Vote Now for Leeds Utd’s “Marching On Together” as Top Football Anthem

Radio station TalkSPORT want to know what is the top football anthem of them all.

We know the answer – it’s obviously our very own “Marching On Together”. Now we have to make sure the world knows, too.

So VOTE on the link below. Ask your Leeds-supporting friends to vote, too. Get them to ask their friends. Keep it going and let’s show everyone else what’s what. The link is below:

“Marching On Together” is an anthem that gets you right there. It makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Let’s make sure it’s rightly recognised as Number One.

PLEASE – vote, share and get your fellow Whites to do likewise!!

Thank you. MOT

4 responses to “Vote Now for Leeds Utd’s “Marching On Together” as Top Football Anthem

  1. White By Name, White By Nature

    Date of Article: Thursday, December 6, 2012 ???? Last time I looked it was Sunday, December 15th 2013……


  2. oldcomrade

    “GONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPIN’ , YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPIN, ” as sung by the Leeds end at Donny yesterday, pure class. MOT


  3. Cheers Rob,Just voted there and we’re running away with it as i write. On a different subject i reckon there’ll be at least 3 managers getting the sack within the next week. Avb will be away and i just hope the new norwich manager doesn’t rate Becchio.


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