of view rob.yes i can.look at the shares in red bull.and their financial process regarding investment in lufc.merry xmas.


      • I’m not privy to such weighty matters of high finance, being but a humble wordsmith. I do have a rule of thumb though, regarding the Mirror’s coverage of Leeds United, which states that it’s invariably bullshit – or bovine ordure as I’d more politely put it in an article. And time normally proves out the reliability of that rule. I couldn’t prove two months ago that the Mirror was peddling bullshit when they said BMcD was itching to jump ship for the Ireland job – but I was happy to state that it WAS bullshit as per my rule of thumb, and I was right. As I shall be right about this Red Bull takeover fantasy of theirs. At least, I bloody hope I’ll be right.

        Merry Christmas to you too, sir.


  6. Well I for One hope and pray that there is some truth in the report from the Sunday PEOPLE, regarding Red Bull, OR any other potential acquirer of the mighty whites, if they have mega cash, lets face it we would all like to get back to where we belong, challenging for the premiership title, and champions league, BUT it’s not going to happen without someone takes us over who is mega rich? Football has moved on from the 70s and 80s, its all about money now, a sad fact but true. So come on Red Bull save us from more heart ache, we hve suffered enough.



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